Top 50 K-drama Actors of All Time

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With the K-wave taking over the whole globe, the number of people who consume K-dramas and K-pop is increasing by the day. Typically, the most famous actors in Korea are the ones who fit the country’s categories, but due to the globalization of industries, people seem to favor talent over looks. We also see K-pop idols venture into the K-drama industry, and more often than not, most of them are quite good at what they do, gaining a wider fan base with newly found exposure.

It is an undeniable fact that since the past couple of years, the consumption of K-media has only been increasing at a rapid pace, and with the excellent works coming out from the country, it will most probably continue to do so in the future with the actors even venturing into Hollywood for big roles.

Though multiple actors are well-known for not just their main roles but also their supporting roles, some do stand out, winning millions of hearts around the world with their talent and skills to perfect their craft and make themselves even better with every project.

These actors are well deserved for the praise and fame they get and never fail to meet the audience’s expectations, even going beyond them at times. From the most popular to some underrated actors, here is a list of the best K-drama male leads in the present industry.

1. Park Seo-Joon

From Fight my way to Itaewon Class, Park Seo Joon has never failed to make his fans swoon over him. Known as one of the most famous actors, this celebrity is known to many people, irrespective of whether they watch K-dramas. He also surprised the viewers by appearing in Bong Joonho’s Parasite.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim K-drama
Playing the narcissistic CEO in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Credits: Viu)

His versatility in various roles never fails to amaze the audience, even bagging him a role in an upcoming Marvel film – The Marvels, in which he plays the role of Prince Yan. Through this film, he will be making his debut in Hollywood, and his fans are proud and excited about this upcoming project. 

2. Song Joong Ki

Debuting in 2008, Vincenzo Corn Salad rose to fame with Sunkyunkwan Scandal. His next projects, like A Werewolf Boy, descendants of the Sun, Space Sweepers, and Vincenzo, also did quite well, being on the list of must-watch Korean Dramas of all time. Listed in Forbes as Korea’s power celebrity, this actor ventured into various genres and disappointed his fans in none of them.

actor Song Joon Gi in Vincenzo K-drama
The mysterious stranger from Vincenzo (Credits: netflix)

Along with the skills, he also has charms, making everyone fall in love with him easily. Be ready to catch his charms in his upcoming film; My Name is Loh Kiwan which is set to release in the early months of 2024. It is a long wait, but watching Song Joong Ki play the role of a North Korean defector is worth it.

3. Ji Chang Wook

Achieving immense success and popularity through his drama, Empress Ki, Ji Chang Wook is another heart-throb that fans die over. He only became more famous from then, playing the main lead in famous K-dramas of a variety of genres, such as  Suspicious Partner, Backstreet Rookie, and The Sound of Magic.

Ji chang wook playing the male lead in Suspicious partner
Private Attorney Ji Chang Wook from Suspicious Partner (Credits: netflix)

Bagging several awards for the ‘Best Actor Category’, Ji Chang Wook always did his best never to disappoint his fans, pulling them into a spell of magic and fascination through the screen and making them quite excited for his next project- Welcome to Samdalri.

4. Lee Jong Suk

Beginning his career as the youngest male model in 2005, this actor made his way into films through his debut film, Prosecutor Princess, and rose to popularity with Secret Garden. Doctor Stranger, W, While you were Sleeping, and I can hear your voice are some of his finest works, in which we can see why he’s gotten so much fame with just his second drama.

Lee Jong suk in the kdrama, W: two worlds
The fictional K-drama tsundere boyfriend Lee Jong Suk (Credits: MBC)

Bagging numerous awards in various categories, this actor is known not only for his looks but also for his professionalism and skills. Ranked as one of the top Korean actors, Lee Jong Suk never disappoints the audience, always making sure to keep everyone hooked on the drama with his amazing acting.

5. Choi Woo Shik

This Parasite actor is known as one of the best actors in the whole country due to his incredible acting skills, which make the audience feel the same emotions he feels. Easily portraying extremes such as innocence and a cunning personality, Choi Woo Shik is truly versatile and lives up to everyone’s expectations, even going beyond them.

