Tigris Hunger Games Before and After: Why Did She Change Her Looks?

Tigris Hunger Games

Let’s talk about Tigris – the standout character in Hunger Games – Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, all thanks to her captivating face. Now, you might wonder, why does Tigris sport a look reminiscent of a tiger?

Surviving in the heart of The Hunger Games Capitol is no walk in the park, and you can feel that through Tigris Snow. She’s a bit iffy about sticking with her cousin, Coriolanus Snow, especially during those early years of the annual event. It’s a tough gig, and Tigris isn’t taking it lightly.

Tigris, cousin to Coriolanus Snow in The Hunger Games, goes through a major overhaul – not just in looks but also in her whole outlook on life. From grappling as a fashion apprentice to evolving into a rebel informant, she’s brought to life by Eugenie Bondurant and Hunter Schafer in the film adaptations. Talk about a character journey!

Tigris Hunger Games Before and After: Why Did She Change Her Looks?
Tigris Hunger Games (Credits: ScorpioLikeYou)

Who is Tigris Snow?

Meet Tigris Snow – she steps onto the scene in “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” as the cousin of the main guy, Coriolanus Snow. They go way back, especially since they both lost their parents in the war. Tigris kind of take on this caretaker role for Coriolanus as they navigate life together with their grandma.

Now, Tigris kicks off her journey with an apprenticeship with a fashion designer. But here’s the thing – before landing this gig, she had to hustle in the world of sex work to keep her family from drowning in poverty and hunger.

Fast forward a few decades, and Tigris pops up again in “Mockingjay.” This time, she’s deep into the rebel scene, working as an informant and spy. Oh, and she’s not exactly on speaking terms with Coriolanus Snow anymore. Life’s a wild ride, huh?

Tigris Hunger Games Before and After: Why the Tiger Look?

No doubt, the Capitol’s all about appearances and keeping everyone looking forever young. Even the brutal Hunger Games got twisted into this bizarre form of entertainment, like a soap opera but for the survival game in the lower districts.

Now, the thing about Tigris looking like a tiger is a whole new twist for a character as key as Tigris Snow.

So, Tigris Snow, fittingly named, is the older cousin of Coriolanus Snow. She’s got the inside scoop on how her relative pulls the strings behind the games.

Turns out, she wasn’t thrilled with how her cousin treated the district winners, especially when she found out Coriolanus rigged things for Lucy Gray Baird from District 12 to win.

The Capitol is hiding some harsh truths, and Tigris, having seen the grim reality behind the scenes, tries to focus on being the stylist for the tributes.

But the more she had to mask her mixed feelings about the messed-up situation, the more her face transformed, almost like that of a tiger. It’s wild how the Capitol’s dark secrets can leave their mark, even on someone as central as Tigris.

Who Plays Tigris Snow Role in The Hunger Games’ prequel?

Guess who rocked the role of Tigris Snow in Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes? It’s none other than the Euphoria sensation, Hunter Schafer.

Now, this prequel, set a whopping six decades before the OG Hunger Games, let Schafer bring the younger Tigris Snow to life. And oh boy, did she tell Entertainment Weekly about it:

“Aesthetically, we wanted it to be a pretty big departure to insinuate how much has happened in between this movie and Mockingjay Tigris. I remember seeing Tigris in Mockingjay 2 and being taken aback by her. She’s so striking. It was fun to reinvent her – or uninvent her – and create the younger version of her that’s still in survival mode with [Coriolanus]. We had creative liberty.”

Fast forward to Mockingjay, and Tigris is fiercer, almost rocking a full-fledged tiger vibe. Why? Well, her cousin kicked her out as the stylist of the tributes, giving her even more ‘creative liberty’ outside the Capitol. Talk about a character evolution!

What Do You Think Happened Between Snow and Tigris?

Well, our guess is that it was a gradual thing. As he rose up the ranks, and became president, and it was made more and more obvious how willing he was to not only abuse the districts but kill his way to the top, it probably caused a great deal of friction between them.

What Do You Think Happened Between Snow and Tigris?
Hunger Games 5, Tigris Snow (Credits: Quasi Organizzata)

Then when he had her fired for “not being pretty enough” (and quite possibly due to her increasing animosity towards him), it caused her to turn her back on him completely, as she realized that even family meant nothing to him anymore.

It’s also very likely that he did a lot more than just fire her. She might’ve threatened to go public with his dark secrets or something unless he stopped and he blacklisted her from Capitol Society as punishment.

But Why Did Tigris Change Her Looks?

Ah, the mystery of Tigris and her tiger transformation – it’s got folks buzzing with theories. While we’re not handed the exact reason on a silver platter, the rumor mill’s churning.

Some say it’s all Snow’s doing, that he played a hand in Tigris going full tiger. On the flip side, there’s a crew who thinks Tigris took matters into her own hands, choosing the tiger look as a way to handle the chaos around her.

Then there’s this wild idea that maybe Tigris just wanted to rock the tiger vibes, you know, matching her name and all. Maybe she wanted to stand out, not blend into the typical Capitol look.

So, spill the beans – what’s your take on Tigris’s tiger makeover?


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