Who Did Phil Cheat on Kat With? Answered

Phil on EastEnders

Guess what’s buzzing in EastEnders? Spoilers just spilled the tea that Kat’s world is about to be rocked when she gets wind of Phil’s undercover romance with Lola’s mom, Emma.

Can you imagine the drama that’s about to unfold? I bet Kat’s reaction to finding out her hubby’s been sneaking around won’t be a pretty picture!

Stick around to get all the details on how Kat stumbles upon this bombshell and what she decides to do about it. It’s all there in the EastEnders spoilers!

Who Did Phil Cheat on Kat With? Answered
EastEnders stars (Credits: @bbceastenders/Instagram)

Who Did Phil Cheat on Kat With?

In the latest EastEnders drama, Phil Mitchell (played by Steve McFadden) finds himself in hot water as his secret affair with Emma Harding (played by Patsy Kensit) just before marrying Kat Slater (played by Jessie Wallace) is on the verge of exploding.

Sam Mitchell (played by Kim Medcalf), determined to regain her place in the Mitchell family, discovers she’s been left £100,000 by her recently deceased Aunt Sal.

However, Phil, not feeling generous, refuses to hand over her share. Ever the schemer, Sam decides to use the one piece of information that could turn the tide.

Alfie Moon (played by Shane Richie) spills the beans about Phil’s cheating ways, and armed with this knowledge, Sam heads to Peggy’s to blackmail Phil for her inheritance. Despite Phil’s tough exterior, Sam persists, and eventually, he caves to her demands.

Meanwhile, Kat catches Ben Mitchell (played by Max Bowden) conspiring with Phil across the Square and confronts him. Ben skillfully deflects the situation.

Later, during Kat and Phil’s joint birthday karaoke party at the Vic, the couple attempts a heart-to-heart discussion over recent events. However, their peace is shattered when Sam takes the microphone.

Having already extracted money from Phil, Sam publicly reveals his infidelity in front of the entire pub, leaving Kat in shock.

Now, the question is whether Kat will believe her betrayed sister-in-law or if Phil manages to escape unscathed once again. The explosive scenes promise a gripping turn of events in the Mitchell family saga.

What Was the Reactions of Fans Like?

Responding to the cheating bombshell, viewers wasted no time venting on Twitter, expressing their disgust at Phil’s choice and confessing the scene made them ‘sick.’

Some fans rallied behind Kat, urging her to ditch Phil and rekindle things with Alfie, especially after Phil’s shocking betrayal. One viewer commented, ‘Who gave Phil the audacity?’ while another FAN tweeted, ‘I feel sick, Phil and Emma are vile, EastEnders, this ain’t on.’

In contrast, there were cheers for Phil from some quarters, with one person saying, ‘Yes, Phil!!!! You keep on with your bad self! Now we can see what we all want, and all will be right with the world again.’ On the other hand, a hopeful viewer remarked, ‘I hope Kat marries Alfie instead of Phil!’

The drama unfolded in Tuesday’s episode, sparked by the fallout from Kat and Phil’s clash over his omission of Alfie’s cancer scare. Feeling betrayed, Kat confronted Phil, insisting she needed to support Alfie.

Phil, heeding advice from Sharon, attempted to mend things with a peace offering in the form of a box of chocolates, but Kat remained furious.

Will Kat Find Out Later? 

The big question on everyone’s mind is, will Kat find out about Phil’s shocking actions, and will their wedding day still go as planned?

In a heartfelt moment, Kat expressed, “Some people aren’t built to think of other people, Phil. People like us, we break things. It’s how we’re designed. It’s what we do.” A revealing conversation with Sharon followed, where she urged Kat to patch things up with Phil before it was too late.

Sharon advised, “Don’t take your fear out on Phil; he’s doing the best he can. Don’t throw away what you have, Kat, and end up like me, back on the shelf.”

In a rush to reconcile with Phil, Kat headed out. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Phil was caught in a steamy encounter with Emma in Peggy’s office, betraying his fiancée.

The burning question remains: will Kat discover Phil’s shocking betrayal, and how will she react? The impending wedding day hangs in the balance, leaving viewers on the fringe of their seats.

Kat Still Has a Connection with Her Ex, Alfie. Is it True?

Phil insisted that he got Kat’s thing with Alfie and knew she wouldn’t want him to be alone. But Kat stood her ground, saying she had to be the one supporting her ex.

She argued, “It’s not about him being alone; I needed to be with him! Not you, not anyone! Me! I’ve always been there for you. I’ve put my safety and my boys’ safety on the line for you because I’ve been silly enough to love you.”

Phil shot back, insisting he never hinted at anything between her and Alfie. Kat countered with, “I’ve never cheated on you, Phil.”

Kat Still Has a Connection with Her Ex, Alfie. Is it True?
EastEnders – Kat and Phil (Credits: @bbceastenders/Instagram)

She laid it out, saying, “You see something good, and you bring out your wrecking ball. I deserve better, and if you let yourself, you do too.” And with that, Phil, looking all sad, walked out.

In another scene, Emma, Lola Pearce’s estranged mom, tried to defend her granddaughter Lexi texting her, expressing concern about the little one.

When Ben Mitchell (played by Max Bowden) dropped the bomb that he’d never be part of Lexi’s life, Emma hit Peggy’s for a drink, where she bumped into Phil.

She spilled the beans, saying, “Your son just gave me an earful, claiming I don’t deserve to be in Lexi’s life.”

Emmaaskedg Phil if she should ignore what Lexi wanted just to please someone else. She got real, saying, “Don’t act like you have never messed up, Phil. Never done something wrong, thinking it was right.”

Phil, being Phil, came back with, “Never said I was perfect, did I?” He then told her to hit the road, but Emma wasn’t done. She brought up his ex-wives and called him out for not thinking about other people in a pretty tense moment.

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