The Flash 2023 Trailer Breakdown: Two Flash, Batman & A Supergirl

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The Flash Trailer just dropped, and it’s looking way too cool. There are a lot of Easter eggs and references, so we’ll break it all down. But in the new The Flash Trailer, they just confirmed some of the twists that we saw in the previous teaser trailer.

Michael Shannon, Zod, and Feiler will be some of the big villains, not the only villains. There is a big twist with a dark version of The Flash I talked about earlier. I’ll explain that in a second. But Barry’s talking to Ben Affleck‘s Batman about changing the past because he can’t get over his mother’s death.

That’s right out of the comic book version of Flashpoint. So he does wind up doing that in the movies too. But it seems like he accidentally travels to Michael Keaton Batman’s Earth and winds up meeting another version of himself who hasn’t become The Flash yet.

The Flash Trailer Breakdown

During the trailer, they have a version of The Flash’s origin for this other version of Barry. But he has Blue Lightning instead, mostly just to differentiate them on screen so that people that don’t read the Flash comics can tell them apart.

And it seems like the main version of the Flash is the person that tries to recreate that origin story. Like, “here, let’s give you powers. This is how I got powers the first time. Let’s try that again.”

The Flash Trailer Breakdown

Giving powers to younger Barry

Supergirl, And Two Batmans

They also confirmed that Sasha Calle’s Supergirl is a big part of the movie. If you didn’t hear it at the end too, and If you listen really carefully, they play some of the theme songs from Christopher Reeve‘s Superman when she’s flying by.

So they use some of that classic theme music from John Williams, too. They did the same thing with Henry Cavill’s Superman and came back with a cameo scene at the end of the Black Adam movie, too. More Christopher Reeve Superman stuff.

Obviously. Michael Keaton’s Batman a big part of the movie, as well as Ben Affleck‘s Batman. There have been rumors about a cameo scene from another Batman in a post-credits scene, like a new post-credits scene after the big James Gunn reboot to sort of set up the reboot where The Flash winds up on some other Batman’s earth. We’ll see if that winds up panning out.

But generally, according to James Gunn, the movie is intended to soft reboot the entire DCU into his new DCU for the new ten-year plan of movies. These are all the movies and TV shows that are coming, and they want to set up the idea that some of the actors will be different, but some of them will be the same, and that’ll all be because of what happens in Flashpoint.

Messing Up As Many Timelines As Possible

At the beginning of the trailer, we get some new shots of the Flash looking at his childhood home. It seems like he’s already traveled back in time, and he’s watching the younger version of himself the night that his mother died. Because we see little Barry running out crying. We saw a version of this on the Flash TV show in the first episode.

The Flash Trailer Breakdown

Barry is going into the past.

A lot of what happens during the movie will seem familiar because they use a lot of the twists on the Flash TV show in the first three years. Then there is the shot of him on top of Wayne Manor. This shows that he has already gone to Michael Keaton Batman’s Earth.

When we get the voiceover from Michael Keaton’s Batman, when he talks about going to other timelines, that’s them talking about him going to Michael Keaton, Batman’s earth. Some of these are old shots of Michael Keaton, Batman’s bat suit, and his cowl.

The Flash Ring

Then we get a brand new shot of Ben Affleck’s Batman in Gotham City, taking down some criminals. It seems like it’s part of an extended action scene that the Flash winds up helping out with early in the movie. He has this new suit during this team-up moment between The Flash and Batman.

And I believe the idea in the prequel comic that they release for this is that Ben Affleck’s Batman gives him the Flash ring. Like he designs the flash ring and the Flash suit that comes out of it and gives it to the Flash, and that’s how he got this. Then the explosion that we see at the start of The Flash Trailer is just in the underground bunker where the military has been keeping Supergirl captive.

And it seems like it’s happening on Michael Keaton Batman’s earth, just because all the scenes have Michael Keaton Batman in them. Then we see her taking off in flight after she escapes. Then the Flash travels through the Speed Force back in time in accidentally winds up on Michael Keaton, Batman’s earth.

Speedforce Travel

It’s always interesting to see the different ways the movies and TV shows, like the Flash TV show, visualize the way that he runs through the Speed Force, the way they visualize his lightning. Part of the idea when he’s traveling through multiple timelines, the multiverse here, is that you’re meant to get flashes of other versions of the characters.

The Flash Trailer Breakdown

Entire DC Concept art

In the concept art, they had pretty much all the big actors from the classic DC movies and some of the modern ones, too, like Christian Bale’s Batman with Christopher Reeve’s Superman. Pretty much everybody from every DC movie and TV show.

