Tiny Harris Before and After Plastic Surgery

Tiny Harris Before and After

Tameka Harris, aka Tiny, from T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, has been through some major transformations since her early days in the spotlight.

Back in the ’90s with the group Xscape, she made a mark with her songwriting and singing skills. Then, after tying the knot with T.I. in 2010, she stepped into the reality star arena with their hit VH1 show.

But, you know how it goes – with fame, sometimes looks take a little detour. Tiny’s been open about the tweaks she’s made, defending her choices.

She spilled the beans on her evolving curves, especially her booty, in a chat with Wendy Williams back in March 2014. It’s all about owning your glow-up, right?

Tiny Harris Before and After
Tiny Harris (Credits: @majorgirl/Instagram)

Tiny Harris Before and After: Perfect Look in the Glam World

Tiny Harris might be small, but her career is huge, okay? She’s got Grammy Awards, showing off her writing skills – not everyone can bag those, you know. But in the entertainment biz, it ain’t just about talent. Looks matter, too.

So, Tiny’s gone for a bit of plastic surgery to improve her beauty game. It’s like a shortcut to the kind of stunning she’s aiming for. Tiny’s doing her thing, chasing that perfect look in the glam world.

Did Tiny Harris Have Plastic Surgery?

Did Tiny Harris go under the knife? Well, Tiny was already a stunner, catching the eye of rapper T.I., who went ahead and put a ring on it. With marriage came more chances to shine in the entertainment world, but you know how it is – success brings its own set of pressures.

So, Tiny decided to tweak a few things with plastic surgery to keep up that flawless appearance. The glam game is no joke, and Tiny’s playing it her way.

Tiny Harris Breast Surgery

Tiny Harris didn’t shy away from spilling the tea on her breast surgery. Now, it’s not like she needed it – she already had a set of sizable assets. But you know how it goes after childbirth.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can actually take a toll on the girls, leaving them a bit saggy. So, Tiny decided to go for it and fix things up. When she hit up Wendi Williams’ show, the plastic surgery rumors flew around, and Tiny didn’t hold back.

She was straight-up admitted to getting breast surgery, not for a major upgrade, just a little tune-up to bring them back to their original glory. Moms, they know how to bounce back!

Tiny Harris Buttock Surgery

Tiny Harris spilled the beans on her buttock surgery, too. Now, this kind of surgery is like a unicorn – rare and with high risks. We all know how crucial our behinds are for holding us up when we sit or lie down.

So, messing with it comes with some serious danger. Lucky for Tiny, she already had a pretty plump derriere, so she didn’t need a full-on overhaul.

Still, when she was on the same show with Wendi Williams, she straight-up owned it and admitted to getting a bit of buttock surgery, all in the name of beauty. But hey, with what she started with, it was just a touch-up, keeping things modest.

Tiny Harris Nose Job

Tiny Harris tackled the nose job rumors head-on. Now, looking at her nose, it’s pretty much the same – no major changes. Her nose has always been on the larger side with a pointy tip, and guess what? It’s still rocking the same vibe.

Tiny Harris Nose Job
Ms. Tiny Harris (Credits: @majorgirl/Instagram)

Tiny herself shut down the noise, making it clear that the whole nose job thing is just gossip. She proudly declared that her nose was all-natural and hadn’t seen the surgeon’s touch. So, there are no tweaks on the nose, just Tiny being true to herself.

It’s Illegal in the USA

Tiny Harris’ venture into eye color surgery stirred up quite a controversy. Her surgeon mentioned that this procedure is technically illegal in the US but could be safe if the patient strictly follows recovery instructions – about three months in total.

However, the procedure may come with potential risks, including Cataracts and glaucoma, as pointed out by US doctors. The public had mixed feelings about Harris’ decision, with some expressing dissatisfaction about the change.

Tiny responded by asserting her right to do whatever she wanted with her body, emphasizing that it was her personal choice.

Despite the ongoing debates, T.I., part of the Hustle family, stepped in, stating that as long as Tameka and their children are in good health, he’s content. The question remains: do you prefer Tiny Harris before or after the plastic surgery?


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