The Sand Flower Episode 2: “A New Story Awaits” Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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The Sand Flower is an upcoming South Korean drama series. This much-anticipated drama will soon knock on our screens and give us an entertaining performance throughout. The drama will tell us the life stories of its two main characters, Kim Baek Doo and Oh Yoo Kyung.

The Sand Flower episode 2 will soon be released alongside its initial episode and give us an overview of what to expect from the drama as a whole. The drama will also shed light on its supporting characters, like Cho Seok Hee, Min Hyung Wook, Kwak Jin Soo, Joo Mi Ran, and more.

The Sand Flower is also popularly known as Like Flowers in Sand, and flowers even bloom in the sand and more. The story of a ssireum wrestler and the leader of the management for the ssireum team coming close together and slowly building their own story while trying to save the disbanding of the sport as a whole will be shown in detail within the drama.

As the main lead cast of the show, we have Jang Dong Yoon playing the role of Kim Baek Doo. Lee Joo Myung has been cast for the role of Oh Yoo Kyung. Many other prominent actors and actresses, like Lee Joo Seung, Yoon Jong Seok, Lee Jae Joon, and Kim Bo Ra, have also been cast in major supporting roles.

This upcoming story will soon be released upcoming week post, and we, as viewers, will get to know more details about the plot of the drama. The Sand Flower was directed by Kim Jin Woo, while the screenwriting for the drama was done by Won Yoo Jung. This mystery romance youth drama will soon air its episodes to take its story ahead.

The Sand Flower Episode 2
Still from the drama The Sand Flower (Credits: netflix)

The Sand Flower Plot: 

The Sand Flower episode 2 will soon air to give us a brief overview of its storyline. The story of the drama starts with Kim Baek Doo, who is a renowned player in his region. He is almost on the verge of retirement when he meets his childhood friend, Oh Yoo Kyung.

This meeting up with her later helped him reach a turning point in his life and career. Kim Baek Dook initially started his career with the traditional Korean wrestling sport of ssireum. His career kicked off well, and he was even known as a genius in his field. He starts thinking about retiring from this sport altogether.

What changes will come in his life when he meets Oh Yoo Kyung, and how will her presence change his decisions is something to look out for in the show. Apart from that, Oh Yoo Kyung also accepts the challenge and joins the ssireum team as a leader of management, despite knowing that the team is almost on the verge of retirement.

Oh Yoo Kyung will work full-fledged to stop the disbanding of the team. With characters such as Joo Mi Ran and Kwak Jin Soo, the drama will become more lively and interesting to watch. Releasing soon, the drama will portray new characters with new vigor, so stay tuned.

The Sand Flower Episode 2
A Still from the drama The Sand Flower (Credits: netflix)

The Sand Flower Episode 2 Release Date: 

The Sand Flower episode 2 will be released on 21 December 2023. The drama airs its episodes twice every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The very first episode of the drama would air a day before on its original network at its scheduled time slot of 21:00 KST. While the release timings of the episodes may differ from region to region, a few of them are mentioned below.

  • South Korea- 9:00 PM Korean Standard Time (21 December 2023)
  • Japan- 9:00 PM Japan Standard Time (21 December 2023)
  • India- 5:30 PM Indian Standard Time (21 December 2023)
  • China- 8:00 PM Chinese Standard Time (21 December 2023)
  • UK- 12:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (21 December 2023)
  • Australia- 11:00 PM Australian Standard Time (21 December 2023)

Where to Watch The Sand Flower Episode 2: 

The Sand Flower Episode 2 can be watched on its original network, ENA. Apart from that, the episodes of the drama will also be available on netflix, along with subtitles for its selected regions. With each of its episodes having an estimated runtime of 60 minutes.


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