So if Grant Gustin gets a cameo in this movie, the best chances are it’s in a scene like that when he’s crossing across the multiverse. Hopefully, John Wesley also has a cameo like that, too, unless he’s playing some actual new character on one of these alternate earth, which would also make sense.

Then we see the main version of Flash talking to Michael Keaton’s Batman about his powers and why he’s doing what he’s doing. And it’s because he can’t get over the death of his mother yet. But that’s the whole lesson of Flashpoint, like the lesson of the movie. He has to completely fubar a couple of different worlds before he finds out that it’s a bad idea to use his powers that way.

We finally see the young version of Barry with his mother and his father. They had to recast his father because Billy Crudup, who played his father in the Zack Snyder DCU movies like the Justice League movie, had a scheduling conflict. The Easter Egg there, too, is that he also played Dr. Manhattan, who’s another DC character now.

Some of the scenes in The Flash Trailer look like a combination of the Flash traveling through time, like he’s on his home street from his childhood, traveling through the Speed Force. But then this other bridge shot seems like he’s just traveling across the country in a normal adventure.

Michael Keaton Batman Entring Batcave

Now, if you couldn’t tell from the picture of a boy with his parents, this is actually meant to be Michael Keaton Batman looking at a picture of his parents, who also died. And they’re meant to bond over that, like “we lost both of our parents.”

The Flash Trailer Breakdown

Entire DC Concept art

I’m assuming the reason why his hand is all dirty is just because of some adventures they’ve had. But you can see how decrepit and rundown Wayne Manor is. There are cobwebs and dust all over the shelves. So it seems like when the Flash shows up to meet him, he’s been relatively inactive.

Then we see a picture of Bary in his childhood bedroom. It could be happening on the other earth or after he started to change the timeline. When he talks about this shared trauma and people being drawn together like magnets, that’s also a metaphor for both the other version of the Flash on this other earth, this other Barry Allen, but also for Michael Keaton’s Batman, because he also lost his parents.

Young Barry – Kid Flash

Now, here’s the thing when he meets the other version of himself on Michael Keaton Batman’s Earth. The way they’re referring to this other Barry Allen is that they’re calling him a younger version of the character who hasn’t got his powers yet. And he winds up being the Kid Flash of the movie.

They refer to him as the Kid Flash for a little while until the older future version of him from an alternate timeline shows up and is like the evil Dark Flash. Ben Affleck’s Batman gives him the Flash ring with the new Flash suit inside it, just like the comic book version. He tells him the worst thing he could possibly do is travel back into the past and try to mess with things.

They show him traveling into the past, and the events of the Man of Steel movie are playing out again, and it’s not clear if he’s on Michael Keaton Batman’s earth or if this is also happening on the Justice League Earth.

The Flash Trailer Breakdown

Batflec warning The Flash

Because on the Flash TV show, for instance, Barry does a version of Flashpoint. He goes back, saves his mother, and completely messes everything up in the future, but then he tries to do it again another time, and it messes things up again a little bit differently.

So maybe something like that will happen in the movie where Barry messes things up on the main Justice League Earth, and the Kryptonians come in, it starts to destroy everything, and he goes back into the Speed Force to try and fix everything, and that’s when he accidentally travels to Michael Keaton Batman’s Earth.

Zod Comes Back

Then there is a shot of the other Barry, who hasn’t got his powers yet or is about to get powers. You can tell them apart based on the clothing that they wear and their haircut. The other younger Barry has long hair.

The events of the Man of Steel movie play out again on his earth, and it seems like they have to team up to try and stop him. But it’s a little while later in the movie because when you see them fighting the Kryptonians, he has his version of a homemade Flash suit made out of one of Michael Keaton Batman’s old Batsuit.

Here’s the thing, though. I think the idea is that on Michael Keaton, Batman’s earth, there is no Superman to protect them from Zod. So Zod winds up just laying waste to the earth because Supergirl hasn’t broken out yet. So they cause way more damage than happened in the Man of Steel movie.

The Classic Batman With A Future Touch

When he says, “I created a world with no metahumans,” he’s inside Supergirl’s underground bunker where she’s being held captive. But what he probably means is that he prevented superheroes from rising on the Justice League Earth.

The Flash Trailer Breakdown

Barry in the Supergirl underground bunker

Typically, when all the producers, the filmmakers like Zack Snyder, the other people talk about that. They talk about Superman arriving on earth and then letting the world know about him and them getting access to the Kryptonian ship that was meant to be the beginning of that. And it sounds like whatever he did change those events, so that didn’t wind up happening.

All these scenes of them busting Supergirl out of her prison are right out of the comic book version of Flashpoint. We see a much bigger shot of Michael Keaton’s Bat Cave. It looks amazing. Obviously, they have modern special effects now to pull it off.

