Theory That Shows How Kakashi Could Get His Sharingan Back

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Even though the popular anime series Naruto Shippuden finished airing years ago, dedicated fans continue to theorize and speculate about the characters and storylines.

One persisting theory that sparks debate suggests Kakashi Hatake, the renowned ninja known for his signature Sharingan eye and extensive arsenal of copycat abilities, has the potential to regain his lost Sharingan.

Kakashi originally received the powerful Sharingan eye as a gift from his dying teammate Obito Uchiha after a tragic combat incident left Obito crushed under rubble. Believing his own death was imminent, Obito selflessly offered Kakashi his intact Sharingan eye as a parting gift.

This eye granted Kakashi extraordinary perceptive and visual prowess, allowing him to copy and replicate the jutsu techniques of other ninjas.

This capacity for mimicry earned him the infamous nickname “Kakashi the Copy Ninja.” However, Kakashi ended up losing this special eye towards the climactic end of the Naruto Shippuden storyline, stripping him of the feared abilities it bestowed.

Naruto Credits Masashi Kishimoto 1 scaled
Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Even after all this time, enthusiastic fans continue cooking up speculative theories about Kakashi somehow regaining his prized Sharingan and restoring his full power levels.

While the possibility likely lives more in the imagination of nostalgic viewers than in any tangible narrative logic, the enduring interest speaks to the profound connection fans still feel to the characters and mystique of the Naruto world.

Theoretical Pathways for Kakashi Hatake to Regain the Sharingan

According to Naruto and Boruto YouTube commentator NCHammer23, there remains a viable pathway for Kakashi Hatake to regain his lost Sharingan eye: obtaining one of the many Sharingan eyes stockpiled in Orochimaru’s secret underground laboratory.

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Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Fans will recall episode 220 of Naruto Shippuden which showed Sasuke recovering after an eye transplant operation using the laboratory’s supply of preserved Uchiha eyes.

In the background, shelves laden with glass jars housing numerous Sharingan specimens are visible. While the exact origins of this eye collection are unclear, logically these confiscated doujutsus likely came from the Uchiha clan massacre.

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Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

So theoretically, Kakashi could travel to this creepy subterranean lab with Sasuke, who has knowledge of and access to its location and undergo a transplant with one of these ready replacement eyes.

This would once again endow Kakashi with the visual prowess and copycat jutsu mastery of the famed Sharingan. It’s an intriguing speculative plotline that some fans cling to in hopes of seeing the formidable ninja restored to his full power and prestige.

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Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Of course, with Naruto Shippuden’s storyline complete, this idea remains more fan fiction instead of canon fact. But it speaks to the strong affinity many viewers still feel for Kakashi’s character arc.

Unanswered Questions and Plot Gaps Surrounding Uchiha’s Hidden Treasures

This eye bank theory opens up intriguing possibilities beyond just Kakashi regaining his Sharingan. Really, the implication is that anyone could potentially travel with Sasuke to this secret Uchiha storehouse and undergo an eye transplant, granting themselves a Sharingan doujutsu.

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Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

So the door is wide open for numerous ninjas to elevate their powers if they so desire.

Considering Sasuke’s unique knowledge of and access to the laboratory’s location and supplies, this notion could help explain some questionable developments fans have witnessed in the Boruto sequel series storyline.

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Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Specifically, after Sasuke lost his Rinnegan eye in battle when Boruto was temporarily possessed, one would think he might consider replacing it with one of the many preserved Sharingan stockpiled in the lab, if only as a temporary measure. Yet any notion of him doing so is conspicuously absent.

Surely someone as cunning and pragmatic as Sasuke would have weighed that possibility, rather than simply accepting the permanent loss of such a valuable weapon.

Naruto Credits Masashi Kishimoto 1 8 1 scaled
Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

The fact that seeking an implant replacement was never even implied feels like a plot hole, or at least an odd blind spot in the canon logic around the handling of the Uchiha eye bank.

It ends up leaving some fans scratching their heads about how and why certain events in the power escalation arc unfold the way they do across the series progression. But it does speak to the endless theorizing and debate Naruto fans still regularly engage in years later.


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