What Happened to Brandi Mallory? The Extreme Weight Loss Alum’s Life

What Happened to Brandi Mallory 2

Brandi Mallory came into the limelight after she appeared on the fourth season of the popular ABC show Extreme Weight Loss. The reality television show followed several people who underwent some rigorous routines to lose weight. During her time on the show, Mallory gained considerable attention as she is also known to be a skilled dancer as well.

Mallory had earlier revealed that she first applied to join NBC’s The Biggest Loser. However, she did not get picked for that show. However, the show’s producers later sent her the details for Extreme Weight Loss, and that is how she became a part of it. Brandi Mallory garbed huge attention after one of her videos of her dancing to a sped-up version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller went viral in 2017. 

In an early interview in 2018, Brandi Mallory revealed that her weight-loss journey was actually inspired by the death of a sorority sister. She recalled how devastating it was, and also, her friend was not as large as she was.

Mallory further revealed that her friend had a heart attack, and then she literally was waking up every day as she thought that this might be her last day. During her appearance on the show, Mallory had a drastic weight loss journey where she went from 329 pounds to 178 pounds. Let us find out what happened to Brandi Mallory. 

What Happened To Brandi Mallory?

Brandi Mallory passed away at the age of 40. The cause of death has been revealed as her autopsy report has claimed that Brandi died due to growing complications of obesity. Her symptoms included having an enlarged heart, as she also had some elevated blood indicators suggestive of pre-diabetes, as these factors have played a part in her overall health. Not only that but new details have been revealed that there were traces amounts of alcohol and marijuana in Mallory’s system.

What Happened to Brandi Mallory
Brandi Mallory (Credits: Mbare Times)

However, the autopsy report cleared the air and further claimed that these traces did not contribute to her death. There was also no evidence of any significant new injury, as the investigation also played out any signs of foul play.

In an early interview, Mallory looked back to her weight loss journey as she stated how she had learned to believe in herself in a way that she never did before, and she believed that she had reached the point where he no longer cared what others thought of her and gained her lost confidence. 

Chris Powell Pays Tribute To Brandi Mallory

Popular Extreme Weight Loss host and trainer Chris Powell paid a heartfelt tribute to Brandi Mallory as he remembered her as an incredible person. He further recalled how Brandi could dance really well and that Brandi’s pups always brought that energy with everything that they were doing.

The popular host further recalled how Brandi really owned the body positivity movement while calling it great because she was very candid about her struggles with her weight and everything, but the fact that she would just get out there and remember how Brandi would just fully express herself, and one could feel how free she was.

Chris also credited Brandi for inspiring several other people to be willing to accept, embrace, and appreciate their bodies.

Where Was Brandi Mallory Found?

Brandi Mallory was found in the Atlanta strip mall parking lot after being seen entering her car the night before. Later, a concerned bystander quickly called 911 and informed that there was a body as he noticed that the body was not moving for a long time.

What Happened to Brandi Mallory
Brandi Mallory (Credits: YouTube)

It has been further revealed that the said woman was seemingly sleeping, but the deli owner soon became concerned when he saw that the car was still there later during that day. The television star was later reportedly found dead in the car, and the cause of death was still being investigated, and it has been revealed recently.


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