Selena Gomez & David Henrie to rejoin For ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Sequel

Selena Gomez David Henrie to rejoin For ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place Sequel

Good news for the fans of Wizards of Waverly Place, in a recent announcement by People, it was revealed that Selena Gomez and David Henrie are reuniting for the sequel of the adored comedy show.

The duo played as brother and sister in the original Disney Channel show will be coming back for a sequel, with Selena reprising her character of Alex Russo, on the other hand, Henrie will take on his role of Justin Russo as a show regular. 

After a mystery occurrence at WizTech, an adult Justin Russo, gave up his wizard abilities to live a regular, human life with his wife and two boys. The sequel will explore what happened in the aftermath of this event.

According to an official summary, Justin’s life takes an unexpected turn when a strong young wizard in need of training shows up at his doorstep, forcing him to accept his past to protect the future of the Wizard’s life.

The cast of the announced show

Janice LeAnn Brown, the series star from Disney’s Just Roll With It, has joined the cast as a new cast member. She will portray Billie, a strong young wizard whom Justin mentors.

Justin’s eldest kid Roman Russo will be portrayed by Alkaio Thiele, seen in Call Me Kat. American Princess Mimi Gianopulos will portray Giada, Justin’s wife.

David Henrie
David Henrie (Credits: davidhenrie/ Instagram)

Executive producer Gary Marsh was the main force behind Wizards of Waverly Place, helping get Gomez on board when he saw her at an open casting call in Dallas. He was previously a longstanding top creative executive at Disney Channels before joining the network.

When is the show going to release?

Although the release date is unknown at this time, Disney wants this show since it supports Disney Branded Television’s goal of expanding Disney Channel’s portfolio of multi-camera sitcoms. You can stream the original Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney+ Hotstar.

What else is Selena Gomez Working on?

Other than her music career, Gomez is presently an executive producer and star of the popular Hulu/20th TV comedy series Only Murders in the Building, both under the Disney banner.

In a movie based on the singer’s autobiography Simple Dreams, she will also portray Linda Ronstadt. Director David O. Russell. Gomez is also developing an unnamed Food Network series that will premiere in 2024.

When she visits their kitchens, she will meet up with some of the top chefs in the nation and attempt to create their most well-known dishes.

Net Worth

An estimate of Selena Gomez’s net worth for 2024 is $800 million. This is more than the $95 million she was worth in 2022, and it’s mostly because of Gomez’s 2020 debut of her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, which was a massive hit.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez (Credits: selenagomez/ Instagram)

Gomez made between $25,000 and $30,000 an episode on Wizards of Waverly Place, according to estimates. She told Vogue that she become a people-pleaser almost everywhere else in her life because of her employment with Disney.

Being flawless was, in a sense, her job, she remarked, children take that seriously because they view you as a role model, she still lives with this haunting feeling that people still view her as a Disney girl.

Earnings from Only Murders In the Building

She serves as a co-executive producer alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short for the recently launched third season of the show.

Although Gomez’s remuneration for the series is unknown, Variety revealed that Martin and Short earned $600,000 for each episode in the first season of the series. This suggests that Gomez’s income was likely in the same ballpark, and it probably increased for Seasons 3 & 4.

Earnings from concerts

Although Gomez’s exact earnings per show are unknown, it’s safe to assume that they are in the tens of thousands.

Even though Gomez no longer tours frequently due to the negative effects it has on her physical and emotional well-being, it is still a very profitable endeavor for her.

Selena Gomez and David Henrie
Wizards of Waverly Place (Credits: Disney+ Hotstar)

Before she left the 2013 Stars Dance tour due to personal problems, the tour brought in over $6 million.

Her Revival tour brought in over $13 million in revenue in 2016. Considering that Gomez prefers to perform in smaller settings than her friend Taylor Swift, who is accustomed to stadiums, Gomez has done rather well for herself and has created a big fandom.


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