Choi Woo Shik in the lead of role of Our Beloved Summer
The typical K-drama boyfriend- Choi Woo Shik (Credits: netflix)

Starring in a variety of famous films such as Okja, Train to Busan, Fight for my way, and My Beloved Summer, he has done works in various genres, from rom-coms to thrillers and even horror-zombie works. His films are a must-watch for their story as well as their amazing execution. 

6. Park Hyung Sik

Starting his career in a K-pop idol group, ZE: A, this drama actor made it to the dramas with his first drama, I Remember You, though he gained more popularity with The Heirs- the drama which is loved by many even today. Following this, he was cast in Hwarang, Strong Women- Do Bong Soon, Suits, and Our Blooming Youth, through which he showcased his tremendous acting skills.

Park Hyung Shik playing the male lead in Strong Woman: Do Bong Soon
The rich CEO that needs a woman to protect him (Credits: netflix)

Not just acting but because of his previous experience with being an idol, our min has even sung the OSTs for his dramas like Strong Woman- Do Bong Soon. From making us smile with his silliness to making us cry in the dramas, Park Hyung Sik has always impressed both fans and the general audience because of his versatile skills.

7. Nam Joo Hyuk

Be it Weightlifting Fairy, in which we see him play a soft typical K-drama boyfriend, or in Twenty-four Twenty-one, in which we see him as a mature adult, Nam Joo Hyuk knows how to steal the hearts of not only the female leads but also the audience, making everyone dream of a boyfriend like him.

Nam Joo Hyuk in the main role in twenty five tenty one
The friendly neighborhood crush that will make you swoon (Credits: netflix)

Not only in looks but also in his acting skills, he is one of the best. He has the perfect combination of cuteness and professionalism, shining in every role he does. If you have fallen into the trap, you just can’t stop yourself from watching more of him and his charms.

8. Lee Joongi

Wooing the millennials with ‘My Girl and Gen Z with Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, this K-drama actor proves that the real stars never lose their shine. No matter which era or which drama, his acting and charms captivate the audience and get them hooked to the drama. Having a versatile and wonderful actor like Lee Joongi is surely beneficial for any drama.

Lee Joon Gi playing the role of Wang So in Moon Lovers
The feared fourth price, Wang So (Credits: iflix)

This actor has a vast number of award show wins and nominations and is a competition to actors back in 2003 as well as in 2023. The time he spent in the industry shows the amount of dedication and skill he has, which he uses to captivate his audience.

9. Park Bogum

This doe-eyed actor, along with his contagious smile, will make anyone’s heart soft and warm. But do not let this fool you, as he can also play a villain’s role with perfection. From playing a psychopath lawyer in Hello Monster to a cute teenage genius in Reply 1998, Park Bogum manages to steal hearts like they were Halloween candy.

Park Bogum playing the lead role in Encounter
The considerate male lead that will make you fall head over heels for him (Credits: netflix)

We can stop ourselves from swooning over him, not just in the boyfriend roles but also in the psychotic and cunning roles. Featuring Korea’s power Celebrity in Forbes and as Actor of the Year in Gallup Korea, he has always managed to prove that his acting skills are at par with his looks.

10. Gong Yoo

This Train to Busan actor had his breakthrough with Coffe Prince in 2007. Though his career started in 2001, he is still well known among K-drama fans these days because of his famous roles in Goblin, Train to Busan, The Silent Sea, and Squid Game. His mind-blowing portrayal of his characters in the movies Silenced and Train to Busan earned him even more fame, making him one of the most demanded actors in the industry.

Gong Yoo playing the role of a goblin in the drama, Goblin
The lonely god that you wish you could summon by blowing out a candle (Credits: netflix)

He was back with his rom-com boyfriend look with Goblin, now stealing the hearts of young girls who wished they were the main leads. His expertise and skill are something we can always count on.

11. Lee Dong Wook

Working beside Gong Yoo in Goblin, Lee Dong Wook was also responsible for stealing millions of hearts. The drama even helped his career as an actor pick up again. Though their bromance was tremendous, so was their rivalry.

