Who is Connie Ferguson Dating Now? Her Love Life Explained

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Connie Ferguson is a South African-based Motsowa actress, filmmaker, producer and a successful businesswoman. Born on 10 June 1970, she was one of the legendary celebrities of the late 90’s. She was popularly famous with her nickname “Karobo Moroka” in her hometown. 

She began her acting career in 1994 by playing the main role of Karabo Moroka in the most popular South African soap opera caller Generations. Spectators mesmerized by her acting gave her a nickname based on the first character she played. After 16 years of playing in opera, she finally departed in 2010.

Connie Ferguson made her TV acting debut in 2010 right after she departed from Generations. She played the lead role in the M-Net telenovela “The Wild.” She co-starred with her husband however, it was cancelled in April 2013. Later Connie and her husband Shona launched their own film company.  

From here Connie Ferguson’s acting career took a major rise as she appeared in many shows and films which the husband-wife duo would produce like iGazi, the Gift, The Queen and The Imposter. Connie played the role of Harriet Khoza in The Queen which went very viral.  

Recently, Connie Ferguson has seen in the netflix series  “Kings of Jo-Burg” which the second season was set to release in January 2023. After that, the actress seems inactive in the acting industry. 

Fans of Connie Ferguson are always curious to know how the artist is now doing or whom she is dating, especially because Connie lost her husband a few years back. Well, this blog will give you details if the actress has moved on with her life or if she is still reminiscing her memories of her second husband. ‘

Connie Ferguson Dating & Married Life 

Soap Opera Actress Connie Ferguson was married at a very early age to Neo Matsunyane before she met the man of her dreams. Just like like Connie Ferguson was a fabulous artist, her first husband Neo Matsunyane was also a multitalented television, presenter, actor, director and voice actor. 

The duo got married in the early 90s. In June 2002 the couple were blessed with a cute angelic daughter named Lesedi. However, due to non-stop conflicts between their ideologies and work life, the duo decided to separate their paths. In 1988 they officially divorced after five years of marriage. 

Connie and Shona
Connie and Shona together [Credits: @connie_ferguson/ Instagram]

In July 2001 Connie Ferguson met the man of dreams the versatile actor Shona Ferguson. From their first meeting, both knew that their hearts belonged to each other. After dating for a few months the couple tied the knot in November 2001 and in June 2002 the couple welcomed their daughter.

 In 2010 when Connie Ferguson embarked on her acting career after retiring from opera, she decided to take a risk into something new in her life. Both Connie Ferguson and Shona Ferguson joined hands to start their own film company to contribute to the public.

They started a television company called Ferguson Films in 2010 and their first production was Rockville, which was a major success leading the duo to achieve many awards.

Just from meeting accidentally through Connie’s sister to falling in love at first sight and then embarking on the same career together. This powerful couple is an example of a relationship which shows love and respect. They had the same dreams and supported each other for it.

In December 2021, the couple celebrated their 19th anniversary will revealing the wedding pictures to fans. In the social media post posted by Shona, he dedicated to his wife writing “The fact that 19 years later you still managed to make me laugh in everything I’ve prayed for and more!”

But the couple couldn’t last for long as they prayed for. On the eve of 30th July 2021, Shona Ferguson died due to Covid-19 complications. His absence created a void in the life of Connie. She took a break from her career and focused on continuing the legacy of Ferguson Films started with her husband. 

Connie posting picture of Shona on his 2nd death anniversary
Connie posting picture of Shona on his 2nd death anniversary [Credits: @connie_ferguson/ Instagram]

After his loss, Connie took to her Facebook post to reveal her love and respect for Shona, she wrote “This is a huge loss to the TV & Film Industry and we are so grateful for his contribution. His impact has been felt and his legacy will live on.”

In one of her interviews Connie upon asking about Shona describes him as a “man-in-a million, my best friend and my soul mate.” It seems the actress is still reminiscing memories of her dear husband Shoan.

There is also no confirmed update on who the actress is dating. So we assume that Connie Ferguson is currently single. We wish her all the best and hope that only happiness lumens into the life of Connie Ferguson. 


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