What Happened To Dawood Ibrahim? The Fugitive Underworld Don

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The Indian government is looking for Dawood Ibrahim, the mob boss, drug lord, and terrorist from Mumbai, also known as Dongri. He is the current boss of the Indian organized crime organization D-Company, which he is said to have founded in Mumbai in the 1970s. Ibrahim is wanted on charges of murder, targeted killing, terrorism, extortion, and drug trafficking.

In 2003, he was designated as a worldwide terrorist by both India and the US, and a US$25 million bounty was put on his head due to his suspected role in the 1993 Bombay bombings. In 2011, he was listed as the second most wanted fugitive in the world by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and rated fourth on Forbes’ list.

In an attempt to evade FATF sanctions, the Pakistani government recently added Dawood and 87 other people to its list of sanctioned individuals.

Reports state that he lives in Karachi, Pakistan, while the Pakistani government contests this. The Indian government sold Dawood’s six properties in his ancestral village in Ratnagiri district, in the coastal Konkan area of Maharashtra, in 2020.

Under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act (SAFEMA), 1976, the government arranged an online auction for his properties. In November 2017, the authorities auctioned off three of Dawood’s properties, including the well-known Rounaq Afroz Restaurant, also called Delhi Zaika.

He is charged with being the architect of multiple horrific crimes, including the 2013 IPL spot-fixing scam, the 2010 Pune German Bakery blast, the 2008 Mumbai assaults, and the 1993 Mumbai blasts. He also engages in international arms smuggling, counterfeiting, and narcotics trafficking.

The main suspect in the 1993 Mumbai explosions, which left over 700 people injured and 257 dead, is Dawood Ibrahim. With the aid of his friends and the terror organization Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is located in Pakistan, he is said to have planned and carried out the explosions. He also gave the offenders the weapons, explosives, and training.

Twelve sites in Mumbai were targeted by the explosions, including the Shiv Sena headquarters, the Air India Building, and the Bombay Stock Exchange. Following the explosions, Dawood Ibrahim went to Dubai and then relocated to Pakistan, where he is rumored to be residing under ISI protection.

Dawood Ibrahim
Dawood Ibrahim (Credit: TOI)

Although Pakistan has consistently denied his presence on its soil, India has constantly demanded his extradition from Pakistan. Dawood Ibrahim is also believed to have played a part in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, which resulted in over 300 injuries and 166 fatalities.

What Happened To Dawood Ibrahim?

According to his family, Dawood Ibrahim, the notorious underworld figure, is critically ill and has been admitted to a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, following news of his hospitalization. Dawood was allegedly poisoned, according to various accounts on social media, but this has not yet received official confirmation.

The mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai explosions is reportedly being kept under severe security watch in the hospital, according to several claims circulating on social media. Only senior hospital administrators and his immediate relatives can enter the floor where he is being held, according to sources who spoke with India Today.

Since Sunday night, unsubstantiated rumors about Dawood’s health have been circulating, but the Indian government has not provided any clarification. According to accounts, he was hospitalized because of food sickness.

According to sources who spoke to Times Now, the Mumbai Police dispatched a squad amid these events to authenticate the information with his family members who were living in the city. Dawood’s nephews, who are his relatives, have also attested to the fact that he had health issues and was not feeling well.

They did, however, refute the poisoning reports. Dawood Ibrahim is said to have been hiding in Pakistan for decades. He was the primary mastermind behind the 1993 Mumbai explosions that claimed the lives of over 250 people.

Dawood Ibrahim
Dawood Ibrahim (Credits: TOI)

Dawood Ibrahim’s sister, Haseena Parker’s son, revealed to the National Investigating Agency (NIA) in January that the criminal stayed in Karachi even after his second marriage. According to another report from ABP Live, Dawood Ibrahim passed away on Sunday at a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan.

Likely, he is no longer alive. The News Daily was informed by sources that Dawood was poisoned and had to be taken to the hospital right away. According to the report, Dawood may have died at the hospital between 8 and 9 PM (IST).

Arzoo Kazmi, a Pakistani journalist, claimed on social media that the suspension of YouTube, Google, and Twitter services indicates a possible attempt to hide a “major incident.” She further mentioned that Dawood was hospitalized and in critical condition.


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