Tristan Thompson Faces Backlash For Liking Bianca Censori’s Video

Tristan Thompson liked Biancas pic2

Tristan Thompson, the father of Khloe Kardashian’s child, expressed his admiration for a video featuring Bianca dancing in a revealing bodysuit at Kanye’s Las Vegas concert last Sunday.

In the video, Bianca was observed adjusting her cleavage in the bodysuit, which boasted deep side cut-outs. Subsequently, she turned away from the camera, swaying her hips while sharing laughter with a friend.

Kanye, aged 46, posted the footage of the 29-year-old Australian designer on his Instagram on Monday, captioning it, “Still the king.” Tristan, aged 32, was among the millions of individuals who liked the sultry clip.

Fans quickly took notice of Tristan’s interaction, screenshotting it on Reddit with comments like, “Not Tristan liking this video.”

Tristan Thompson liked Biancas pic1
Tristan Thompson (Credit: People)

“Oh my…don’t show Khloe this,” another said, of Tristan’s ex Khloe, who he has two kids with.

“Love to think how Khloe and Kim’s head will explode seeing that TrashTin Thompson wants to smash Kanye’s wife,” a third posted.

“He’ll have some explaining to do, to both women lol,” yet another user commented.

Tristan co-parents daughter True, aged 5, and son Tatum, aged 1, with Khloe, who is 39 years old. Despite sharing children, Khloe has consistently emphasized that they are no longer romantically involved and are solely co-parents.

Tristan was embroiled in a love child scandal after fathering a son named Theo, aged 2, to Maralee Nichols, aged 33, in December 2021. This occurred during a time when he was supposedly in an exclusive relationship with Khloe.

The Cleveland Cavaliers player faced suspension from the NBA last month after testing positive for banned substances. Tristan received a 25-game benching for violating the league’s anti-drug policy.

The substances detected in his system were Ibutamoren and SARM LGD-4033. Ibutamoren is a peptide hormone used by some individuals to aid in muscle growth, while SARM LGD-4033 is a chemical also utilized to promote muscle building and fat burning.

He won’t be eligible to return until the middle of March.


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