Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Trailer Breakdown: Who Are All The Spider-Men?

Spider Man Across The Spider Verse Trailer Breakdown

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Trailer has dropped. And in this article, we’re going to be breaking down the new characters, Easter eggs, and hidden details. We also know much more about the movie than we did when we first covered it in December last year. And in this article, we’re going to be talking about it all.

What a banger of a teaser. There are so many different animation styles that are going to feature in this film. And whereas the first movie we just had, the one, this will have six different styles across the entire thing. The creative team has said this is to wow the audience every time we enter a new universe. The style will also reflect the world and characters and it’s going to add so much more to the movie.

Into the Spider-Verse of course won an Oscar, and by the looks of this new teaser, I can see this occurring once again. Plus a lot of Spider-Man will be in it. Laura miller said there are going to be 240 characters in the movie and this is going to be a crazy celebration of every version we’ve had so far. Now let’s just get into the Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Trailer Breakdown

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Trailer Breakdown

Now we start off with the Sony logo before transitioning to the Columbia one. If you slow the trailer down to 0.25 speed, then you can see this change to an animation style similar to the old Archie Comics.

Miles with his mother

Miles with his mother

From here, we joined Miles Morales‘ mother, talking to him on a rooftop as he looks over the city. Similar to the shots from Into the Spider-Verse. She talks about how she feels she lost her son and that he’s not the child she knew. Now, this is very important and it’s something that often shows up as a character trait in every single Spider-Man.

In order to protect the ones they love, Spider-Man has to stay distant and thus he seems like he’s not really a part of their lives anymore. This was seen at the end of the first Raimi movie when Peter and MJ are down, and it’s a sacrifice that all the characters have to go through.

At this point, we get several shots of the last film. This includes Miles buying the costume from Stan Lee and trying it on, him swinging with Peter Parker after robbing the computer from the lab, riding with Gwen on the bus with Peter B. Parker in the back, and him feeling like he doesn’t measure up to being Spider-Man in the spider cave.

However, this is shut down by the leap of faith moment that defined his life. This was when he became Spider-Man, and we then see him leaping through the streets in never before seen footage. He shoots out several webs in this and stops a taxi hitting pedestrians, which is similar to how Andrew Garfield‘s version of the stop that car in the electro Times Square fight.

We then see him snatching a hot dog. And if you slow down the footage, you can actually see the sound effect of this saying “take”. Then webs some money off the guy’s chest. And then we cut to his dad saying that he loves him.

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Spider-Gwen And MCU’s Hexagon Shape

Now, at this point, we see a slight change in Miles’s room with more things being added. He’s also now wearing a basketball jersey with the number 42 on it. 42 was a number that constantly appeared in the first movie at several points, and this brings a lot with it. Not only is this the meaning of everything, but it’s also the number that Jackie Robinson wore. Jackie was the first black athlete to play Major League Baseball, and the first movie had his number throughout as a nod to him.


Spider-Gwen coming back

By his head, we can also catch the cover of Amazing Fantasy 15, which was the first appearance of your boy Spider-Man. Now Gwen coming back brings a lot more with it this time around. We know we’ll be traveling to her world and also meeting a father, Captain Stacy, who’ll be voiced by Shea Whigham. Gavin Stacey, of course, died in the 616, but we saw the first Spider-Verse film change things up.

From the breadcrumbs a backstory we got from Gwen. It was her Peter that passed away and on his body we could catch Lizard Scales, meaning that he became the villain instead of Connors. So her father being alive makes sense, too. And I’m interested to see what dynamic he brings to the movie.

Now, hexagonal portals or something has popped up throughout a lot of MCU projects, with them also showing up here. In the MCU, they say jump points in space and hexagons in general also showed up on WandaVision. There they signified Wanda’s hexreality. And for this movie, they’re also going to be used as travel points between realities.

We did see characters traveling across the multiverse in the first film, but it was absent of these hexagonal shapes. Therefore, I think that this movie will have the hexagon sort of being like train tracks and that they take you from one predetermined destination rather than just flinging you out anywhere. That’s also how they work in space with them directing people instead of just throwing them into a black hole. So it shows how it’s all connected, but I’m maybe reading into that too much, as hexagons in general are just interesting shapes that all stuck together nicely.

