What Happened To Alex on Barnwood Builders? Answered

Alex on barnwood builders

Want to know what happened to Alex on barnwood builders? Fan Favourite American Television series Barnwood Builders has been gathering considerable attention as the show documents a team of skilled builders who take on the difficult task of renovating historic barns and cabins into beautiful houses.

Barnwood Builders is produced by Silent Crow Arts, and the popularity of the show spawned 26 more episodes of the series. The show premiered on Magnolia Network, and the network is all set to bring back Barnwood Buildersas the show back for its brand new 16th season premiere.

Alex Webb, who has been a familiar face on the show, used to work as a locomotive engineer for a few years. Webb later displayed his talent and skills to earn a spot on the famous West Virginia-based crew in 2016. Webb made his debut on the show in the eighth episode of the third season. Let us find out what happened to Alex at barnwood builders. 

What happened to Alex on barnwood builders?

Alex Left Barnwood Builders as he planned to further expand his business. Webb went on the appear in each of the show’s following seasons through to the most recent season, 11, which wrapped up its run on air back in 2021.

During the final episodes of season 11, it was further confirmed that Webb was leaving the show. It was just a while later, the season wrapped up, and Webb himself announced his exit from the series through a Facebook post.

What happened to Alex on barnwood builders
What happened to Alex on barnwood builders? (Credits: Distractify)

While confirming his departure from the show, Alex penned down a note on Facebook saying how he is going to miss the entire team while expressing his gratitude for every single fan and the wonderful experiences that he has had on the show.

Alex further wrote that he will be posting a video on his Facebook page tomorrow to reveal the name of his new shop and how fans can continue to follow him.

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How Alex Webb Joined Barnwood Builders?

Alex Webb revealed in an early interview in 2016 how Mark Bowe helped him get this job. Webb recalled how he was working for the railroad, and he kept getting laid off and called back and was admittedly getting tired of corporate life. That is when he sent an email to Mark, and he called him up just 10 minutes later.

Webb further continued that he kept working, and two months later, he was still waiting for Mark to let him know if he got the job. Webb recalled how they were working in Franklin, West Virginia, and he finally asked him whether he got the job or not as he revealed that the team referred to him as the rookie.  Alex also disclosed that he lost as many 20 pounds as soon he had started working with everyone.

Webb later announced his new business venture called Webbs Joinery and Construction, which was nicknamed The Chop Shop. The company aims to build new timber furniture and other structures while restoring old timber structures. The television star has taken a step away from the limelight and started a new business and is focusing solely on that. 

Barnwood Builders Season 16: What Do We Know 

Fans are in for a surprise as the television show Barnwood Builders is already back on the Magnolia Network with a brand new season, 16.  As the hard-working crew has returned to West Alexander, Pennsylvania, with a new aim of saving an American building that is set in the backwoods at the bottom of a steep hill.

What happened to Alex on barnwood builders
Barnwood Builders (Credits: YouTube)

Viewers can watch the newest episode of Barnwood Builders on Magnolia Network; the show is available to stream live on fuboTV, MAX, Philo, Discovery+, and DIRECTV STREAM as well. Get ready to witness Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia-based craftsmen get in action and turn antique barns and cabins before the timber deteriorates.


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