Lee Dong Wook playing the lead role in The tale of the nine-tailed
The sly but caring Gumiho, Lee Dong Wook (Credits: netflix)

From teasing his young teenage fans and being sassy during his life, Lee Dong Wook also amazes them through his acting and intellect, which even earned him several awards and nominations. His roles in Tale of the Nine-tailed and Bad and Crazy also stood out and enabled him to showcase his skills as a lead actor.

12. Cha Eunwoo

This K-pop idol from Astro, who is known to have a perfect face, is also known to act as well as steal the audience’s hearts. From his sharp and soft features to his demeanor that he can change as per the demand of the role is something that is very appreciated by many.

Cha Eun Woo, performing as a k-pop idol
Cha Eun Woo from Astro (Credits: Music Bank)

Though he received backlash for supposedly having no acting skills and only being famous because of his looks, he seemed to prove that all wrong in his latest drama, Island. His popular shows include My ID is Gangnam Beauty, True Beauty, and Sweet Revenge.

13. Lee Minho

This Boys Over Flowers actor managed to gain fans not just in Korea but all around the world with the said drama. Dubbed in various languages and starting a craze about K-dramas in various countries, Boys Over Flowers is the first drama for a lot of people, creating a Korean wave and making him a Hallyu star.

Lee Minho playing the role of a King from the other universe in The King: Eternal Monarch
King Lee Gon from the Corea Dynasty (Credits: netflix)

And their first crush was Lee Minho. Carrying his chic, arrogant, and unbothered rich brat facade throughout the whole series, he became famous for it. His other famous dramas include The Heirs, The Legend of the Blue Sea, and The King: Eternal Monarch.

14. Hyun Bin

Crash Landing on You and Secret Garden are dramas that are found on everyone’s favorite list, and in the same way, Hyun Bin is a star that is found in everyone’s heart. If not now, there probably was a time that every K-drama fan fell for this actor and binge-watched all of his dramas and movies.

Hyun Bin playing the lead role in the drama Crash Landing on You
Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok from Crash Landing on you (Credits: netflix)

His acting skills keep us hooked throughout the entire show and make us relate to the female lead, who can’t resist his charms. He is a true professional that can pull off any role or accent with perfection, leaving the audience in awe at his acting.

15. Kim Soo Hyun

Starting as a supporting character getting his drama and rising to fame through Dream High, Kim Soo Hyun showed us what it means to rise and climb up to a position where a whole country recognizes you. He showed the process of learning and failing and retrying, which eventually gave way to success.

Kim Soo Hyun playing the male lead in the netflix drama, Its okay not to be okay
The cold caretaker, Moon Gang Tae from Its okay not to be okay (Credits: netflix)

Because of everything he learned and mastered, even after his military enlistment, he was able to come back with wonderful dramas such as My Love from the Star, and It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

16. Jung Hae In

The fantasy romance series, While you were sleeping is a K-drama that is recommended to many K-drama newbies. Along with the storyline, the acting also is one of the reasons why. Jung Hae In shined in his role in this drama, gaining popularity and a huge fan base through it.

Jung Hae In, playing the main role in the drama, Snow Drop
A North Korean Agent that shouldn’t fall in love with the female lead but does (Credits: netflix)

His acting left so many amazed at this newfound talent that they hardly came across before. His next shows, Prison’s Playbook, Snowdrop (in which his co-star was Jisoo from Blackpink and was one of the most awaited K-dramas), and Connect only seemed to cast him in a variety of roles, showcasing his versatility in acting and leaving everyone amazed at his skill.

17. Yoo Ah In

Most people would remember Yoo Ah In as the buzz-cut guy from the zombie movie #alive, in which he did a fabulous job of portraying the character of a gamer through a zombie apocalypse. He is one of the politically charged people from his generation and is a feminist.

Yoo Ah In playing the role of a racer in Seoul Vibe
The fearless and money-hungry racer from Snow Drop (Credits: netflix)

Also scouted as a K-pop singer, he is well-known for his role in Hellbound. His recent movie, Seoul Vibe, showcases him in a different character than what he plays usual. This proves that he can venture into various genres and do well in them. He has also bagged various awards and nominations throughout his career and continues to do so.