Then we see a much more complete version of a scene we’ve seen before like the Batwing is in front of him, and we finally see his face, and they do the actual line, “I’m Batman.” When he shows up in his suit for the first time, they play a little bit of the Batman theme song by Danny Elfman.

Notice how all the equipment around him looks kind of old-time because he’s meant to be a 60-something version of Batman. And all of this was created back when he was in his twenties when they still had that level of technology back in the eighties. We get an extended action scene where he still seems like a total badass.

The version of the bat suit that he has on seems like just an upgraded version of his classic suit. It seems very close to the classic suit, but he’s had 30-plus years to upgrade it over time. It really seems like with some of these takedowns. They’re trying to add some of the dynamism and comic book nature of Ben Affleck Batman in the way Zack Snyder portrayed the character.

Like that really cool Batman v Superman scene of him taking all the criminals down. But also use all the enhanced technology that they have access to now to do that for Michael Keaton Batman. Then we get more footage from that extended Ben Affleck Batman scene early in the movie where The Flash is helping him out.

The Flash Trailer

Supergirl is taking one of the Barry.

Then we see a version of Supergirl in her Supergirl suit, taking one of the Barry Allen’s up into the atmosphere. Then the scene of the earth cracking all around him just seems like when the Kryptonians are attacking this other earth, and everything just starts to break the same way that they were doing in the Man of Steel movie.

Dark Flash – Alternate Future Barry

The extended action scene of the both of them fighting together seems really cool, and I think it’s meant to set up the end of the movie because, as I said, this other Barry Allen is meant to be Kid Flash for a lot of the movie. But then an alternate future version of him is supposed to show up and be an evil dark version of The Flash, like a Salvador twist on the Flash movie.

As I said, they’ve already pulled many of the twists that we’ll see in the movie on the Flash TV show in the first three seasons. Like, “Oh, this seems like the time that the alternate future Barry came back into the past and tried to conquer everyone and take over the world.”

Then the main Barry Allen is in this other Barry Allen’s room talking about how he needs to go back to his earth like he’s already traveled to the other earth. He says, “There might not be a future on that earth if I don’t go back and fix things.” So it does sound like he winds up pulling an early version of Flashpoint, kind of like the Flash TV show, and then tries to change it again a second time here.

Then it actually seems like they use the Batwing to try and create the lightning strike, then gave Barry Powers to give this other Barry Allen his powers. Like you see the Blue Lightning traveling down this arc from the bat wing and then charging the other Barry Allen with powers.

The Flash Trailer

Supergirl fighting

We get a couple of extended action scenes with them fighting the Kryptonians. One of the big differences with this Kryptonian fight is that they seem way more sure of themselves and way better fighters than Henry Cavill Superman was when he fought the Kryptonians the first time. Like he wasn’t a very experienced fighter, so he’s soaked a bunch of damage.

This time a lot of the heroes that are fighting him, like The Flash, for instance, have been through a lot of adventures, so he’s a lot more sure of his powers, and he knows how to use them a little bit better.

Also, it seems that they’re playing this alternate Supergirl from this other continuity from the Michael Keaton Batman Earth is a slightly more stabby version of the character, kind of the way they did in the Flashpoint movie. That version of Superman is a little edgier because he’d been trapped for all those years underground. Any time you see The Flash with Blue Lightning on screen, that’s the other Barry Allen.

Supergirl Prison Break

Then they end the trailer with a funny scene of them busting Supergirl out of her prison and her just going ham on all the guards. Barry says, “What do we do, Batman?” To this, Batman says, “Just try not to die. Just stay out of her way.” It sounds like what happens is that he travels to the other Michael Keaton Batman Earth, meets the other version of himself, and then they go try and find Batman, then they try to fix things on his earth.

Barry then starts asking him about Superman arriving on earth in his pod, and Michael Keaton Batman is probably like, “We don’t know what you’re talking about. There is no version of Superman”. But there was something from outer space that the military was keeping. And they will be like, “Let’s go try and find out what it was.”

The Flash Trailer

Breaking out Supergirl

And when they show up, it’s not Clark Kent Superman that they find. It’s Supergirl. And this tag scene of her in Wayne Manor, in the end, is speaking for the first time. We haven’t heard any dialog from her before. Then they had that funny scene of them in the bat wing with the other Barry trying to take a picture of her flying next to them.

Obviously, there is so much stuff going on in this movie. James Gunn called it one of the finest superhero movies that he’s ever seen in the history of ever. So I don’t know what’s going on, but it makes it sound like this movie is so amazing.

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