The New Attack on Titan’s Levi “Bad Boy” Manga Is Here


For fans of Attack on Titan hungry for more insight into Levi’s dynamic character, the search for the elusive Bad Boy manga continues. While the series may have drawn to a close, the excitement surrounding AoT remains palpable, with enthusiasts eagerly anticipating any new content related to their favorite characters.

Levi Ackerman in the series finale (Credits – MAPPA)

As of April 2024, the Bad Boy manga featuring Levi is not yet accessible to English-speaking audiences. This bonus one-shot, housed within Volume 35, is nestled within the pages of the upcoming Attack on Titan Art Book: Fly, slated for release in Japan on April 30, 2024.

This art book promises an immersive experience for fans, offering insights into the creative process behind the iconic series.

A Scanlated version of the “Bad Boy” Manga (Credits – Hajime Isayama)

While Japanese fans eagerly await the Fly art book’s arrival, international fans may wonder how to get their hands on Levi’s inspiring tale. Currently, there’s no confirmation regarding an English release.

However, enthusiasts can look at online platforms like Animate or Hobby Link Japan to purchase the Japanese version. For those outside Japan, utilizing proxy shopping services can facilitate international shipping.

An Illustration for the Manga (credits - Hajime Isayama)
An Illustration for the Manga (credits – Hajime Isayama)

As the hunt for Levi’s story continues, fans are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on the availability of the Bad Boy manga. Whether it’s through official releases or fan translations, Attack on Titan continues to charm audiences everywhere with its gripping narratives and compelling characters.



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