18. Lee Sung Gi

This Hallyu star also made it to the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity List and is one of the highest-paid actors in Korea. Initially started as a pop idol, he ventured into K-dramas with the weekend drama, Brilliant Legacy. Though his famous works include, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, The Korean Odessy, Vagabond, and Mouse.

Lee Sung Gi playing the male lead in the drama, Mouse
The cop who is also a suspect- Mouse (Credits: netflix)

He has played a variety of characters from rom-com to the hot rich boyfriend as well as a psychopath in the series Mouse. His acting is a treat to any movie or series fanatics and not just to people who watch K-dramas. He is an actor who can be explored more if given more roles in various other fields too. 

19. Ji Sung

Starting even before the onset of the 21st century, this experienced actor portrays the role perfectly, making us believe that he is that character. His acting is so good that we sometimes forget that it is a fictional role that he is playing.

Ji sung playing the male lead in the drama in Kill Me, Heal ME
Ji Sung plays the dreamy K-drama boyfriend (Credits: netflix)

Blood Rain, All In, Save the Last Dance for Me, and The Devil Judge captures him in his best works along with Kill Me, Heal Me, which is a must-watch drama for any K-drama fan. Ji Sung is an actor who will make you fall in love with the story and the skill, even inspiring you with his dedication to his craft.

20. Kim Woo Bin

Best known for his role in the K-drama, Heirs, Kim Woo Bin is yet another heartthrob who is also skilled at what it does. He and Lee Jong Suk have known each other since their modeling days and are quite close. The Con Artists, School 2013, and The Heirs are some of his best works, in which he showcases his talent of captivating the viewers with his acting.

Kim Won Bin playing the main role in Black Knight
Kim Won Bin being, 5-8, the scary delivery man in Black Knight (Credits: netflix)

Known for being quite a heartthrob, he also has handsome looks, stealing the audience’s heart without their knowledge, especially when he played an arrogant, cold-hearted character in The Heirs.

21. Kang Tae Oh

Making everyone swoon over his soft K-drama boyfriend role in his latest drama, Extraordinary Attorney: Woo Young Woo, Kag Tae Oh raised the viewer’s standards of a boyfriend. He is also a singer, rising to fame due to the same drama and receiving The Best Couple Award along with his co-star.

Kang Tae Oh starring in the lead role of the drama, Extraordinary Attorney: Woo Young Woo
Kang Tae Oh plays the typical caring and adorable boyfriend in Extraordinary Attorney: Woo Young Woo (Credits: netflix)

He made everyone fall for him with his charms, making us look forward to his next project with a lot of hope. Though he only has a few famous dramas, this actor is quite skilled at what he does, even leaving a few in awe as to how someone can be so perfect.

22. Woo Do Hwan

Woo, Do Hwan is well known for his roles in dramas like Save Me, Tempted, and The King: Eternal Monarch. Mostly playing the cold but secretly caring lover role, this actor still makes everyone fall for him within just a few seconds of appearing on the screen.

Woo Do Hwan playing the supporting role in The King: Eternal Monarch
Playing the dual role of a responsible bodyguard and a fun friend in two different universes in The King: Eternal Monarch (Credits: netflix)

Though he sometimes gets left behind as the second male lead, who we wish the female lead had selected, he still manages to shine in the show. He is currently starring in the ongoing series Joseon Attorney, showing his versatility in different roles and making the fans swoon over him.

23. Ok Taecyeon

This famous K-pop boy band member already had millions of fans before he could even begin his acting career. Rising to fame as the main rapper of 2 PM, one of the leading groups of the 2nd generation, he also proved that he was quite skilled in acting.

Ok Taecyeon, a former K-pop idol stars as the antagonist in Vincenzo
The innocent-looking intern who hides a huge secret (Credits: netflix)

Debuting with Cinderella’s Sister and continuing his acting journey with Dream High, Let’s Fight Ghost, Save Me, and Vincenzo, he has acted in a variety of roles, showing how he is flexible in playing any character, making the viewers fangirl even at the villain role he played in Vincenzo.

