Where Is The White Lotus Season 2 Filmed? All Locations

white lotus season 2

Mike White’s The White Lotus is a dark comedy series that centers around eccentric guests of a luxury hotel. What makes these guests so different, asides from their questionable wealth, is that all of them are going through some kind of psychological issues.

The White Lotus was first seen on HBO on July 11th, 2021. Although it was supposed to be a mini-series, the success of the first season prompted HBO to order a few more installments. Both of the entertaining seasons revolve around guests of The White Lotus and their crazy lives, but each of them focuses on a different branch of the same resort.

The 2nd season of this Mike White series started airing on October 30th, 2022. The cast of season 2 consists of F. Murray Abraham as Bert Di Grasso, Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya, Adam DiMarco plays Albie DiGrasso, and Meghan Fahy stars as Daphne Sullivan. Aubrey Plaza and Tom Hollander were also part of The White Lotus season 2. 

White Lotus Season 2: Filming Locations

While the first season of The White Lotus shows us guests at the Hawaiian resort, the second season takes us to another historically beautiful island in Sicily, Italy. The creators were originally going for a more political location but decided to discard that idea and focus on a location that would seem like the perfect vacation spot for rich spoiled guests. 

White Lotus Season 2 Filming Locations
Most of the show is filmed in Sicily, Italy (Credits: HBO)

The major filming location for The White Lotus season 2 is Taormina, Sicily, Italy. Initial filming began in January 2022, with HBO officially confirming the news in February of the same year.

San Domenico Palace, Taormina:

This is the hotel that disguised itself as the White Lotus for season 2. Since there were no Covid-19 regulations this time, the crew of the movie could go out further and select someplace new for this installment. Just like the previous season, a Four Seasons hotel in Taormina was chosen as the set for the White Lotus.

The San Domenico Palace is where this hotel operates, and through the show, it’s obvious that this place is one of the prettiest resorts in the city. Filled with cozy spots and a beautiful view of the sunset from the pool, this hotel is a famous tourist spot in Taormina.

With almost 111 rooms and many places to explore, this is a good place to plan a vacation if you want to experience a true Italian holiday. Asides from this building/palace, you also see the crew in other parts of Taormina in some of the scenes, such as the ancient theatre. 

Norman Cathedral, Cefalù:

Another location we see in this season of White Lotus is the Sicilian town of Cefalu. Just as beautiful as Taormina, Cefalu is a place that’s peaceful and scenic, although it is visited by many Tourists every year. What’s more picturesque than its beauty is its authentic Italian homes that are pleasing to look at.

White Lotus Season 2 Filming Locations
4 Seasons Resorts Serve as Sets for White Lotus (Credits: HBO)

Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, Sicily:

This commune can be seen in a few locations of White Lotus and is not as much of a major filming spot. With only 10,000 inhabitants, this commune is infamous for its river, which is protected by the government. The place is filled with buildings from the Roman era, which offer an amazing sight amidst the Sicilian Baroque architecture.

Teatro Massimo & Villa Tasca, Palermo:

We see Palermo in White Lotus season 2 when Harper and Daphne go to an Italian Palazzo. This place was Villa Tasca, which is a perfect place to visit if you want to experience the lavish lifestyle. It is just as beautiful as it’s shown on the HBO series and is even available to be booked as an Airbnb.

Teatro Massimo, which is located in Piazza Verdi, is another spot we see on the show. This opera house was built back in 1897 and is a good location to learn about Italian architecture and the Royal history of the place.

Noto, Sicily:

Another commune chosen as a filming spot was Noto, which is not entirely new to being used as a filming place for a movie. The commune was declared a UNESCO Heritage site and has since remained a hot tourist spot for people from Italy and Europe. 

Other locations we see besides these places is the active volcano, Mount Etna. With the third season in production, the filming of White Lotus won’t be taking place in Italy anymore. It would instead be filmed entirely in Thailand.

The White Lotus is available to watch on HBO, Hulu, and Prime Video.

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