Snowdrop Actress Park Soo Ryun Tragically Died At 29: What Happened?

Park Soo Ryun

The title must be heartbreaking to you. It’s been a few months since Park Soo Ryun passed away at a very early age. Some of her fans are still finding it difficult to accept her untimely death. What happened to the Snowdrop actress? 

Park Soo Ryun was an incredible actress from Suwon, South Korea. From a very young age, she wanted to pursue acting and get involved with the entertainment industry. It was in 2018 when Park Soo Ryun made her debut with the musical “Il Tenore.” Some of her other acting credits are- The Cellar, Othello, Siddhartha, The Days We Loved, etc. Did you not watch Passing Through Love? It’s highly recommended to you. 

Concerning her performance in the 2022 drama- Snowdrop, Park Soo Ryun played the role of a universe student. Not to forget she was also a model and worked with various luxury brands during her leisure time. Park Soo Ryun was undoubtedly very much dedicated to her work. She also had a pet cat who often used to get featured on her social media handles. 

Moving on with Park Soo Ryun’s sudden death, the unhappening incident took place in June 2023. After she passed away, her parents also donated her organs to needy individuals. That’s indeed a good work. But how did this South Korean actress die? Here is what we know. 

Snowdrop Actress Park Soo Ryun Tragically Died At 29
Park Soo Ryun (Credits: YouTube)

Premature Death Cause Of Park Soo Ryun Revealed: Everything To Know

It was on 11 June 2023 that Park Soo Ryun died after falling from the staircase. Based on her birth year, the Snowdrop actress was just 29 years old at the time of death. Unfortunately, it was not a case of foul play but an accident. In other words, it was a deadly fall. 

To be more particular, Park Soo Ryun was in Jeju Island for a performance. Without any delay, the actress was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. But, the doctors “declared her brain dead after resuscitating her.” Park Soo Ryun was supposed to perform the very next day, but it was later canceled following her demise. 

Snowdrop Actress Park Soo Ryun Tragically Died At 29
Park Soo Ryun tragically passed away after a fatal fall (Credits: YouTube)

Park Soo Ryun’s mother shared that the actress’ brain was unconscious. But her heart was still beating at the time. She said, “There must be someone who desperately needs organs.” Because of living comfortably with the thought that their daughter’s heart would be with someone else, they decided to donate it. 

As the news came out to the public, each of Park Soo Ryun’s fans was left in shock. On the following day, her funeral was held. It took place in the funeral hall of the Suwon Hospital, located at the Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center. The actress’ family also had a procession and served the last-minute rituals. 

Can you even imagine someone falling from the stairs and hitting the head so badly that it becomes dead? It was a fatal one. 

Even though several months have already passed, we believe it’s still hard for her parents to accept her demise. No parent would like to see or even accept their children’s death. It’s heartbreaking. Sending condolences to Park Soo Ryun’s family and close ones.


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