The Dream House of Marcus and Maisa was bought by a Celtics Superfan

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We have seen fans go to extremes when it comes to their favorites due to their talent, charisma, or, as a person, their own profession. Any slightest opportunity to get close to your heroes or see them in the flesh is an incredible opportunity for a fan.

At certain times in the flow of this love for our favorite, we cross lines of extreme, but the Boston Celtics fans have crossed the line and become the exception.

Katherine Greany and her family have become that expectation in the ‘history of fans’; they’ve rooted for March’s Smart for years, and following this superfan spirit, they are about to close a deal on buying Smart’s former home in Boston Suburbs.

The superfans of Marcus buy his former house in Boston

Katherine Greany and her family, the dynamic super fans of Marcus Smart, have recently closed the deal on buying his former home in the Boston suburbs. This turned out to be a surreal experience for Katherine and her children. She and her family have been rooting in support of Marcus for years now.

Katherine Greany along with her family met Marcus and Maisa Smart in a private bowling alley
Katherine Greany, along with her family, met Marcus and Maisa Smart in a private bowling alley (Credits: Getty Images)

It was Marcus’s and his wife Maisa’s dream house that took them years to build. Smart is glad that he has found the right family when it came to selling the property after he was traded this past summer. The more love this fan family has for Marcus Smart, the odder it is how it started.

This fairytale fan moment took place in a bowling alley where Kathy met Marcus and his wife Maisa in November at an annual fundraising tradition for the Young Game Changer Foundation.

Greany recalled that Smart started the event by greeting everyone in attendance, and soon after that, he got into talking to her while she started FaceTime with her children and started laughing. She also said, “He really likes to be a kid.”

From the recalled memory of the moment, Kathy said, “He laughs with them; he really attracts them,” She continued saying that at any game they’ve been to, they’ve always noticed Marcus staying after the game to talk to a child or sign an autograph something.

Marcus and Maisa Smart' s Dream House
The house was bought in 2021 for $5.55 million and was renovated twice (Credits: Claire Kotzampaltiris)

As she went on, she stated that “he has always been a very approachable guy” and also added that “he’s very warm and has a big heart. Same as Maisa.”

It was at the end of summer 2023 when Greany and her children had a chance to bowl with Marcus privately; that’s when she heard the news of him getting traded. Following this, she started having a casual conversation with Maisa, and she said, “We were looking.” This conversation went on, with one getting led by the other.

Then Kathy made plans with Marcus and Maisa to see the house, and when they did, they ‘fell in love with it.’ She and her kids already knew that this was the right place. The house was bought by Marcus and his wife on the south side of Newton in 2021; it underwent two renovations in order to create something this special.

Marcus and Maisa Smart
Marcus had proposed to Maisa in the same dream house. The two rounds of renovations made to the property were sold for $7.1 million in January this year to Katherine Greany (Credits: Getty Images)

It was also the spot where Marcus proposed to Maisa in December 2022; they never had a thought of selling it out as it was their dream house and something that was about to be everlasting, but it seems like the Celtics had different plans.

After losing to the Miami Heat in seven games in the East Finals, Boston had in mind to shuffle the deck. There were chances for Malcolm Brogdon to be traded in early June, but it was Smart who was seen to be traded. This change of plans by the Celtics also changed the plans Marcus and Maisa were holding related to their lives in the dream house.

They had bought the house in Boston’s most affluent shrubs in 2021, originally for $5.55 million. The two rounds of renovations made to the property were sold for $7.1 million in January this year to Katherine Greany and her family.


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