What Happened To Stephanie On Bold And Beautiful? Answered

What Happened To Stephanie On Bold And Beautiful 3

The popular American television soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful premiered back in 1987. The show has been a fan favorite since then. Fan-favorite actress Susan Flannery played the role of Stephanie Forrester on the show. As the actress played the role for more than two decades, she has also been an experienced director and even tried her directorial skills for as many as 18 episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Believe it or not, actress Susan Flannery was a cancer survivor herself. Flannery also directed an episode of The Fosters in 2017, as she has directed as many as 60 episodes of television. However, fans were taken by surprise when the actress departed from The Bold and the Beautiful. Let us find out what happened to Stephanie On Bold And Beautiful. 

What Happened To Stephanie On Bold And Beautiful? 

Stephanie passed away in The Bold and The Beautiful after she was diagnosed with lung cancer. As Stephanie soon discovered that her cancer had returned and it has gotten worse, she finally decided to forego treatment. However, Stephanie’s treatment did not work much, and she passed away while Brooke cuddled and sang to her.

What Happened To Stephanie On Bold And Beautiful
Stephanie On The Bold And The Beautiful (Credits: YouTube)

The series head writer Brad Bell has earlier she’d light on Stephanie’s experience with cancer, calling it the weightiest, intimate, and difficult thing that she has ever had to wrestle with, and while she also had to share it with Brooke while making it all the more torturous. 

Although Brooke Logan and Stephanie had a tumultuous past, which attracted huge drama over the years, they decided to put their differences aside as Stephanie did not have much time, and the death scene took fans by surprise as she died in the presence of Brook, given their bitter past, viewers surely did not see that coming.

Flannery later opened up about the scene and admitted that she was happy with how the scene played out as she recalled how she went up to Brad’s office and asked whether they were gonna have Brooke there with Stephanie at the end.

What Happened Between Stephanie Forrester and Brooke Logan?

Stephanie Forrester and Brooke Logan’s feud was out of the most talked about storyline amongst viewers. Their feud initially started off as Brooke started to date Stephanie’s eldest son, Ridge. Stephanie disapproved of the relationship, and this made way for a long enmity between the two women. Fans might also remember Stephanie’s slapping Brooke. The iconic scene grabbed huge attention in the show.

The two women feuded further after Brooke went ahead and married Thorne Forrester. However, with time, Stephanie showed more compassion to Brooke, and as she was in the last stage of her life, Brooke was also a big support, and their bond lasted till the very end.

Why Did Stephanie Forrester Leave The Bold and the Beautiful?

Susan Flannery played the role of Stephanie Forrester. She played the role of the Forrester matriarch for as many as 25 years! The actress later decided to bid farewell to the character and the show as she stated that although she had a great run and a wonderful time, that was a time to go.

What Happened To Stephanie On Bold And Beautiful
Susan Flannery and Joe Mascolo are on The Bold and the Beautiful. (Credits: CBS)

Flannery also starred in Dallas and Days of Our Lives. The actress has earlier shared with head writer Brad Bell that the most important thing for a diagnosis is to maintain a good sense of humor. 

The Bold and The Beautiful co-star Lang has also opened up about her relationship with Flannery. She praised the actress while admitting how she learned so much while working with Susan as she taught her a lot. She further described Flannery as someone who is tough and does not back down. Lang admitted that both the show and her character meant so much to her as they had the best time working together.


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