What Happened to Adan Canto? Actor Passed Away at The Age of 42

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Adan Canto, an actor best recognized for his parts in “The Cleaning Lady” and “Designated Survivor,” passed away. His age was 42. Canto’s publicist Jennifer Allen said in a statement to CNN that the singer “had a depth of spirit that few truly knew” and that Canto passed away on Monday from appendiceal cancer.

Allen’s statement said, “Those who glimpsed it were changed forever.” “So many people will miss him terribly.” Canto was a talented musician and actor who was raised in Texas and was originally from Mexico.

Among other TV shows, Canto was well-known for his roles in “Blood and Oil,” “Narcos,” and “Designated Survivor.” Among his filmography were “Agent Game” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

“We are devastated to hear of Adan Canto’s passing. In a statement provided to CNN on Tuesday, Warner Bros. Television and FOX Entertainment said, “We were honored to have him as part of our families since his U.S. debut in The Following more than ten years ago. He is a wonderful actor and dear friend.”

In The Cleaning Lady, he recently shone on screen with a powerful performance that highlighted his artistry, range, depth, and vulnerability, the statement continued.

Adan Canto with his wife
Adan Canto with his wife (Credit-Variety)

Actor Adan Canto Passes Away at The Age of 42

2009 saw Adan make his TV series debut in two episodes of “Estado de Gracia,” which was aired in Mexico. After that, he continued to make appearances in several Mexican TV series and motion pictures until 2013, when he was cast in the lead role on Fox’s first season of “The Following” in the United States, costarring with Keifer Sutherland.

2014 saw Canto play the mutant Sunspot, a superhero who can channel the power of the sun, in the Marvel superhero film “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” In 2014, Canto, a budding filmmaker, both directed and starred in his debut short film, “Before Tomorrow.”

Afterward, Canto made an appearance in an episode of the netflix cartel series “Narcos” and in Season 1 of the ABC series “Blood & Oil.” In “Designated Survivor,” he made his comeback alongside Sutherland, appearing in all three of the program’s seasons from 2016 to 2020.

Canto made his directorial debut in “Bruised” in 2021 alongside Halle Berry, his co-star in “X-Men,” and he later acted in the CIA thriller “Agent Game” in 2022 before starring in “The Cleaning Lady” in the same year. Canto expressed his admiration for acting in an interview with Anthem Magazine in 2022, saying that “it’s a fun job” and “a great world to be a part of.”

“It’s also not a simple task. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have kind of slipped into it. Yes, I simply cannot get enough of it. Every job is unique,” he continued. Roman Adler and Eve Josephine, Canto’s two young children, as well as his wife Stephanie Ann Canto, survive him.

Prior to landing a significant role that signaled his breakthrough, he started filming numerous local commercials and TV shows. Eleven years ago, he made his acting debut in America in Fox’s “The Following.” He continued to demonstrate his acting prowess in the films “Mixology,” “Narcos,” “Blood & Oil,” and “Second Chance.”

Adan Canto
Adan Canto (Credit-Yahoo)

Playing the superhero Sunspot in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ marked his first significant role in a motion picture in 2014. In addition, he has acted in films like “Bruised,” “Agent Game,” “Amanda & Jack Go Glamping,” and “2 Hearts,” to mention a few. In addition, he directed “Before Tomorrow.”

At the time of his passing, Canto was filming the third season of Fox’s The Cleaning Lady, in which he portrayed Armand Morales. His illness prevented him from taking part in the production, but he hoped to return later in the season.

Canto laughed loudly and grinned widely. In addition, according to his friends, he possessed a humility and sensitivity that contrasted with the bulk and square jaw of a movie star. On his Instagram page, Kiefer Sutherland, who costarred with Canto on Designated Survivor, posted a tribute.

“I feel like I’ve had to write posts similar to this one a lot lately, but I’m devastated by Adan Canto’s passing. Sutherland accompanied a picture of the two of them on set with a caption that read, “He was such a wonderful spirit.” He will be sadly missed.

“As an actor, his drive to succeed, to be great, and then to do better, was truly impressive.” His wife Steph and their two young children also break my heart. May you rest in peace, Adan.

Canto leaves behind two children, Roman Alder, age 3, and Eve Josephine, age 18 months, along with his wife, Stephanie Ann Canto. On her Instagram page, his wife wrote, “Forever my treasure Adan, see you soon.”


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