Top 10 Most Underrated Marvel Villains That No One Knows About

Underrated Marvel Villains Hobgoblin

Underrated Marvel Villains
Underrated Marvel Villains – Hobgoblin

There are a variety of intriguing and interesting villains and super-villains in the Marvel universe. We’ve already seen legendary Marvel villains like the Red Skull, Ultron, Thanos, and plenty of others throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, now that the MCU has opened the door to the multiverse, the MCU is now about to see more and more Marvel villains. While some Marvel villains have starred in films or appeared in cartoons or video games, others have yet to be adapted into any form.

When most people think of Marvel villains, they usually think of someone from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, such as Venom, Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, or they talk about Loki, mostly because the MCU movies have made him so popular. In the eyes of the common public, he has easily become one of the most popular anti-villain in the MCU. Of course, there are other villains in the Marvel universe that deserves just as much – if not more – respect and attention.

Unfortunately, many of these villains are often demoted to the bottom ranks of a hero’s rogue’s gallery, and they aren’t given the respect they deserve. Many of them have the potential to be great, but they are often used as a backup to more well-known villains or as expendable pawns in large groups such as the Masters of Evil. Some of these villains have the potential to be some of the best on-screen bad guys we’ve seen before if they’re utilized to their full capacity.

So Here’s Top 10 Most Underrated Marvel Villains

10. The Fury

Alan Moore’s work on Captain Britain is renowned for entirely destroying the superhero. It also featured The Fury, a scary mechanical murderer. On the earth of Captain Britain’s parallel universe of counterpart Captain UK, the Fury was born. It was created by the supervillain Mad Jim Jaspers with the intention of killing all superheroes, which it did. Captain UK was the lone survivor, and he escaped to Captain Britain’s Earth for assistance. Brian and his buddy Jackdaw then traveled through time and space to eliminate the menace once and for all. Jackdaw was cut in half almost instantly, while Cap was burnt by an energy burst.

Underrated Marvel Villains
Underrated Marvel Villains – The Fury

Brian, on the other hand, was resurrected and returned to his home dimension. The Fury realized that its enemy had resurrected and followed him. The Fury murdered several more of Brian’s allies, as well as the Marvel Universe’s version of its creator after it landed there. It was finally destroyed by Captain Britain and Captain UK’s collective strength, which damaged it beyond repair. Since then, The Fury has made several appearances, including having a child in the chapters of Secret Avengers. However, it hasn’t quite managed to stay alive up to its world-ending promise.

9. The Hood

The Hood is a pretty rare character in comic books: a wholly new character that has managed to hang around over time. Parker Robbins was a petty criminal who murdered a demon and stole the demon’s magical cloak and boots. He could stay invisible as long as he stopped his breath in the cloak, and he could walk on air in the boots. The Hood began by utilizing his abilities to commit robberies in order to help his sick mother and pregnant wife. However, as his magical powers grew, he focused his attention higher. While the Marvel heroes were caught up in the first Civil War, he formed his own personal gang of supervillains and began attempting to become the world’s biggest crime lord.

Underrated Marvel Villains
Underrated Marvel Villains – The Hood

The Hood’s popularity comes from the fact that he’s practically Marvel’s Vito Corleone. He’s someone who began on a dark path with noble ideals but evolved into a power-hungry egomaniac over time. Parker’s fall from grace was triggered when he lost his powers, reducing him to a minor criminal. He tried and failed to make a return in the chapters of Illuminati, but it would be fantastic to watch the Hood rise up the ranks once more.

8. Typhoid Mary

While the best baddies in Daredevil are Kingpin and Bullseye, Typhoid Mary is sometimes neglected. Mary Walker has three different personas due to severe dissociative identity disorder. Mary is peaceful and shy, Typhoid is lustful and violent, and Bloody Mary is ruthless and cruel. She is a mutant having telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers, as well as a well-trained martial artist, such as Typhoid and Bloody Mary. She frequently uses her assassination skills for the Kingpin. Daredevil and Typhoid Mary have quite a complicated connection. She was hired to kill him on her first appearance. However, she began dating him under the identity of Mary.

