Where Is Fisk Filmed? All Filming Locations Revealed!

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One of the best shows made considering a professional and personal life is “Fisk.” However, we shall look into all the filming locations of Fisk in this article. Fisk has delivered two seasons. However, the series premiered on March 17, 2021, and the last episode for the second season aired on November 30, 2022.

The plot of Fisk is about Helen Tudor-Fisk, who is a corporate lawyer professionally, but despite being in such a career, she is not very great with the people she deals with. However, her life totally fell apart in Sydney, and she decided to go to her hometown Melbourne.

There, she takes a job at a suburban law firm named Gruber & Gruber just to maintain and bring her life together. The company excels in wills and probate, and it was a new chapter for Fisk. She replaced Roz Gruber, an amazing attorney.

Where is Fisk shot?
Helen Tudor-Fisk & George Chen (credits: ABC)

Temporarily she has taken the role of office manager. However, things have got pretty easy for Roz in being in that position, and she’s very free. All she now does is get involved in Helen’s latest business. Then comes into play Ray Gruber, Roz’s brother.

He was the one who was supposed to interview Helen, but out of laziness, he hired her directly, and because she seemed mature and smart, it proved to be a great choice. As the story proceeds, we see Helen has been the best for clients who were suffering so much.

Helen gets the company of a weird probate clerk named George, and along with him, she tries to settle in the complex era of probate. In this zone, the clients are in their most bizarre moods, and what’s even more difficult is to divide the money.

Fisk Cast

Kitty Flanagan as Helen Tudor-Fisk, Marty Sheargold as Ray Gruber, Julia Zemiro as Roz Gruber , Aaron Chen as George Chen, Debra Lawrance as May, John Gaden as Anthony Fisk , Glenn Butcher as Viktor, Colette Mann as Mrs Popovitch, George Henare as Graham, and Bert Labonte as William.

What’s more interesting is that Kitty Flanagan is not only the lead actor but the creator of the show. So, without any delay, let us see where Fisk is shot.

Fisk Filming Locations

ABC series, “Fisk,” is known to be one of the best executions of all time, and everything that the makers wanted to deliver to the audience, they succeeded. The entire shooting of both seasons of Fisk impressed so many people around.

All the filming locations of “Fisk” certainly upgraded the realism, content, and vibe of the series. The courts, the lawyer’s cabin, all the big buildings, etc, have all been on point. So, let’s move further to see Fisk’s filming locations.

Melbourne, Australia

Since the entire show is based in Australia, the filming location is confined to just one city in Australia, i.e., Melbourne. One another reason that contributed to the lesser locations of the show is the pandemic that hit at that time, and thus, due to strict protocols, there weren’t many options.

Fisk Cast
Melbourne, Australia (credits: CNN)

As we mentioned above, Helens left Sydney and moved to Melbourne. Thus, it was the prime filming location. All the houses, Helen’s office place, etc., are all shot in Melbourne. To be specific, the first season of Fisk was shot in North Melbourne during the complete lockdown.

However, the director of the series, Kitty Flanagan, also revealed that even the shooting process was different than usual. Not everyone, except the major scenes, was allowed to be in one room during that time. Things & talks remained just from door to door.

Whenever the shots were outdoors, everyone had a mask on, and it was challenging for the entire cast & crew to make stuff look normal. However, fans can expect Fisk Season 3, but nothing has been finalized as of now.

However, if you have not seen Fisk yet, you can watch both seasons on netflix. Fisk is an amazing award-winning comedy series and is definitely worth a try. Hence, this concludes every filming location of the TV show Fisk. Happy streaming!

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