Star Responds To Young Sheldon’s Big George Death Before Season 7 Premiere

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Lance Barber discusses the news that Young Sheldon season 7 will feature George Cooper’s death. It has always been assumed that Sheldon’s father will pass away before The Big Bang Theory’s events. Even though Young Sheldon had already strayed from official canon, his death is an essential part of Sheldon’s story and cannot be ignored, even though it will make sending the Coopers off more difficult.

Speaking during the TCAs, which the media attended, Barber addressed the tidings that his character, George, will meet his demise before the conclusion of Young Sheldon season 7 in May.

George Cooper
George Cooper (Credit: netflix)

See his remarks below: “I had fingers crossed from the beginning… that I would make it to the end whenever that came… I had the luxury of being emotionally prepared for this from day one… To be remembered that way is a big deal for me to see that to fruition.”

How Young Sheldon Season 7’s Remainder Will Be Affected By George’s Death?

Though George did not physically appear on The Big Bang Theory, his fathering style was evident from Sheldon’s love of telling stories about his early years and Mary’s many trips to Pasadena. Regrettably, Young Sheldon’s portrayal of it is conflicting.

It’s much harder to write George off in the prequel since the Cooper patriarch is a flawed but loving family man rather than a bad father figure. It doesn’t help that the show has to finish in fewer than 14 episodes. But in the end, it’s hard to ignore George’s passing because of the news about Georgie and Mandy’s Young Sheldon spinoff, which affects his family’s future.

Each family member will respond to his death differently, and it will determine how they ultimately spend the rest of their lives, according to the Big Bang Theory canon. There will be a gap between the brothers as Georgie takes over as head of the family and Sheldon is unaware of this.

Mary will probably be inspired to return to the church even though she will be too distraught to function. Ultimately, Missy will carry on with her rebellious behaviour, which will prevent her from realizing her full potential.

George Cooper
George Cooper (Credit: netflix)

The majority of the Cooper family members are simply mentioned in passing in The Big Bang Theory, thus this aspect of their past hasn’t truly been explored yet.

Now, George and Mandy’s next Young Sheldon episode can thoroughly examine this specific period in the family’s history, particularly the surviving members who now reside in Texas. The main concern at this point is how Young Sheldon will come to a positive conclusion following its worst setback.


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