Device To Travel Through The Spider-Verse

The first movie had multiversal travel affecting those that moved across it, and because of this, they started to glitch out. However, the Post-Credits scene shows that Spider-Man 2099 had developed a device that allowed one to stabilize when in another universe. Known as Miguel Ohara, I think he’s going to be the driving force of the film that pulls all the characters together from Across the Spider-Verse.

Device To Travel Through The Spider-Verse

Now, if you look closely at Gwen’s wrist, you can see that she’s wearing something on it which will likely stop her from glitching out and this is something we see in the Spider-Man 2099 throughout the teaser.

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Who Are All The Spider-Man In Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Trailer?

Miles and Gwen end up in what appears to be the nexus where all Spider-Man will be gathered. There’s a lot going on here, and when I saw it, I was like, It’s going to be a long night tonight. However, we want to point out all the Spider-People here.

Now the people standing behind the pair, I’ll probably end up covering as we pull out. But they’re all pretty generic except for the PS4 Marvel’s Spider-Man Game-looking one which I’ll talk more about in just a bit. This isn’t the PS4 Spider-Man, just a similar suit. But yeah, well, we’ll talk more about the main one in just a bit.

Now, when we go back, we can see two Spider-Women on the left with one wearing the normal suit and another wearing what’s either the negative one or the armor one? Next is the bulletproof suit, which you’ll likely know from the PS4 game. Alongside, this is a bigger Spider-Man, wearing a similar costume the armor suit and to the right of him is the PS4 Spider-Man.

All The Spider-Man In Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse

All The Spider-Man In Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse

You might remember that his suit was actually shown in the Spider Cape Collection back in the first film, but this movie will see someone actually wearing it. I’m really hoping that this connection with the next game and with the Miles Morales one has a Spider-Verse suit in that. It looks like they could be tying it all together. The new game is coming up very soon, too, and there are rumors that we might be getting a trailer very shortly that build off the back of this.

PS4 Spider-Man In Across The Spider-Verse Explained

Anyway, if you’re one of the 15 people that didn’t play that game, I want a quick rundown. It basically picked up with Peter Parker in the midst of his career as he rolled off the back of having just taken down the Kingpin. His aunt May was also running fist alongside her partner, Martin Lee. Turns out Lee was actually a villain that had risen up in the power vacuum left behind by Fisk and under the name Mister Negative, he did whatever he could to destroy man Norman Osborn’s reelection campaign.

After attacking an event at Jefferson Davis was killed and Peter became somewhat of a mentor to Miles. Miles eventually was bitten by a genetically engineered spider that was created by Osborn, which gave him his own spider abilities.

Now, Peter was also working with Dr. Otto Octavius to create a new form of the prosthetic limb. This ended up taking over his body, and thus he became a Doctor Octopus. Now, Peter managed to take both forces down, but unfortunately and May was killed during this. And those are the main points that you need to know about Spider-Man PS4, which isn’t really his name.

PS5 Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man and Miles in PS5 Spider-Man 2

Either way, seeing him in the film is going to be a major addition, and it looks like he’s sort of gained his own kid, his own Miles, if you will, which is a reflection of Peter B. Parker and Miles’s relationship. The person’s wearing a black and red costume, and it looks very similar to the Superior Spider-Man one. This is when Doc Ock mind-swaps with Peter, and he became the webhead. Slowly, he was turned good by taking on the role and it’s so cool seeing them both here.

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Civil War Suit, Spider-Cop, And Spider-Werewolf

Once we pull out, we get what I believe is the rubber suit used to fight electro. And next to this is the Civil War suit. This was designed by Tony Stark for the Civil War comic, and it’s what he used when he sided with him. He ended up giving it up once he switched sides. And it’s such a cool suit that I’m glad to see it here.