24. D.O

Doh Kyung Soo, or D.O., is a member of the world-famous boyband EXO. He shines not just as a singer and an idol but also as an actor. Making his debut with Cart and continuing his success with Unforgettable, To the Beautiful You, EXO Next Door, and Bad Prosecutor, this singer-actor has proved that though he is seen as a cold person most of the time, he can also be considerate and also quite versatile in playing a variety of roles.

The K-pop idol plays the main role in 100days my prince
D.O from EXO, plays the lead role in the period drama 100 days my prince (Credits: netflix)

Making everyone excited for his next project, The Moon, in which he will be playing the protagonist who is accidentally left behind in space; he is living up to everyone’s expectations.

25. Choi Minho

This multitalented star, who is a member of the boyband Shinee, can sing, dance, act, and even write songs. Making his acting debut with Pianist, Choi Minho continued to win our hearts with his charms in the roles he played in The Beautiful You, Hwarang, Yumi’s Cells, and The Fabulous.

Choi Minho playing the lead role in To the Beautiful You
The High School student who falls in love with his disguised classmate (Credits: netflix)

Having written credits for over 30 songs, he also proved that he could be quite flexible as both an idol and well as an actor, delivering nothing but perfection in both ways and living up to his name of ‘flower-boy’ because of his charming looks.

26. Jo Jung Suk

This musical actor is an inspiration to everyone. Despite the dire circumstances that prevented him from pursuing his dream, Jo Jung Suk still went ahead to chase after them. This is why he is one of the most famous actors in the industry. Having his breakthrough as just a supporting actor in Architecture 101 to being recognized at an international level through Hospital Playlist, this actor for sure has the expertise.

Jo Jung Suk Playing the lead role in Hospital Playlsit
Jo Jung Suk, the social butterfly doctor and a single parent (Credits: netflix)

Being good at what he does and charming people with his skills, no one to resist falling for him in Hospital Playlist, even rooting for him in his further projects.

27. Yook Sung Jae

This multitalented idol from BToB is a singer, lyricist, actor, and even an anchor. In the teen drama, Who Are You? School 2015, he played the male role and rose to fame with the support of his members and fans. His further projects, such as Goblin, Mystic Pop-up Bar, and The Golden Spoon, only helped him establish himself as a successful actor in the industry.

Yook Sung Jae playing the supporting role in Goblin
The innocent cousin possessed by a supernatural force shows duality (Credits: netflix)

Be it an innocent cousin or a psychotic god, he can play both roles perfectly and manage to make people swoon with his talent. Yook Sung Jae is another talent that has a ton of scope, and we can expect to do more projects in a variety of fields. His versatility, if explored, will surely amaze everyone.

28. Yeo Jin Goo

Starting as a child actor in the film Sad Movie, Yeo Jin Goo was adored by many and even nicknamed ‘The Nation’s Little Brother’. He played a lot of roles as the child characters of the main leads in many dramas. Yeo Jin Goo started as a male lead in Hwayi:

Yeo Jin Goo playing the main role in Hotel Del Luna
The smart hotel manager of Hotel Del Luna (Credits: netflix)

The Monster Boy, which was an amazing movie still watched to this day. He smoothly went on to feature in various other famous dramas such as Orange Marmalade, Hotel Del Luna, and Start-Up. This talented actor was just 16 when he received an award for ‘Best New Actor’ in Blue Dragon Film Awards. 

29. Rain

Another K-pop celebrity who ventured into acting is Rain. He is talented in various fields, getting recognized internationally with his third album, It’s Raining. He made his debut with Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School, and became a Hallyu star with Full House.

Rain in one of his drama, shining as always
A multitalented celebrity who can both act as well as be an idol (Credits: netflix)

The dramas he did from then gained wide recognition not just in Korea but all around the world. Talented and striving for perfection in whatever he does, this idol is an inspiration for many. He even ventured into Hollywood through films such as Speed Racer and Ninja Assasin.

30. Cha Seung Won

Starting as a fashion model in the 1990s, he became known for his successful projects like Kick the Moon, Jail Breakers, and Ghost House. He delivered good films and series not just when he started but also in recent years with A Korean Odessy.

