One Piece Fans Prepare for Egghead Arc’s Worst Scenario

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The hugely popular anime and manga series One Piece by renowned creator Eiichiro Oda has entered its final storyline arc known as the Egghead saga. This signals that after over 25 years of publication, the sprawling pirate epic is likely nearing its conclusion.

Fans are filled with eager anticipation to discover how all the myriad plot threads and mysteries carefully woven throughout the thousand-chapter saga will ultimately be resolved.

However, some fans are also apprehensive about the ending due to One Piece’s sheer scope and complexity. They worry whether Oda can satisfactorily tie up all the loose ends regarding the series’ vast world and an extensive cast of characters while also providing an emotionally impactful finale.

A rushed or underwhelming conclusion could disappoint the massive global fandom that has passionately followed Luffy’s quest to become Pirate King for decades.

Momonosuke 1 scaled
Momonosuke | One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

It could potentially diminish opinions on what is widely considered one of the greatest manga/anime franchises as well as aspects of Oda’s legacy as a masterful storyteller.

So while hoping for the best, fans are also bracing themselves for a potentially lackluster ending out of fear that One Piece could follow in the controversial footsteps of other iconic serialized stories that failed to stick the landing at the end.

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Jinbe | One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

The stakes feel incredibly high for Oda to deliver a finale that lives up to the sky-high expectations.

Redditors Delve into Unsettling One Piece Endings, Venting Fears and Frustrations

Recently, a Redditor with the username u/a_ton_of444s created a subreddit dedicated to hypothesizing about unsatisfactory ways the iconic manga and anime franchise One Piece could conclude.

One Piece Egghead Island Opening Credits Toei Animation 1 4 1 scaled
One Piece Egghead Island Opening (Credits: Toei Animation)

Devoted fans contributed their thoughts on potential lackluster endings for the sprawling pirate saga and how such outcomes might negatively impact perceptions of the overall story and Eiichiro Oda’s legacy.

Though some comments were silly or absurdist final battle scenarios intended humorously. Other Redditors put forward carefully considered ideas for sharply anticlimactic endings they felt would represent profoundly disappointing payoffs after over 25 years of beloved storytelling.

One Piece Egghead Island Opening Credits Toei Animation 1 1 1 scaled

For instance, some focused on narratives missing key emotional beats or failing to resolve important character arcs in fulfillment of longtime fan expectations and theories.

While the thread was mainly a creative writing exercise allowing fans to vent frustrations about the uncertainty looming over One Piece’s finale, it also perhaps acted as a collective therapy space to exorcise fears over the story’s direction.

One Piece Brings Back The Singer Who Sang The First Ending Song For One Piece
One Piece Egghead Island Opening (Credits: Toei Animation)

By envisioning worst-case endings, fans prepared themselves mentally should the concluding saga or final war prove divisive among devotees of Luffy’s endless adventure.

Redditors Contemplate Bittersweet Endings

One imaginative Redditor proposed an ending where after over 25 years of grand storytelling in the One Piece saga, it is suddenly revealed that the entire epic was just an elaborate tall tale spun by the character Usopp to entertain his friend Kaya as she lay bedridden.

The Real Reason Why Oda Sensei Won't Do Death Scenes
One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

After building up this fantasy world full of pirates devil fruits and a mythical treasure across over a thousand chapters, the story heartbreakingly ends with Kaya tragically passing away, rendering the long mythos constructed purely from Usopp’s imagination.

Another fan highlighted how a core theme of One Piece has been the sense of grand mystery and romantic adventure into the unknown.

Anime Production Boosted with New Technology from Imagica Infos & DNP Partnership
Zoro | One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

So an ending that fails to fully resolve or explain the ultimate meaning of the eponymous “One Piece” treasure itself after so much build-up could be regarded as thematically inconsistent.

For instance, in the final scenes, the Straw Hat Pirates discover the treasure and react with laughter and joy, but Oda provides no reveals to the audience regarding what exactly it is or why it was so meaningful to find from a narrative perspective, leaving its nature obscure even as the story concludes.

Everyone Missed This Insane Detail From New One Piece Chapter
One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

That kind of ambiguous non-ending could be frustrating after decades of speculation and theories about the treasure’s secret.

One Piece Fans Discuss Worst-Case Scenarios While Trusting in Oda’s Mastery

While the Reddit thread allowed fans to vent their worst fears, the extreme examples of disappointing endings they proposed also demonstrated that the One Piece fandom is well prepared to handle even a sad or bleak conclusion to the story.

Game Of Thrones One Piece
Game Of Thrones | One Piece

Some comments compared any potential controversial finale from creator Eiichiro Oda to the famously poorly received ending of the fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Much like GoT fans went in expecting the worst-case scenario, One Piece devotees seem ready to cope if the ending does not live up to lofty expectations.

game of thrones1 2 scaled
Game Of Thrones (Credits: HBO)

However, Oda’s formidable reputation provides hope that the conclusion for his masterwork manga will instead satisfy its vast readership. In past interviews, he has stated having a firm vision for the ending mapped out years in advance with only plot details subject to change.

Given the foresight and intricate serialization displayed across 25 years of storytelling, Oda likely recognizes the necessity of rewarding fans’ investment with an earned, emotionally resonant finale.


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