ON1 Rookies: Debut, Members, Songs & Albums

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K-pop is taking over the whole world with its magical and talented idols. K-pop idols are very popular worldwide just because of their hard work and determination. They must undergo a tough schedule and difficult training to become successful idols. 

Achieving the success they have today is not easy at all. Becoming an ‘Idol’ from a ‘trainee’ is very time-consuming and mentally exhausting. Some K-pop groups become popular before debuting. 

They make a place in people’s hearts by their talent and personality. One such group is- “ON1 Rookies.” The group has not debuted yet but has a large fan following even before that. The members of the group are extremely talented with mesmerizing vocals and dance.

ON1 Rookies: Debut

“ON1 Rookies” is a girl group formed under “ON1 Entertainment.” Their debut’s official date is unknown, but they will probably debut in 2023 or 2024. 

The group has been active on social media since January 2023 and updates the fans about the members’ training. The group also consists of some foreign trainees and also former members of other girl groups. 

ON1 Rookies: Members

Currently, ON1 Rookies consists of six members: Ayaka, Suzuka, Yura, Jiyeon, Hadam, and Subin. Ayaka and Suzuka are from Japan. But still getting support from Korean as well as international fans.

ON1 Rookies K-pop girl group
ON1 Rookies K-pop girl group (Credits: ON1 Entertainment)

The members are very pretty and have great talent. Their soothing vocals, extraordinary dance, and mesmerizing visuals are enough to take them to great heights of success.


Ayaka’s birth name is ‘Fujimoto Ayaka.’ She was born in Saitama, Japan, on 31st August 2001. She is also a model. Her favorite singers are Twice’s members and IU. She loves acrobatics.

Ayaka from ON1 Rookies
Ayaka from ON1 Rookies (Credits: ON1 Entertainment)

Before ON1 Rookies, she was a trainee at ‘NiD Entertainment’ and ‘Oscar ProMotion.’ She was also on ‘Girls Planet 999.’

Her Instagram handle is- 藤本彩花 /후지모토아야카 (@ayaka_fujimoto17) • Instagram photos and videos.


Suzuka’s birth name is ‘Sukarai Suzuka.’ She was born in Japan on 15th February 2003. 

Suzuka from ON1 Rookies
Suzuka from ON1 Rookies (Credits: ON1 Entertainment)

She likes listening to music and singing. Her favorite singers are members of IZ*ONE. 


Yura’s birth name is ‘Park Yura.’ She was born in South Korea on 26th July 2006. She is very fond of watching movies. She was also a contestant in ‘My Teenage Girl.’ Her role model is “Jisoo from Blackpink.” Her Instagram handle is- Park Yu Ra | 박유라 (@y_ra_6) • Instagram photos and videos.

Yura from ON1 Rookies
Yura from ON1 Rookies (Credits: ON1 Entertainment)


Jiyeon’s birth name is ‘Kim Ji Yeon.’ She was born in South Korea on 30th July 2006. 

Jiyeon’s hobbies are watching movies and singing. She was a model under ‘Kipop’ and a volunteer too. She is a former member of the group ‘U.SSO Girl.’  She studies at ‘Hanlim Multi Art School’ and loves Blackpink.

Jiyeon from ON1 Rookies
Jiyeon from ON1 Rookies (Credits: ON1 Entertainment)


Hadam’s birth name is ‘Lee Ha Dam.’ She was born in South Korea on 2nd April 2007. Hadam was also a contestant in ‘My Teenage Girl.’ Her hobbies include singing and writing. She loves (G)I-DLE, and her role models are members of ‘Blackpink’ and ‘Chungha.’Her Instagram handle is-  @i.hadam • Instagram photos and videos.

Hadam from ON1 Rookies
Hadam from ON1 Rookies (Credits: ON1 Entertainment)


Subin’s birth name is ‘Park Subin.’ She was born in South Korea on the 21st of April 2007. She is the youngest member of the group and very family-oriented. Subin is also a former member of the group ‘U.SSO Girls.’

Subin from ON1 Rookies

Songs and Albums

ON1 Rookies has not released any song or album yet. The group has not debuted but may be debuting in 2023 or 2024. The group uploads dance and song covers on YouTube to show their talent before debuting. 

All six members of ‘ON1 Rookies’ are extremely talented. They are sure to win over millions of hearts when they debut. Their talent is completely visible in the singing and dancing covers that they post on YouTube.

K-pop has made a great impact on everybody’s lives. Some people claim that listening to and watching K-pop idols is similar to mental therapy for them. It grants them mental peace and stability. The fans hope ‘ON1 Rookies’ become healers when they debut, too, and make the world a better place with their talent. 

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