PinkFantasy Reveals Official Disbandment Making Fans Upset

PinkFantasy 72

PinkFantasy’s management company, MyDoll Entertainment, announced on July 5 the permanent disbandment of the group.

This decision follows a ‘temporary hiatus’ that began about 8 months ago, during which the group underwent restructuring and member changes.

“Hello, this is MyDoll Entertainment.

PinkFantasy originally went on a temporary hiatus due to some members’ graduation. However, after taking into consideration each member’s situation and opinions, PinkFantasy will officially disband as of July 5.

The members still under the company will continue to collaborate on future projects and will be fully supported by the company in their activities. Please support each member in their individual projects and activities.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the fans who have always supported PinkFantasy and MyDoll Entertainment.

Thank you.”

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PinkFantasy debuted in 2018 with the single “Iriwa,” quickly gaining attention for their blend of dark and cute concepts and their unique gimmick of having one ‘secret’ member always hidden behind a bunny mask. The group also released popular songs like “Fantasy,” “Shadow Play,” and “Poison.”

Following their disbandment, members Heesung, Arang, and Harin will be part of a new project group under MyDoll Entertainment.

Additionally, several members will join former member Daewang’s upcoming project group, ToThe6y.


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