Cha Seung Won starring in a netflix drama
A fashion model as well as a versatile actor- Cha Seung Won (Credits: netflix)

He is an actor that is flexible in playing any kind of role, hypnotizing the viewers with his craft. Though his current movies are great, his past ventures need a watch, as it was in those works that we could see him portray various types of characters effortlessly.

31. Park Hae Soo

The main leads and the villains are capable of stealing hearts and making people swoon for them. The best example of that is Park Hae Soo, who played the role of an antagonist in the Korean drama Squid Game. Previously, he was known in Korea for his roles in Prison Playbook and Chimera.

Park Hae Soo playing one of the main roles in Squid game
The antagonist of Squid Game, showing his true colors (Credits: netflix)

With Squid Game, due to which he was in demand for various roles, he received worldwide recognition, with many praising him for portraying the role perfectly. Later, he starred in Money Heist: Korea and Narco Saints and is currently one of the most demanded actors in Korea.

32. Lee Jung Jae

This Emmy winner is also a filmmaker and a fabulous actor who gained fame all around the world for playing the main lead in the K-drama Squid Game. His previous works, like An Affair and New World, show him in quite different roles, revealing his versatility.

Lee Jung Jae doing a task from the drama, Squid game
Lee Jung Jae as the naive protagonist of Squid Game (Credits: netflix)

In Squid Game, he portrays the role of an innocent and dumb divorced father in debt. The viewers were in awe of the way he smoothly carried out the character arch. Now, we can imagine no one but Lee Jung Jae to play the role. 

33. Choi Min Shik

Known for his roles in crime thrillers such as Oldboy and I Saw The Devil, Choi Min Shik is a veteran actor who started his career in 1982. Though he did not achieve fame until 1994, once he did, he was cast in a variety of projects through which he could showcase his skills.

Choi Min Shik playing the lead role in Old Boy
Choi Min Shik as the protagonist seeking revenge (Credits: amazon Prime Video)

This experienced actor is known to pull off psychotic roles and even other roles with ease, his work leaving a lasting impression on the viewers and making them want to watch him more. This talented star is someone you should check out if you’re into crime thrillers.

34. Ma Dong Seok

Though he was just a supporting character in Train to Busan, Ma Dong Seok was known as the real hero of the film. His portrayal of a character who was very selfless and always put others before himself gained worldwide recognition as people started to get more curious about his other ventures.

Ma Dong Seok as the responsible husband in Train to Busan
The actual hero of Train to Busan that won millions of hearts (Credits: amazon Prime Video)

His other famous works include The Outlaws, The Gangster, The Cop and The Devil, and The Start-Up. Even getting a role in Marvel’s Eternals as Gildamesh, this actor is known all around the globe and not just in Korea.

35. Wi Ha Joon

Best known for his roles in Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum and 18 again, this actor was already famous in Korea. But with his role in Squid Game, people all around the world know him. His later ventures, such as Bad & Crazy and Littel Women, have also gotten recognition internationally.

Wi Ha Joon playing the lead role as a university graduate in Little Women
Wi Ha Joon as the confusing protagonist of Little Women (Credits: netflix)

Not just as a dutiful cop but also as a cutthroat university graduate who gives us trust issues, Wi Ha Joon never fails to make the audience swoon over him. Both his looks and skills go together, making the viewers completely hooked to the screen and the drama. Wi Ha Joon is another talented actor who is quite versatile and could be explored in more unique roles.

36. Choi Siwon

This actor is also a K-pop idol from the former group Super Junior- one of the most famous groups of 2nd generation K-pop. His debut was with a Hongkong film, A Battle of Wits, after which he went on to star in various other projects such as Oh! My Lady, Athena: Goddess of War.

Choi Siwon turns from being hated by the female lead to being loved by her
The lame team leader in Work Later, Drink Now (Credits: Viki)

One of his famous dramas, Work Now! Drink Later features him in the comedic lead role, eventually winning the female characters as well as the viewer’s hearts. This actor is mostly known for his comedic roles but can also portray all kinds of emotions with ease.

37. Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho, widely recognized for his cute dimples that make the viewers swoon for him, has worked on various projects with various roles. Making his debut with Good Manager, he attained fame after works such as Welcome to Waikiki 2, Start-Up, and Hometown Cha Cha Cha.

Kim Seon Ho playing a main role in Waikiki
The fun and cute protagonist of Waikiki (Credits: Viki)

Mostly seen portraying the typical kind-hearted, golden retriever K-drama boyfriend, this actor has also tried a few roles out of his comfort zone for which he should be very much appreciated. Though we are quite content with him being our fictional ideal type of boyfriend, we would very much appreciate it if he expanded the spectrum of roles he does.

38. Hwang In Youp

Here is another second male lead that every viewer hopes would get a second chance, at least in the second sequel of the drama. Hwang In Yeop, known for his charms and skills, has been in the industry for over five years. He made his debut with the web series Why but only attained fame through series such as True Beauty and The Sound Of Magic.

Hwang In Yeop as the second main lead of True Beauty
The cool high schooler with unrequited love (Credits: netflix)

This new actor showed his potential through The Sound of Magic, where he flawlessly portrayed the trauma of the character. This talent, if given opportunities, can rise to be one of the most famous and demanded actors in the country. 

39. Sung Dong Il

This veteran actor, though known mostly for his supporting roles, is quite versatile. He has played various roles, from a loving father to a cunning middle-aged man. Having a wide spectrum of roles and characters, Sung Dong Il is one of the most sought-after supporting actors in the industry who started in the 1980s.

Sung Dong il playing the supporting character in reply 1998
The supportive and strong father in Reply 1998 (Credits: netflix)

He has a lot of experience on his hands and showcases his expertise in every role he plays, sometimes even stealing the spotlight from the main leads.

40. Song Kang Ho

Known around the world as the Parasite actor, Song Kang Ho has been in the industry for three decades now. His famous works include Memories of Murder, The Host, A Taxi Driver, Snow Piercer, and Parasite. From playing a savior to a psychotic murderer, this actor is truly a professional who understands the technical know-how of acting and puts it to use in every role he plays.

Song kang Ho playing the role of the father in the film, Parasite
The head of the house and the mastermind in Parasite (Credits: Prime Video)

Having over 25 films and tons of experience under his belt, he does amaze us with his experience, truly proving that practice is what makes us perfect at our craft.

41. Ji Soo

Kim Ji Soo is an actor who knows how to captivate viewers through acting. However, this may seem like the most obvious thing for actors to do; many of them do not possess this skill. Ji Soo, on the other hand, is a master at it. Molding himself into the character he’s playing, this actor easily deceives the audience into thinking that he is the character and making it impossible for them to imagine someone else in it.

Ji Soo as the supporting character in Moon Lovers
Ji Soo plays the role of a prince in Moon Lovers and wins our hearts (Credits: Viki)

Though mostly playing the cold-hearted second male lead role, this actor still manages to show his potential in every role he plays, leaving everyone in awe.

42. Yoo Seung Ho

Known for his famous drama, I’m Not a Robot; this actor is still remembered by many even though he played only a few roles. Rising to fame as a child actor through the film The Way Home, he has been acting since he was just six years old.

Yoo Seung Ho as the male lead of I'm not a Robot
The rich but germaphobic CEO who falls in love with a robot (Credits: Viki)

Having a cheat sheet on how to hypnotize people through the screen, this actor has mastered the art of keeping the audience’s focus on the series and the story. He is an actor who would profit from expanding the kinds of roles he portrays and trying out new ones other than the routine.

43. Yoo Ji Tae

This experienced actor has played a variety of characters in a huge number of films. Though most people would not remember him by his name, the characters he plays have such an impact on the audience that they never fail to recognize him.

Yoo Ji tae as the mind of the group in Money Heist: Korea
The professor who comes up with the plan and is the mastermind (Credits: netflix)

Being in the industry since the late 20th century and rising to fame in just a year, this actor is a natural-born talent who has showcased his skills by featuring in several roles over a large spectrum. He has even starred in recent projects like Money Heist: Korea and gained more recognition internationally.

