Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha Chapter 78: Release Date & Recap

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The thrilling action Manhwa series Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha is all set to release its new chapter very soon, and fans are already very excited to dive into the dynamics of this manga series. 

Presented by Wasak Basak, this Manhwa manga series is reaching its peak because of its grasping storyline and the continuous action taking place. With a hint of sci-fi, one can not feel bored as one reads through the chapters of Pick Me Up and Infinite Gacha. 

This manga series has been releasing new chapters since 2022, and to date, it’s continuing to feed the readers with great fantasy. The initial 77 chapters have already been released, and this blog will help you with the upcoming 78th chapter. 

In the previous chapter, we saw how Han and his gang began the fierce battle against the extreme monster. Even tho the battle began with the Han’s team having a losing point, Han didn’t lose his control and managed to gain expertise. 

Meanwhile, the monster became stronger and stronger, making it tough for Han and his bunch to defeat it in any way. The battle soon took the form of a never-ending war. 

After a lot of hustle, the team finally cleared up all the dungeons, and Han was named the MVP. Han, Jenna, Eolka, Velkist, and Nerissa were all promoted to the next level. But the story doesn’t take his end here.  

With the fall of Party 3, all players, now the players of the two parties, must be prepared for the next battle. The upcoming chapter is going to be an adventure full of secrets and fights at the same time. 

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha
Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha (Credits: Kakao Page)

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha Chapter 77: Recap

After the fierce battle of the second level, Han is more curious about what kind of path awaits them. Just at this moment, he sees Jenna arriving. He is surprised to see her since he asked her to take a day off. 

But Jenna reveals that she came here to check the restroom and see if there is any chess board to play. Han takes a sigh, seeing how Jenna is just too lazy to train but is ready to play board games. 

A new chamber opens up in the game now—a Hero Conversion Chamber where a new player will get converted into a three-star hero with new features. However, there are some needs to get promoted. The conversion tab was opened. 

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha
Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha (Credits: Kakao Page)

Isel tries to get everyone to the chamber to get them converted into heroes. Conversion creates items from heroes, and players can use them in battle. When the level of synthesis is decreased, the target is too far, and then one takes the help of conversion. 

The first synthesis was completed, and they won an Intermediate Promotion Stone. Isel hands over the stone to Han and takes her chance to ask him if he can get into the conversion again because he holds the most stars. 

But Han counterattacks with a question for Isel if she has collected any Intervention points. Isel, who was caught, reveals that she used up all the points on YouTube.

Han gets promoted to third-star hero and returns to find Hiya sleeping. he wakes her up and bashes her. However, Hiya surprises Han with a piece of new information on Loki, which can become bait for them in the next battle. 

Hiya tells him she saw an ad by Niflheimer about looking for a student, and the conditions just met him like 3-star or above level. Han asks her for details, and after seeing the ad himself, Han realizes the ad was written by no one other than Loki himself. 

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha
Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha (Credits: Kakao Page)

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha Chapter 78: Release Date 

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha Chapter 65 will come out on Thursday, 18th January 2024, for the following regions.

  • Pacific Daylight Time [West Coast]: 8:00 AM PDT on Friday, 17th January 2024
  • Eastern Daylight Time [East Coast]: 11:00 AM EDT on Friday, 17th January 2024
  • Japanese Standard Time [Korea]: 12:00 AM JST on Thursday, 18th January 2024
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time [Australia]: 02:00 AM AEDT on Thursday, 18th January 2024
  • Korean Standard Time [South Korea]: 12:00 AM KST on Thursday, 18th January 2024

Where to read Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha Chapter 78?

Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha Chapter 78 will be available to read on the Kakao Page. 


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