Now, as we pull further out to the left, we can see Spider-Cop. If you play the PS4 Spider-Man game, though, you’ll know that when he’s chatting to Yuri, the wall-crawler refers to himself as Spider-Cop, but the real character will be popping up in this film. He’s a seasoned vet NYPD that was given spider powers. In the comics, he was actually recruited by Spider-Gwen to help in the Spider-Verse storyline.

Now to the right of him, we can also see what’s a sort of steampunk Spider-Man, though I’m not exactly sure who this is. A lot of people in this shot are just kind of variations that aren’t really from the comics. I don’t know, every single vision of Spider-Man ever.

Now, as we go further out, we do start to see more and more recognizable ones. The one with the bag on the head is a nod to when Spidey joined the Fantastic Four and had to do this in order to hide his identity. I love the art style of this and they have him in a sixties pop art animation to reference the era he debuted. In the top right, we also have Spider-Werewolf, which has no prizes for guessing which version of Spider-Man that is.

The Spider-Man Clone: Scarlet Spider In Across The Spider-Verse Explained

Now Scarlet Spider will be featuring the film too. This often-overlooked character has kind of been ostracized, but he originates from the clone saga that dominated comics in the 90s. During that time, publishers were replacing their main heroes with other versions. And just in the same way that Batman was replaced by Jean-Paul Valley, Peter Parker was pushed out too.

Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider In Across The Spider-Verse

Created by the Jackal using Peter’s DNA, it was thought that the clone died alongside his creator back in the seventies, but it turned out that he survived, and realizing that he was a clone, he decided to live in exile away from New York. Using his uncle’s first name and Ant-Man’s maiden name. He was inspired to become his own person that was sort of like a drifter moving from town to town and helping out people.

His Spider-Sense did several police investigations, and he fell in love with a woman called Jeanine, who, too, was on the run. Being wracked with guilt, though, she ended her own life and Ben became a janitor at Portland High School. He saved a woman from some home invaders and was once more inspired to use his great powers to take on great responsibility. Eventually, he went back to New York and confronted Peter and helped him get through some really bad times.

He worked alongside Spider-Man as The Scarlet Spider, and eventually, he became the main one. After it seemed clear that Peter was the clone and not Ben. Drove Peter almost insane and though they kept their names, he ended up leaving the position. Of course, this was eventually all revealed to be untrue and Peter Parker took the role back as the main one. But there was a time when Ben was number one.

Peter B. Parker Is Back

Now from here we go back to Gwen and Miles and see Peter B. Parker, the boy, that Don Dotter, never left with the rent king who is backed by the movie. Obviously, he was one of the big parts that made the first movie as successful as it was, and there was never any doubt that he was going to be back for a sequel. When we last left him, he was going to his MJ to fix their relationship, and it looks like it’s good news. I instantly recognize that carrier on the front, looks like my man is now a father.

Peter B. Parker

Peter B. Parker

Then we got the shot of Miles and Gwen sitting upside down on a ledge. This has been used in a lot of the promotional material, and it’s, of course, riffing on the shot from the first movie in which Miles sat by himself. Interestingly, Miles, a spider symbol is the right way up here, meaning that he must be wearing upside down. Strange, but also Gwen’s hair is longer here, too, without having it in a ponytail, showing roughly how much time has passed since the first film.

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Spider-Women In Across The Spider-Verse Explained

Now, from here, we see a motorbike busting through the air. And I believe this is Ezra’s version of Spider-Woman. It’s a big departure from her look in the comics. But with this being the multiverse, they’ve clearly changed her up. This is a major character in the Spider-Man lore, and she was introduced all the way back in 1978. But funny story, if you want to know, Stanley, he actually thought that some of the comic book companies would probably just do a gender swap of their number one web head if they ever got hold of the copyright to him.

So he just came up with Spider-Woman in order to stop this from happening. She was only supposed to feature in the Marvel spotlight. However, she’s done a lot since her creation and has become a mainstay in the comics. Marvel Spotlight 32 sold really well, and the company saw her as being more than someone used to establish a trademark. Marvin Wolfman was given an ongoing series, and this allowed him to take the character and push it to the forefront. Now, originally, she was a spider that transformed into a human. However, this was quickly retconned and she was said to be a human that just had memories of being a spider planted into her by Hydra.


