Ukraine’s Military Shift: Adapting to Challenges on the Eastern Front

Valerii Zaluzhnyi emphaises on more technology in the military 1

Ukraine’s army chief, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, underscores the imperative for adaptation in the face of dwindling military aid from key allies, emphasizing a heightened reliance on technology to secure victory against Russia. In an exclusive essay penned for CNN, Zaluzhnyi, currently under the shadow of swirling rumors regarding his future, delves into the intricacies of mass mobilization—a point of contention between him and President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In contrast to the prevailing speculation surrounding his potential dismissal after a four-year tenure, Zaluzhnyi abstains from addressing his relationship with the president in the essay. Instead, he builds upon arguments from a previous Economist article, published three months prior, wherein he accentuated the pivotal role of unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic warfare capabilities.

His earlier assertion, “New innovative approaches can turn this war of position into one of maneuver,” marked an acknowledgment that the Ukrainian counteroffensive, initiated with great enthusiasm in 2023, had effectively concluded.

Initial expectations for a dynamic Ukrainian offensive to reclaim significant territories lost to Russia in 2022 were thwarted by Russian minefields, heavy artillery fire, and the widespread use of First-Person-View (FPV) drones, impeding stealth attacks.

Zaluzhnyi characterizes the situation as a ‘war of position,’ defined by attrition and limited battlefield movement. Despite earlier hopes for substantial advancements in the southern front, Ukrainian forces only managed to progress approximately 20 kilometers, falling short of the intended 70-kilometer target to reach the coast.

Zaluzhnyi navigates political tensions by focusing on military advancement (Credits: El Pais English)
Zaluzhnyi navigates political tensions by focusing on military advancement (Credits: El Pais English)

In his CNN article, Zaluzhnyi indirectly references the absence of a new military aid package from the United States and shifts in international attention due to developments in the Middle East.

Furthermore, he highlights the inadequacies of the international sanctions regime, allowing Russia to leverage its military-industrial complex in a prolonged war of attrition. Implicitly, the article conveys a growing sense that Ukraine’s destiny is increasingly shaped by its own initiatives, necessitating a self-reliant approach.


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