Where is RFDS Series Filmed? Know the Drama Series Filming Locations

Where is RFDS Series Filmed Know the Drama Series Filming Location

Let us find out Where is RFDS Series Filmed? The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), which explores the lives of those who are committed to this crucial organization, serves as the focal point of an Australian drama television series.

Its first flight took place on August 11, 2021, and it was developed under the Seven Network’s guidance and brought to reality by Endemol Shine Australia. The second season was announced in June 2022, and on 15th August 2023, it will release now. 

RFDS, which is a royal flying doctor service, is a drama series that airs in Australia. There have been two seasons of the series, and the first season was released in 2021.

There were eight episodes in the first season, and the season concluded on 22 September 2021. After two years, the series has again made a comeback with the second season.

The RFDS Season 2 will release on 15th August 2023. Just like the previous seasons, there will be eight episodes in this season as well, and the season will conclude on 2nd October 2023.

RFDS cast
The cast of RFDS (Credits: Seven Network)

The main cast of the series includes Justine Clark, Rob Collins, and Stephen Peacocke. While Justin is a famous actress and singer, the other two work in the TV industry. All of them together make up the cast of the show RFDS, which is a royal flying doctor service.

The show is about the royal flying doctor service in Australia. In the show, we will see how the modern heroes handle emergencies in the country center and, at the same time, deal with their own lives.

However, they can manage their personal and professional lives equally well and prove to be a true citizen of their country. These individuals who embody the spirit of dedication and bravery balance their demanding professional roles with their trials.

This makes life multifaceted, and they are in a state of constant struggle. The series is based on extraordinary real-life stories about an honest friend around the mesmerizing landscape of broken hills.

In the series, you will notice a white contrast between Australia’s expensive center, which is its beauty, and what the place is known for worldwide, and between the harsh realities of Australia.

The RFDS team will have doctors, nurses, and pilots on dedicated support staff who will come forward to help the people in the emergency and go to places that are one of the most unforgiving terrains in the country.

The show is not just about showing intense emergencies, but it will tell you a deep story about people and how they come together and support each other in times of need.

Even when we face big challenges, we do come together, become close friends, and then help each other. This is the major theme that the series wants to portray and is indeed successful in doing so throughout its first season and will continue doing so in the second as well.

In the series, you will see the team share moments of happiness and sadness and how they find ways to succeed even in tough times. RMDS is a show which will connect with everybody’s life experiences and show how powerful people can be if united.

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Where is RFDS Series Filmed? Know the Drama Series Filming Location.

Filming for RFDS takes place at the Broken Hill location in Australia. This particular location was chosen for its distinctive red-dirt topography. Besides, this location also served other purposes that were necessary for the filming of this series.

The chosen location needed not to interfere with the RFDS’s regular operations, its provision of healthcare services, or its ability to retrieve injured people in an emergency.

The RFDS team’s and the Broken Hill community’s presence in the filming, including acting as extras in certain sequences, shows how excited and supportive they are of the undertaking.

The small business community in Broken Hill gave the makers full support during the filming of this series. They helped the crew and cast in all the possible ways they could.

RFDS Cast (Credits: Seven Network)

Be it searching for the set’s props or providing the cast and crew with lodging, food, and entertainment options, the community helped them in everything.

The makers of the series said in an interview that it would not have been possible to film the series without the collaboration between the RFDS Broken Hill base, locals, and several enterprises.

The creation of a film or television project while honoring and strengthening the demands of the community and its critical services is an example of successful and cordial cooperation.

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