Tom Felton Partner In 2023: The Flash Actor’s Love Interest

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Want to know who Tom Felton is dating in 2023? The Flash actor is making headlines as he shared his pissed opinion on the new Barbie film. As we all know, Ryan Gosling played the role of Ken. Tom poked fun at physical similarities between Ryan’s role and his role in Harry Potter. Keeping this aside, fans are showing their curiosity about who Tom Felton is romantically related to. Who do you think is the lucky woman? 

Starting from the basics, Tom Felton is a versatile actor known majorly for portraying Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film franchise. Hailing from Surrey, he is now 35 years old. Some of Tom’s notable acting credits are- Braking for Whales, The Forgotten Battle, Save the Cinema, Murder in the First Season 1, Origin, etc. 

Tom Felton also starred in the music video of James Arthur’s song- Empty Space. It was out in 2018. Besides his acting career, Tom is very much into music. Some of his musical works are- Time Isn’t Healing, Hawaii, Time Well Spent, All I Need, etc. You must listen to these mentioned works. 

Coming back to Tom Felton’s love life, the actor was previously romantically involved with Jade Olivia Gordon. The stunt assistant also shared the screen with him in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2. Their relationship lasted for several years until 2016. 

Several years have passed since Tom Felton’s romance with Jade ended. Knowing this, fans are wondering if he has fallen in love. What’s your say? Here is what we know about who Tom Felton is dating in 2023. 

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Tom Felton Dating In 2023: Who Is She?

Talking about his love interest, Tom Felton is possibly dating Roxanne Danya in 2023. What’s her identity? Well, Tom’s rumors girlfriend, Roxanne, is a professional jewelry designer. The duo met each other for the very first time back in 2018. At that time, Tom Felton was busy shooting for the film, Origin in Capetown, South Africa.

Who Is Tom Felton Dating In 2023?
Tom Felton (Credit: ELLE)

Not to forget to mention, they often make public appearances which makes the fans speculate more. But neither Tom Felton nor Roxanne Danya has confirmed their romance. It is also possible that they are good friends. We aren’t much sure if something is cooking between them. On the other hand, one must note that Tom Felton is reported to be dating the designer for the last two years. 

Last year, Tom Felton also got spotted while he took out his dog, Willow, for a walk with his rumored girlfriend. Yes, we mean Roxanne Danya, and they were spotted in London. 

Even if Tom Felton and Roxanne Danya dated some time, we aren’t sure if they are still together. Right after his split from Jade, the Harry Potter actor has become very much secretive about his personal life. Concerning his relationship with Roxanne, he never made it official. Therefore, it’s not known if they are still an item. Considering Tom Felton’s single in 2023 is also quite confusing. 

Who Is Tom Felton Dating In 2023?
Tom Felton and Emma Watson (Credit: Teen Vogue)

Talking more about Tom Felton’s love life, not everyone knows that the actor even sparked dating rumors with Emma Watson. She was his co-star in Harry Potter. However, that was even before he romantically got linked to Jade. It was reported that Emma Watson had a crush on him. Guess what? They denied the rumors of their romance. Moreover, Tom Felton shared that Emma was more like his “younger sister”, and therefore he was very protective of her. Emma and Tom are still in touch and are believed to be good friends. 

Tom Felton’s relationship status in 2023 is quite confusing. That’s mainly because The Flash actor stays tight-lipped about it, always. What do you think about his affair with Roxanne? Best Wishes. Make sure to follow Tom Felton on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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