Spider-Women In Across The Spider-Verse

The name Jessica Drew was a combination of Marvin’s daughter’s first name and the name of her favorite detective, Nancy Drew. Now, Jessica can fly, climb walls, and basically do a lot of what a spider can. If you’ve played the Miles Morales Spider-Man game, then you’ll also be familiar with his venom energy blasts, which Jessica herself can do. She also has pheromones, which she can use to manipulate emotions.

Now her origin Story has had several retcons to her, but the current one that’s seen as the canon is that a mother was struck with a beam of radiation when she was pregnant with Jess. This contains several different spider DNA, and you guessed it, Jessica was born with spider powers. That’s more the current understanding of her, though, like I said, depending on what you read, you might get something different.

Like a lot of comic book characters back then, she had a slow decline over the years and the writers actually killed her off in her 50th issue. She kind of faded into obscurity, but she was brought back in a big, bad way during the 2005 New Avengers run. She also played a big part in Secret Invasion when a scroll masqueraded as her, though we know she won’t be popping up in the Disney plus adaptation. Still though, great seeing her in this, and it’s one of my favorite appearances in the trailer.

Spider-Man 2099 In Across The Spider-Verse Explained

Now he’s going to be clashing heads with Miguel O’Hara, a.k.a. Spider-Man 2099. O’Hara is half Irish and half Mexican, and he is a Spider-Man of futuristic New York. And the majority of this city is controlled by the Alchemax Corporation, which was also the science division that Kingpin ran in the first Spider-Verse film.

As a young adult, O’Hara got a job working for them, which is where he was pressured into running a test to imprint genetic codes on humans. The test subject died and was wracked with guilt. Miguel ended up going to his boss, Tyler Stone, who gave him a drink. This was laced with a futuristic drug called Rapture that bonded itself to someone’s blood and gave them intense hallucinations.

Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 In Across The Spider-Verse

In order to rid himself of this, Miguel ran the tests on himself, which is when his DNA was spliced with that of a spider’s. He gained several abilities, including the usual spider powers, such as increased strength, speed, and also reflexes. However, Miguel can also move so fast that he actually leaves behind a decoy.

In addition to this, he can communicate with people telepathically, and he carries elongated fangs that can secrete a paralyzing toxin. He has razor-sharp claws too which we see pop out, and he looks way bulkier than the design that we’ve seen on him previously. When we catch him, he’s looking over a video of his daughter and the name Iriella can be seen up top. Clearly a nod to Riley, which as we mentioned, was Aunt May’s maiden name.

Now, 2099 rushes towards Miles and in slo-mo you can see him enlarging his gantlets as he charges toward him. Such a cool shot, but he’s clearly barking up the wrong tree.

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Spider-Punk In Across The Spider-Verse Explained

And although I don’t think he’s in the trailer, we know that Spider-Punk will be in the film and that it’ll be voiced by Daniel Kaluuya. The character was originally riffing on Spider UK, but he’s kind of grown into his own entity and thing. Coming from Earth 138, he was revealed to be Hellboy Brown, who was a homeless teenager that was transformed due to Norman Osborn dumping some toxic waste.



He’s a punk rocker that carries his guitar with him almost wherever he goes. And in the comics, it’s what he used to smash Norman Osborn’s head. In the Spider-Verse storyline, he was recruited by Superior Spider-Man to join the Spider-Men, and I can’t wait to see what he’s like in the film, especially with the art style I could do with him. Lots of crazy punk stuff they can do with this punk.

There’s a massive scene where lots of different characters jump on Miles. And if you look closely, you can see one with six arms that wrap himself around him. This is similar to the mutated Spider-Man from the comics and TV show. And then of course, spiders in general have six arms and two legs equaling eight limbs. Now, I just love this shot of them all swinging toward him, and we even see a slightly chubby one gliding in.

