Seventeen Member Joshua’s Rumored Girlfriend Sparked Pregnancy Rumors: Comments Flooded With Hatred

Joshua and Cho Mi Young 61

It all started after Joshua’s rumored girlfriend made a post that sparked their pregnancy rumors. Yes, we are talking about Seventeen’s Kpop idol. Before discussing the speculation, one must note that she is named Cho Mi Young, a model. So, how true are the rumors? 

Joshua Hong is an incredible singer who has been signed to Pledis Entertainment. He hails from Los Angeles and is now Korean-American. Born in 1995, he is now 27 years old. Little did you know Joshua also excels in playing guitar. 

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A few months back, Joshua sparked dating rumors with the model Cho Mi Young. Now, the speculation is not just limited to their romance but also expecting a baby. The model made a social media post, which is evidence of the same, but people showed immense hatred. In short, it received hundreds of hateful comments. 

Seventeen Member Joshua's Rumored Girlfriend Sparked Pregnancy Rumors
Joshua: Seventeen’s lead vocalist (Credits: @josh_acoustic/Instagram)

Seventeen’s Joshua And His Rumored Girlfriend Pregnant: Everything About The Backlash 

Before everything, one must note what sparked their dating rumors. Well, it was Joshua and Cho Mi Young wearing matching outfits. Couples in South Korea do this very often. Not only that, but she was also spotted at one of the band’s concerts. 

Seventeen Member Joshua's Rumored Girlfriend Sparked Pregnancy Rumors
Joshua Hong’s rumored girlfriend, Cho Mi Young (Credits: YouTube)

Talking about Cho Mi Young’s recent post, we saw her driving a car where a piece of paper was there in the windshield. Surprisingly, it resembled the “pregnancy badge” given to the ones who expect a baby. To the newbies, it is usually given to make the expectant’s condition known to others when they are on public transportation. 

Following this, many people questioned Cho Mi Young about the pregnancy badge. Joshua’s fans took this to social media, slamming his rumored girlfriend. One person commented, “Why would you even show the pregnancy card in this picture? LMAO. Baby girl, are you pregnant? If not, what was the point of sharing this to your stories?” Another questioned her if she was pissed off as Joshua was in Japan at the time. 

Seventeen Member Joshua's Rumored Girlfriend Sparked Pregnancy Rumors
Joshua (Credits: @josh_acoustic/Instagram)

Some even shared that it was a very “disgraceful way” to age. Many questioned her if it was real and made any sense. Being a big-time fan of Joshua, many got disappointed and asked her to stop spreading such news. 

On the other hand, some of Cho Mi Young’s fans defended her, saying that her rumored boyfriend couldn’t stay with her on her birthday. Why is Joshua in Japan? Well, it’s because of Seventeen’s Follow Tour. One even cracked a joke, saying, “Unnie, PLEASE! Teach us how to start dating idols! Please share tips…” 

Seventeen Member Joshua's Rumored Girlfriend Sparked Pregnancy Rumors
Joshua (Credits: @josh_acoustic/Instagram)

The rumors of Joshua and Cho Mi Young dating each other stopped since neither of them passed any comment. But, again, this “pregnancy badge” fueled it. Some even questioned Joshua’s nature for not being with his pregnant girlfriend. 

Overall, we are not sure if Joshua and his alleged girlfriend are expecting a baby now. Moreover, their romantic relationship is still questionable. Who knows what’s cooking between them? Let’s not assume more and spread negativity. We believe Cho Mi Young will soon open up something about the pregnancy allegations. After all, it’s a sensitive topic.


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