Purple (Hashtag sub-unit): Members, Age, Height, Songs & Relationship Status

purple sub unit of hashtag

Purple is a three-member K-pop Girl Group project. The group is formed under LUK Factory. Purple is a sub-unit of 3rd generation girl group Hashtag. The sub-unit was created to promote the members of Hashtag more locally and globally. 

Hashtag is one of the popular third-generation artists. The group debuted on October 11, 2017, with the album “Girl Next Door”. At the time of its debut, Hashtag was a group of seven members, but currently, the group consists of five members, and each member is talented. The group includes Hyunji, Sua, Seungmin, Subin, and Sojin, whereas Dajeong and Aeji are former members of Hashtag. 

Hashtag group picture
Hashtag group picture [Credit: LUK Factory]

The group Hashtag was formed by 1st generation-famous K-pop idol Kan Mi-Youn, a former member of Baby V.O.X; the group was one of the pioneers of K-pop. She is one of the brains behind creating a sub-unit of Hashtag for showcasing the charms of members more providently. Below you will find more information on this three-member project girl group called Purple!

Members of the Purple sub-unit of Hashtag

The group consists of three members, and each of them is super talented and charismatic. 

Daejong (Former)

Daejong is popular before debuting as a member of Hashtag as she was a contestant in Produce 101 Season 1. However, she was eliminated in episode 5 with her rank being 62nd. She then debuted as a member of Hashtag with the stage name Daejong. She is the leader of the sub-unit Purple.

Daejong is quite popular in the group; she is a vocalist, the main singer, the main dancer, as well as visual of the group. Her associated hashtag in the group is the hashtag “sentimental. She was a backup dancer for Blackpink, and she has also worked as a model for popular clothing brands too. Her photoshoot for a magazine gave her the title of the best-fitting model at the Asia Model Awards. Daejong, along with fellow Hashtag member Aeji, is reported to have left the group on March 21, 2023. 

  • Age- 27 years (August 8, 1995)
  • Height- 170 cm (5’7″)
  • Relationship Status- N/A
Daejong of PURPLE (Hashtag's sub-unit)
Daejong of PURPLE (Hashtag’s sub-unit) [Credit: LUK Factory]


Seungmin or Lee Seungmin, is the main vocalist of the group. She was born on February 3, 1996. Her symbolic hashtag in the group is the hashtag “sensitive”. She used to dance for soloist Hi.Na. She is admired by fans for her dimples. Seugmin has also sung an original soundtrack (ost) for the TV series Happy Sisters, released on On December 11, 2017. She is acquainted with Juen of DIA. 

  • Age- 26 years (February 3, 1996)
  • Height- 162 cm (5’3¾”)
  • Relationship Status- N/A
Seungmin of PURPLE (Hashtag's sub-unit
Seungmin of PURPLE (Hashtag’s sub-unit) [Credit: LUK Factory]


Subin also known as Oh Subin, is the maknae of the group. She was born on September 30, 1998, in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. She had a passion for singing and dancing since childhood, which was the reason Subin attended music attended when she was a school student.

Subin represents the hashtag “loud” in the group. Other than singing and dancing, she has a special talent for impersonating, she can impersonate Doraemon very well. Due to her loud and cheerful personality, she is the mood maker maknae of the group. 

  • Age- 26 years (September 30, 1998)
  • Height- 172 cm (5’8″)
  • Relationship Status- N/A
Subin of PURPLE (Hashtag's sub-unit)
Subin of PURPLE (Hashtag’s sub-unit) [Credit: LUK Factory]

Debut of the group

Purple, the sub-unit of Third Generation Girl Group Hashtag, debuted a year later after Hashtag’s debut. Purple debuted as a three-member project girl group on On September 18, 2018, with the digital single Maemmaeya. 

Songs and Albums 

Purple debuted with the digital single Maemmaeya on September 18, 2018, under LUK Factory as a project girl group. Their digital single Maemmaeya was a popular song of that time. The title of the single was familiar with Korean rhymes which remind locals of their childhood memories. 

Mi.o produced song Maemmaeya has many retro elements which make it addictive to the listener. It appears as a nostalgic song with city-pop sounds which makes it groovy. The song was made keeping in mind the cute charms of the three members. It’s about a shy girl who is trying to steal the heart of her crush.  

PURPLE (Hashtag's sub-unit)
PURPLE (Hashtag’s sub-unit) [Credit: LUK Factory]

The group hasn’t released any other song or album yet. After Daejong left the group Hashtag it is assumed the group might disband, but we can still expect Purple’s comeback as two members may be. But Maemmaeya is still a worth-listening song; if you like groovy pop songs, give it a try! 


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