Red Velvet Achieves Milestone: ‘Bad Boy’ Hits 400 Million Views

red velvet 2

Red Velvet has achieved a significant milestone on YouTube, marking a historic moment in the group’s career. The music video for their hit track “Bad Boy” surpassed an impressive 400 million views on February 2, reaching this remarkable feat at approximately 3:40 PM KST. This accomplishment comes precisely six years and four days after the video’s initial release on January 29, 2018, at 6 PM KST.

“Bad Boy” now stands as Red Velvet’s first music video to soar to the 400 million-view mark, solidifying its status as a fan-favourite and a cultural phenomenon. The achievement underscores the enduring popularity and global appeal of Red Velvet, as fans from around the world continue to show unwavering support for the group.

Red Velvet
Red Velvet [Credits: SM Entertainment]

The journey to 400 million views is a testament to the enduring charm and impact of “Bad Boy.” The music video, known for its stylish visuals, captivating choreography, and the group’s distinctive sound, has stood the test of time since its release. Red Velvet’s ability to captivate audiences with its unique blend of talent and creativity is reflected in the overwhelming response to “Bad Boy.”

Red Velvet, upon reaching this impressive milestone, has once again showcased its influence in the K-pop industry. The achievement adds another accolade to the group’s extensive list of accomplishments, highlighting their prowess as trendsetters and pioneers in the global music scene.

Red Velvet
Red Velvet [Credits: SM Entertainment]

Fans, affectionately known as ReVeluvs, have played a pivotal role in the success of “Bad Boy.” Their dedication and continuous streaming have contributed to the video’s exponential growth, allowing Red Velvet to celebrate this remarkable achievement. The bond between the group and their fans remains a driving force behind Red Velvet’s continued success and recognition.

As the news of “Bad Boy” reaching 400 million views spread, congratulations poured in from fans and the wider K-pop community. The accomplishment serves as a moment of celebration not only for Red Velvet but also for the dedicated fanbase that has been an integral part of the group’s journey.

Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” crossing the 400 million views milestone is a testament to the enduring impact of the group and their ability to resonate with a global audience. The achievement marks a historic moment in Red Velvet’s career, showcasing its longevity and continued relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop.

As Red Velvet and ReVeluvs alike celebrate this remarkable feat, it serves as a reminder of the group’s indelible mark on the music industry and the unwavering support of their dedicated fanbase.


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