Japanese Spider-Man In Across The Spider-Verse Explained

Now, Japanese Spider-Man is also going to be featured in the film as well. He pulls from the live-action TV show Universe created in 1978 and though often overlooked. This live-action adaptation massively helped to push the character’s popularity worldwide. His origin story is really removed from the typical Spider-Man stuff, and originally he was a motorcycle racer called Takuya.

A UFO called the Marvel fell to Earth, and after journeying inside of it, he was injected with blood from Planet Spider, which gave him his abilities. As always, aliens, and clicking together his bracelets activate his costume. He can also issue web lines from them and see them pop up, yeah, it’s a nice thing for the fans who watched a couple of episodes of that show.

The Vulture And The Spot

Now, you might also know whom Spider-Women is attacking and this is actually the vulture, whereas in the classic incarnation he was Adrian Tooms. They are changing things a lot for the movie. A Toomes in the comics is mostly shown as an old guy who uses a vulture costume to commit robberies. But the movie, though he will be voiced by Jorma Taccone and will be a renaissance inspired criminal that has an Italian accent. Big change up for the vulture, obviously, we saw him done classically by Michael Keaton. And it is going to be interesting to see what he brings to the movie.

The Vulture

The Vulture

Now, Charles Murphy posted some of the first story details for the movie yesterday on his website, Murphy’s Multiverse. We’ll talk about what he said on The Spot later on. But we have a pretty good idea of what the film will be about based on this new teaser and his report.

It says: “Following his reunion with Gwen Stacy, Brooklyn’s resident-friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is flung across the multiverse, where he comes upon a group of Spider-People tasked with safeguarding the universe’s own existence. Miles must rethink what it means to be a hero in order to save the ones he cares about most when the heroes disagree over how to deal with a new threat. As a result, Miles is pitted against the other Spiders.”

And this new threat is likely The Spot. However, there are other big villains that could be popping up later on.

The Spot In In Across The Spider-Verse Explained

We actually know that the villain in the movie is going to be The Spot and that he’ll also be the bad guy in the sequel: Beyond the Spider-Verse. Ken Powers is directing the film and over the last couple of weeks, he’s had a number of big interviews with some big outlets. When discussing the movie, he confirmed that the character will be a villain across both films. Whereas the first movie dealt with The Kingpin, this more multiversal one will be bringing him into it to add to the idea that the further out you get, the more far out the villains do as well.

It’s going to be such a cool addition to the movie and in the comics, Jonathan Owen was a highly decorated graduate of MIT that was even roommates with Quentin Beck. A divorced dad, he started working for the Kingpin, and he was tasked with discovering how the Cloak’s powers worked. The Cloak can create portals, and he and Kingpin want to duplicate this power for his own personal gains.

The Spot

The Spot

Now, due to his origin story, he may be linked in with the first film, and there’s the potential that he helped Kingpin build as Collider back in that movie. Either way, Jonathan succeeded in his research, and after creating a portal one night, he stepped into it, which is where he was taken to the Cloak’s dark dimension. And here he began to master the realm and looked about it all in the portals for the place where he’d just come from.

After swimming through the landscape for some time, he was able to return home and make it back to the kitchen where he’d opened up the dimension. Now, upon returning to the 616, his body had undergone a major transformation, and he was left with the portals that we see on him now. When he was in the dark dimension the other portals that attach themselves to his skin like leeches, and they basically made him a walking wormhole.

He’s going to be littering the landscape with black holes, which are slowly going to start sucking things into them. Now, in the comics, he’s pretty much a joke character that’s not really a big bad, which is why I was really surprised that he was chosen for being such a major threat. However, after thinking about it, there are so many really cool things that they can do with him, especially from an animation point of view.

Watching him get hit in a portal in their face popping up somewhere else is such a cool thing that they can do. The battles will become next level by having him in the movie. I love this shot where we see Miles kicking the spot in the chest and then it hits Gwen, who’s stationed behind them. If you look at his hands, you can also see that he’s throwing spots out too. Just shows how the villain can use the heroes to fight each other. I’m getting hyped up to watch some insane fights playing out.

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