The Priest of Corruption Chapter 41: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

The Priest of Corruption Chapter 41 1

Marnac will find out more about the holy relic that is protected by the priestess of the place, Pridiya. However, the priestess had also taken a liking to the corrupt priest and she had decided to train him in martial arts. But all this is happening in the flashback when Marnac was journeying by himself for the relic hunt in The Priest of Corruption Chapter 41.

The Corrupting priest has finally gotten a little ahead with his mission as he takes care of the the worshipers of Evil Spirit. The action series protagonist had to take a roundabout way of dealing with them. However, that was the only way for him to get close to the truth and punish the members. 

However, that was soon taken care of as he participated in the underground fighting ring to kill some of the members. This eventually led him to the core members that he needed to take care of as per his deal. Which eventually led him and Dakia to an underground settlement where they would deal with the members and put an end to them. 

The Priest of Corruption Chapter 41
The Priest of Corruption (Credits: Naver Webtoon)


The Priest of Corruption Chapter 41 will show what the relationship between the master and the student was like and what the master desires from the student. A relation that Marnac had never brought up till now to anyone in the story. So it will be interesting to see what his relationship with his master was like and what kind of character she is. 

Pridiya came to Marnac looking threatening but her dialogue suggested that there wasn’t a menace in her actions. And once the flashback began, it became clear that she was a benevolent person that was helpful at one point. The point in Marnan’s life when he had no place to go to and was wandering looking for Mother’s Relic.

Mother was quiet during that flashback and it was Marnac and Pridiya who were doing much of the talking in the past. However, Marnac had a mission to get into the treasury and get the Holy Relic, but he got lucky and unlucky. The priestess who was the guardian of the place and had taken interest in Marnac, the lucky part. The unlucky part was that she wanted to make him her disciple and teach the martial arts the hard way.  


We find Dakia and Marnac at the mercy of the enemy in The Priest of Corruption Chapter 40. Or so it seemed because the fantasy protagonist had plans to finish the charade in one go with Dakia. The white-haired girl wasn’t so sure about it but decided to put faith in MC’s words and used her flame spell.

Marnac had every reason to be unfazed by it, as he had skills that would let him recover from burn. And as his enemies were writhing in pain they realized they had been hit by a burn spell. With Marnac taking care of the ones with his sword, unfazed by the burns that were happening across his body.

The two soon left the place, with Dakia feeling relieved over how it had turned out, for a moment anyway. The two felt the presence of a member approaching them only to be killed by a mysterious swordswoman in the distance. Marnac lost all his composure and made a beeline toward the swordsman only to be knocked it one blow. 

The Priest of Corruption Chapter 41
The Priest of Corruption (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

Release Date & Where to Read

The Priest of Corruption Chapter 41 will come out on January 28, 2024, for the following regions.

  • Pacific Daylight Time [West Coast]: 8:00 AM PDT (January 28, 2024)
  • Central Daylight Time [Central American and Canada]: 10:00 AM CDT (January 28, 2024)
  • Eastern Daylight Time [East Coast]: 11:00 AM EDT (January 28, 2024)
  • Greenwich Mediterranean Time [Britain]: 3:00 PM BST (January 28, 2024)
  • Philippines Standard Time [Philippines]: 11:00 PM PST (January 28, 2024)

It will be available to read on January 29, 2024, for these regions.

  • Korean Standard Time [Korea]: 12:00 AM KST (January 29, 2024)
  • Japanese Standard Time [Korea]: 12:00 AM JST (January 29, 2024)
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time [Australia]: 02:00 AM AEDT (January 29, 2024)
The Priest of Corruption Chapter 41
The Priest of Corruption (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

The Priest of Corruption Chapter 41 will be available to read on Naver Webtoon.


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