Where Is Heavyweights Filmed? All Locations Revealed!

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The 1995 American movie “Heavyweights” is a classic, and it’s 2023 & we still have not forgotten about it. However, in this article, you can know every filming location of Heavyweights. It is a comedy-drama which was released on 17 February 1995.

The plot of the film is about some healthy/plump children who, in very general, are teased for their weight. However, in the movie, some of them are swaged to join a very luxurious camp which has never happened before.

They are also assured of very quick weight loss in addition to a lot of best times there at the camp. They were made to do so many interesting tasks there. The camp was run by a totally crazy ex-fitness instructor-led in a woodland hellhole run.

Gerry Garner was among the lead kids who were made to join the camp by his parents. There, he met other campers like him who had spent the entire summer having as much junk food as possible. Of course, everyone becomes friends with each other.

Joining the cast of Heavyweights were Aaron Schwartz as Gerald “Gerry” Garner, Ben Stiller as Tony Perkis Jr, Jeffrey Tambor as Maury Garner, Tim Blake Nelson as Roger Johnson, Tom McGowan as Patrick “Pat” Finley, Paul Feig as Tim Orford, Max Goldblatt as Phillip Grubenov, and many others.

Heavyweights Filming Locations

The funny perspective put in this American comedy film, “Heavyweights,” impressed many viewers then, and it is still fresh now. The shooting for Heavyweights began on March 28, 1994, and it took just two months to wrap it up.

All the filming locations of “Heavyweights” have boosted the realism, motive, and premise of the film. The city roads, the jungle parts, all the amazing water places, hostel/camp rooms, etc have all been explored. So, let’s see Heavyweights’ filming locations.

Henderson County, North Carolina, USA

The good part about Heavyweights is that the entire film is shot in North Carolina in the USA. Talking of the first filming location, it was Henderson County in North Carolina. It is a very yet beautiful county with cherry blossoms covering the entire city in the season.

Camp Pinnacle, Hendersonville, North Carolina

As you might have read above, the entire film revolves around a summer camp, and thus for the natural approach, a very famous camp known as the Camp Pinnacle, which is in Hendersonville, North Carolina, was used. This camp is the best camp ever hosted in North Carolina.

Heavyweights cast
Camp Pinnacle in Hendersonville (Credits: Camp Pinnacle)

Kids from all around the US join this camp for a wonderful time there! It is precisely located at 4080 Little River Road in Hendersonville. The summer camp occurs for two to three weeks with so many fun activities for kids.

Camp Ton-A-Wandah, Hendersonville, North Carolina

Another camp side used in the film was the very famous Camp Ton-A-Wandah, located at 300 W Ton-A-Wondah Road in Western North Carolina. This is one of the largest camps in the state, with more than 40 activities & this one is basically for girls.

Where is Heavyweights shot?
Camp Ton-A-Wandah, Hendersonville (Credits: Mrs. HomeFree)

Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA

It is very justified to say, if you have seen the movie that the entire film has so much natural green and a pure vibe! Basically, all the street-side types sequences you see in the movie are shot in a village in North Carolina called Flat Rock.

Heavyweights plot
Flat Rock, North Carolina (Credits: TOWN Carolina)

If you want to go away from the chaos of a city, Flat Rock is the perfect destination for you. Moreover, you can try different adventures, treks/hiking, craft galleries, vineyards, etc. In short, there are so many activities to do in this beautiful village.

Jump Off Rock, Laurel Park, North Carolina

Remember the scene where kids jump off the rock? In case you haven’t noticed, you can also check that scene out in the trailer attached above. This place was the actual Jump Off Rock in Laurel Park. This place is already so exciting visually.

Heavyweights (1995) production
Jump Off Rock, Laurel Park (Credits: Hendersonville, NC)

Of course, it is open to all, and it’s the perfect one to forget all the tensions of life. Also, this place gives a perfect mountain view and is definitely a must-visit. Thus, these were all the filming locations for Heavyweights.

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