Typhoid Mary
Underrated Marvel Villains – Typhoid Mary

Unfortunately, her more vicious personality won, and she was forced to lead a mercenary team against Matt. In recent years, their love story has moved further towards hatred. Mary found that it was Matt who was responsible for her becoming Typhoid Mary. Daredevil followed a criminal into the hotel where Mary worked at the beginning of her career. He went after the offender but was surprised when the girls there interfered. Mary was pushed out of a window in the ensuing chaos. Her psyche snapped as a result of the trauma, then she became Typhoid Mary.

7. Whirlwind

Apart from Ultron, Hank Pym’s enemies aren’t exactly the best. Whirlwind, on the other hand, has potential. Whirlwind didn’t get off to a good start. He was known as the Human Top in his first appearance, and he used his mutant ability to spin tornadoes around and nothing much. He’s become a bit more of a menace since becoming Whirlwind, but he still mostly uses his talents to fly or toss himself at enemies. The capacity to produce hurricanes and vortexes has shown to be a dangerous skill in the hands of heroes like the Flash, and Whirlwind has the capability to be a genuine danger if used properly.

Underrated Marvel Villains – Whirlwind

Unfortunately, he mostly appears as part of a bigger group of criminals in the background. Whirlwind’s close interaction to Hank Pym also offers him the potential to be a significant member of Ant-Man’s rogues gallery. David was a diamond thief at first, but he eventually pretended to be Janet Van Dyne’s driver. He intended to rob her, but he fell madly in love with her instead. Whirlwind grew dangerously consumed with the Wasp after she discovered his identity and fired him. It’s a dynamic that turned him into a compelling opponent for the duo.

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6. The Spot

The Spot is yet another villain who is hardly used to his full potential, as he is frequently used as a comedic figure. Doctor Jonathan Ohnn was a physicist who built a portal to another world. When he entered the portal, he was surprised by a planet full of similar spherical black holes. After that, the portals latched to him, turning him into the Spot.

The Spot
Underrated Marvel Villains – The Spot

Spot possesses the ability to construct portals by which he can travel through “Spotworld.” While he is frequently depicted as an idiot, his strength makes him extremely deadly. He can attack from whatever direction he wants, and he doesn’t even have to be close to his target to do so. His favorite tactic is to surround his opponents with portals and hit them with kicks and punches. It’s a move that not even Spider-Man’s spidey sense can stop.

Amazing Spider-Man #589 is an example of how great Spot can be. Spot returned from Spotworld to discover that his son had already been accidentally hospitalized by a drive-by shooting. He then charged a savage revenge against the Russian Mafia, emerging out of nowhere and snapping thugs’ necks. When Spidey tried to block him, he utilized his body’s portals to redirect the wall crawler’s fist back into his own face.

5. Batroc

There isn’t a single villain on this list who is more deserving of his poor reputation than Batroc the Leaper. Batroc is often thought of as a joke because of his goofy name, mustache, and certain writers terribly overdoing his accent to the point where he sounds like zis. He is, nonetheless, one of the most dangerous warriors in the Marvel Universe. Georges Batroc is a specialist of submission wrestling, a French type of kickboxing. Despite his lack of abilities, he is skilled enough to compete with superpowered characters such as Captain America and Spider-Man.

Underrated Marvel Villains
Underrated Marvel Villains – Batroc

He was regarded as a deadly and well-respected assassin when he first debuted in Tales of Suspense #75. Batroc is especially interesting because he has a strong sense of honor, which often leads him to pair up with a hero he was ordered to murder if he believes his employers have acted wrongfully. Unlike the rest of the characters on this list, Batroc was able to make his big-screen debut. His debut and struggle against Captain America at the outset of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was among the highlights of an already fantastic MCU film.

4. Super-Skrull

The Skrulls are among the Fantastic Four’s most intense and long-standing opponents. The Super-Skrull is the most powerful of them all. After the Fantastic Four repelled the Skrulls’ initial invasion of Earth, the Skrull King decided to create a super-soldier to seek vengeance on his new foes. Kl’rt, a Skrull warrior, was chosen for the transformation and became the Super-Skrull. Super-Skrull not only possesses the Fantastic Four’s combined abilities, but he is also superior to them. He’s more powerful than the Thing, more flexible than Mister Fantastic, has better invisibility and telekinesis control than the Invisible Woman, and can set things on fire faster than the Human Torch.

