Social Justice Horrors: Silence of the Prey Trailer Debut


This Mother’s Day weekend, The Horror Collective, a division of Entertainment Squad, is preparing to release Silence of the Prey, a horror film with a message.

Scheduled for May 14 across digital platforms, the movie tells the tale of an undocumented immigrant mother who uncovers a dark secret while caring for an elderly man.

Inspired by true events, the film marks the directorial debut of Karyna Kudzina and Michael Vaynberg. It moves into timely social issues, highlighting the challenges faced by undocumented immigrants, as highlighted by Entertainment Squad’s CEO, Shaked Berenson.

Producers Monte Bezell and Den Tolmor describe the film as a compelling narrative urging viewers to confront the horrors lurking in society. With a talented cast and a screenplay promising depth, Silence of the Prey aims to spark conversations and evoke change.

Still from Silence of the Prey
Still from Silence of the Prey (Credit: IMDb)

Who else is part of making Silence of the Prey?

The Horror Collective, known for its impactful genre films, continues its streak with Silence of the Prey, poised to fascinate audiences with its chilling tale of justice and survival.

Silence of the Prey is based on real stories. It’s about a mom who’s not in the country legally. She finds a scary secret while taking care of an old man.

Silence of the Prey
Silence of the Prey (Credit: IMDb)

The movie is directed by Karyna Kudzina and Michael Vaynberg. It talks about issues like how hard life is for people without legal papers. Shaked Berenson, the boss of Entertainment Squad, says the movie is very important today. He says it shows the dangers that people without papers face.

The producers, Monte Bezell and Den Tolmor say the film is a scary story that makes us think about scary things in real life. They say it’s about the many people who disappear, and it makes us remember how scary that is.



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