44. So Ji Sub

This actor, who was a former model, had switched careers and gained popularity with What Happened in Bali and I’m Sorry, I Love You. This professional swimmer and rapper are multitalented and good at everything he does, aiming for absolute perfection.

So Ji Sub as the main lead in the drama I'm Sorry, I Love You
An abandoned scam artist who has a character development because of the girl he loves (Credits: Viki)

This does not go to waste as he is now widely recognized in the country and even winning a lot of awards for his exceptional work. He has played a variety of roles, and we look forward to him playing more diverse roles in his upcoming projects.

45. Park Hee Soon

Recently made a lot of viewers simp for him through the series My Name; this actor had been in the industry for over three decades now. A graduate of the Seoul Institute of Arts, he is a professional who is a master at his craft. Captivating the audience from just the first few moments, he can play any role with ease, making us wonder how that is possible.

Park Hee Soon as the antagonist of My Name
The evil antagonist appears to be on the good side (Credits: netflix)

His characters are solely his, and no one can recreate them, nor can we imagine another person playing the same roles. He has exceptional filmography and acting skills that have a huge impact on the viewers.

46. Kang Haneul

This actor is known for his famous roles in The Heirs, Moon Lovers, When The Camellia Blooms, and Midnight Runners. You would only know him if you’ve watched a fair share of dramas. He is quite underrated for his skill and could try out new roles, which he is very capable of executing. If done right, this actor could gain more recognition and fame through his skill.

Kang Haneul as the cop and the main lead in the drama, When the Camellia Blooms
The dutiful and responsible neighborhood cop (Credits: netflix)

He has received a lot of awards for his acting, proving that he is a great actor indeed and has a lot of potential that could be explored.

47. Lee Do Hyun

This lead star has recently attained fame through his famous works, such as 18 Again, The Glory, and The Good Bad Mother. He is one of the most famous actors in the country, rising in popularity with every movie or series. He has shown excellent skills despite having been in the industry for only a few years and has the charm of easily getting people hooked on the drama.

Lee Do Hyun playing the lead role in The Good, Bad Mother
The Borderline evil protagonist who morphs into the people he despises (Credits: netflix)

A lot of viewers and fans are quite excited about his upcoming works. His ongoing series, The Good Bad Mother, is also gaining more and more recognition worldwide.

48. Kim Myung Soo

Professionally known as L, this singer, K-pop idol from the group Infinite, and model is also a great actor who made his debut with Jiu, a Japanese Drama; he mostly went on to do Korean projects.

L, the K-pop idol playing an essential role in Ms. Hammurabi
The talent with multiple skills which impressed us in Ms. Hammurabi(Credits: netflix)

His famous works include The Emperor- Owner of Mask and Ms. Hammurabi. He already had a fan base to support him through his acting career and his works; he gained even more fans. Though he hasn’t been a hot topic in recent years, he could make an incredible comeback if given a great role. His skill will help in gaining more popularity if the upcoming projects do well.

49. Park Hae Jin

Mostly known for his supporting roles, this actor leaves an impact on the people even if his character only appears for a few minutes. Screentime doesn’t matter as his skill is enough to captivate everyone and leave a lasting impression.

Park Hae Jin playing the role of a supporting character in Cheese in the Trap
The supporting actor that won millions of hearts in Cheese in the Trap

He is known to star mostly in light-hearted dramas and could explore more and star in different kinds of roles, through which he might achieve more fame and experience. His famous works include My Love from The Star, Cheese in the Trap, and Doctor Stranger.

50. Lee Byung Hoon

Having his breakthrough with Joint Security Area, this actor went on to star in various projects since that time and showed us a few different sides of him. Not many recognize this actor, but some K-drama fanatics recognize him right away for his skills and ability to capture the essence of a character perfectly.

Lee Byung Hun as the antagonist and former winner, of Squid Game
The evil antagonist that left a huge impact on the audience through Squid Game and Money Heist: Korea (Credits: netflix)

Having over 40 works, Lee Byung Hoon has done his fair share of exploration in portraying a variety of characters. His upcoming projects might show him in even more roles through which he could be more recognizable.


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