Underrated Marvel Villains
Underrated Marvel Villains – Super-Skrull

Super-Skrull was so powerful in their first battle that the Fantastic Four had no option but to retreat. They were eventually able to defeat him when they discovered a means to strip him of his abilities. He fought the F4 again, and by placing a bomb on him, he managed to kill Johnny and Sue’s father. Since then, he’s fought plenty of other superheroes, like Thor and the Avengers. He hasn’t been utilized as often in recent years, and he’s even gotten more heroic, frequently posing as a representation of the entire Skrull empire.

3. Taskmaster

Taskmaster was completely wasted in the Black Widow movie. Taskmaster, one of the world’s best mercenaries, has the capacity to pick up and imitate any fighting technique he encounters. Taskmaster is among the few villains who doesn’t have a personal beef against a specific hero (though he does have a friendly competition with Deadpool) and will gladly accept any task that pays well.

Underrated Marvel Villains
Underrated Marvel Villains – Taskmaster

Taskmaster’s main purpose is to create the next generation of thugs at his academy while he does the jobs himself. He’s trained villains like Spymaster and Crossbones as well as heroes like US Agent and Spider-Woman, and he’s had a lot of success. He is aware, however, that many of his pupils are doomed to a life as a low-level thug, and therefore poisons their food with intelligence-lowering medicines.

Taskmaster’s origin remained a mystery for a long time. Even Taskmaster himself didn’t know, according to his own comic miniseries. Tony Masters, a SHIELD agent, took an untested serum that increased his brain’s learning potential, which led to his tragic past. Unfortunately, his improved muscle memory came at the expense of his explicit memory, and he is no longer able to recall critical things from his past. Although Taskmaster has never made it to the major leagues of villains, he has remained a fan favorite among comic book readers.

2. The Superior Spider-Man

This is one of Spider-most Man’s underappreciated comic arcs since it saw Doc Ock take over Peter’s body and transform into Spider-Man. Fans were angered by the transformation and refused to acknowledge the Superior Spider-Man, but they neglects the fact that he was designed to be a villain.

The Superior Spider-Man
Underrated Marvel Villains – The Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man misused Peter’s body to kill numerous people who would never have been killed by Spider-Man himself, as well as removing Peter’s conscience from his memory while laughing at his death. This was the most well-developed supervillain storyline in the Spider-Man franchise. It’s a shame it’s overlooked because fans want the Amazing Spider-Man back, but the Superior Spider-Man’s actions demonstrated what an evil Spider-Man would look like.

1. Hobgoblin

The Green Goblin is SpiderMan’s archenemy. However, the persona had been dead for a long time, and someone needed to step in to fill the gap. During the 1980s, Spider-Man writer Roger Stern was under a great deal of pressure to have him confront the Green Goblin once more. He opted to create a new character rather than bringing Norman Osborn back or having another individual take over the mantle. An Unknown man discovered Green Goblin equipment at another one of Norman Osborn’s former hideouts.

Underrated Marvel Villains
Underrated Marvel Villains – Hobgoblin

He was able to expand on Osborn’s engineering and power-granting potion (removing the bad mental health effects) and become the Hobgoblin. For years, Hobgoblin’s most remarkable feature was the confusion surrounding his identity. It took years, with many twists and false reveals, but he was eventually identified as shady businessman Roderick Kingsley.

The fact that Hobgoblin is such a successful villain is what makes him so cool. Sure, the Green Goblin has a lot of fame and renown, but he’s also continually getting attacked by Spider-Man or stabbed on his own glider. For years, Hobgoblin ruled a criminal empire without anyone even knowing his name. He escaped with millions of cash and retired with his own private island until he was ultimately discovered. He’s returned to crime more lately and now has a successful trade renting out costumed identities to wannabe crooks.

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