Who Is Jordan Clarkson’s Baby Momma? The NBA Player Is Also A Father Of One Girl Child

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Jordan Clarkson is making multiple headlines for his rebound to become the first Utah Jazz player, making a record regular season triple-double in 5801 days. Keeping this aside, what fans have lately been more curious about is the mother of his child, more precisely, his daughter. In short, who is Jordan Clarkson’s baby momma? 

Jordan Clarkson is an incredible NBA player, currently serving for the Utah Jazz as the shooting guard. That’s right since 2019. Born in 1992, he is now 31 years old. He hails from Tampa. Previously, Jordan has played for other NBA teams, including- the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, etc. 

From a very young age, Jordan Clarkson was interested in playing basketball. He even played for Tulsa at his college and later for Missouri. Concerning his achievements, in 2021, Jordan earned the title of the NBA Sixth Man of the Year. He also made it to the NBA All-Rookie First Team sometime in 2019. 

Who Is Jordan Clarkson's Baby Momma?
Jordan Clarkson (Credits: @jordanclarksons/Instagram)

Moving on to Jordan Clarkson’s personal life, the NBA player is in a happy relationship. She isn’t a sportsperson but a successful singer- Maggie Lindemann.

However, she isn’t his baby momma. It’s preferable to say that he shares a daughter with his ex-girlfriend. You must have become more impatient now. So, who is she? Here is what we know about Jordan Clarkson’s baby momma. 

Meet Jordan Clarkson’s Baby Momma: Who Is She? 

Talking about Jordan Clarkson’s baby momma, she is none other than his ex-girlfriend- Ashlee Roberson. They reportedly started sharing a romance in August 2016.

However, they broke up at the end of the following year. Soon, the estranged couple welcomed their daughter, particularly in April 2018. They named their daughter- Callie Rose Roberson Clarkson. 

Concerning the identity of Jordan Clarkson’s baby momma, she is also a sports person. She is retired, though. Well, Ashlee is a former basketball player, majorly known for her performance for Texas Tech Raiders in the WNBA. 

Who Is Jordan Clarkson's Baby Momma?
Jordan Clarkson and his baby, Callie Rose (Credits: @jordanclarksons/Instagram)

We aren’t very sure why Jordan Clarkson and Ashlee Roberson’s relationship didn’t work. Not all couples are destined to stay together until their very last breath. That’s okay!

It’s possibly because of their similar interest in basketball, which is the reason why they got along in the first place. Little did you know, the mother of his child is reportedly a few years older than him. 

Jordan Clarkson and Ashlee Roberson kept their relationship low-key. Therefore, nothing much is known. During their separation, she was already expecting a baby. It was harsh for the NBA player to leave her at that time. Still, one shouldn’t judge him since we don’t know the backstory. 

At present, as mentioned earlier, Jordan Clarkson is romantically linked to the “Pretty Girl” singer- Maggie Lindemann. She is an incredible singer and songwriter, hailing from Dallas. Born in 1998, she is now 25 years old. Some of Maggie’s notable songs are- Gaslight, How Could You Do This To Me?, You’re Not Special, Self Sabotage, and Cases. 

Who Is Jordan Clarkson's Baby Momma?
Jordan Clarkson (Credits: @jordanclarksons/Instagram)

Well, Jordan and Maggie confirmed their relationship in September 2022. So, it’s been more than a year of their togetherness, and things are growing stronger than ever. 

It’s unknown if Jordan Clarkson is in touch with his baby momma. However, fans are convinced that he is on good terms with his daughter, Callie. Well, that’s usually how fathers are. Also, he posts pictures with her, highlighting their friendly relationship.

How can a father ignore his children? Isn’t it? Ashlee must have had difficulty raising her single-handedly, as Jordan didn’t seem to be by her side at the time. She appears to be a proud mother. 

 Jordan Clarkson’s baby momma, Ashlee, has always been preferring to keep herself away from the public eye. That’s the reason we aren’t very sure about her current status.  

Best Wishes to Jordan Clarkson. Make sure to follow this Utah Jazz player, Jordan, on his Instagram account for more relatable updates. Sending loads of love to little Callie. 


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