One Piece Chapter 1106 Spoilers And Expectations: Potential End Of Zoro Vs. Lucci

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Eager fans of Eiichiro Oda’s widely popular manga series One Piece are filled with anticipation as they await the release of One Piece Chapter 1106 this week, following an impactful chapter 1105 just days prior which left off on a dramatic cliffhanger.


Though verified inside information and revealing sneak peeks into the upcoming events of the new chapter are not yet available to the public at this time, they should begin surfacing within the next day or two as per the norm.

One Piece Credits Eiichiro Oda 1 2 7
One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

However, devoted readers likely already have an accurate sense of the general direction the fast-paced Egghead Island storyline is heading without explicit spoilers.

The previous installment concluded with several key characters facing grave danger, setting the stage for Luffy and Sanji to jump into action to come to their comrades’ rescue.

This will presumably pave the way for the long-awaited showdowns between Luffy and lead Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, as well as Sanji versus the formidable Admiral Kizaru of the Marines.

With the arc’s climax in full swing, fans can expect One Piece Chapter 1106 to feature some highly anticipated confrontations.

The Anticipated Unfold: Predictions for One Piece Chapter 1106

One Piece chapter 1106 will likely pick up right where last week’s installment left off – with Kuma, Bonney, Vegapunk’s clone Atlas, and Franky freefalling towards danger after being blasted through the sky by the Marines’ Pacifistas.

One Piece Credits Eiichiro Oda 1 1 6
One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

Luffy and Sanji will probably team up to swoop in and save their imperiled comrades in the nick of time.

After ensuring everyone is safe, Luffy and Sanji will urge the others to retreat and regroup with the rest of the crew to coordinate their escape plan.

This will set the stage for Luffy and Sanji’s long-awaited one-on-one showdowns with the Egghead Island arc’s central antagonists, Saint Saturn, and Admiral Kizaru. It’s likely these clashes will begin in earnest in chapter 1106, occupying a significant segment.

One Piece Credits Eiichiro Oda 1 21
One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

However, by the chapter’s conclusion, the perspective will probably shift to Jinbe, on his way to rendezvous with Zoro whom he last saw battling assassin Rob Lucci.

This is expected to confirm whether Zoro successfully defeated Lucci already or if he simply got turned around after their duel concluded. In any case, Jinbe will catch Zoro up on all the dramatic developments across Egghead Island since they got separated.

Zoro’s Decision, Monster Trio Unite, and the Ongoing Mystery

If Jinbe finds Zoro still embroiled in a battle against the formidable Lucci, he will likely hurriedly wrap up the duel after hearing about the dire situation the rest of the crew faces.

One Piece Credits Eiichiro Oda 1 3 6
One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

This could then set the stage for Zoro to join Luffy and Sanji against the duo of Saint Saturn and Admiral Kizaru, pitting the Straw Hats’ formidable Monster Trio against two of the arc’s most powerful foes in an intense three-on-two melee.

Such a climax would certainly make for an electrifying crescendo to the Egghead saga.

One Piece Brings Back The Singer Who Sang The First Ending Song For One Piece
One Piece Egghead Island Opening (Credits: Toei Animation)

However, one reveals Chapter 1106 probably will not feature the identity of the mystery assailants who intercepted and destroyed the Marine battleship targeting the Straw Hats’ civilian evacuation ship.

Oda will likely continue holding that card close to the vest for now to sustain intrigue a bit longer.

Instead, the issue will presumably conclude either with Zoro decisively defeating Lucci to rush and assist his crewmates, or the perspective-shifting back to Luffy and Sanji’s ongoing showdowns with the Marines’ top combatants.



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