Who is Lexi Rivera Dating in 2024? Who is Andrew Davila?

Lexi Rivera

Ever since parting ways with Ben Azelart, there’s been a burning question among ardent YouTube enthusiasts: “Who is Lexi Rivera dating now?” While she hasn’t explicitly spilled the beans, there’s a growing belief among fans that her heart might be entwined with Andrew Davila.

Lexi Rivera, the YouTuber and social media sensation, etched her name in the online realm by treating viewers to a delightful array of video challenges, pranks, and thrilling adventures featuring her friends and, of course, her boyfriend. The charm of her videos has struck a chord, going viral with millions of views on YouTube.

As Lexi Rivera skyrocketed to internet stardom, a massive following eagerly sought glimpses into her life. Her boyfriend was a regular feature on the screen, making it all the more surprising when they decided to part ways two years ago.

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating in 2024? Is Andrew Davila Her Love Life?
Lexi Rivera and Ben (Credits: @lexibrookerivera/Instagram)

The Early Days Before Her Social Media Fame

In August 2010, Brent set up a YouTube channel called Lexiloulouu for Lexi, showcasing her gymnastic talent. Initially, it was all about highlighting Lexi’s skills, but as Brent’s own YouTube fame grew, he shifted focus to his own channel.

By 2012, Lexi’s channel had gone inactive. However, this wasn’t the end of her YouTube journey. She continued to feature prominently on Brent’s channel, building a social media following. Lexi also made appearances on Brice Rivera’s YouTube channel.

Her popularity soared on Instagram, prompting her to revive her YouTube career. On July 1, 2018, she posted her first video, answering fan questions from Instagram. Rivera’s channel evolved to include fashion and beauty videos with a humorous touch, alongside challenge and prank videos.

Today, Rivera is a YouTube sensation, reaping substantial rewards from her social media ventures. Interestingly, Lexi revealed that if she hadn’t become a YouTube star, she would have aspired to be a physician’s assistant.

Current Relationship with Andrew Davila

Lexi appears to be riding the single wave right now. On Valentine’s Day, she spiced things up a bit by pulling a prank on her followers. What did she do? Well, she threw everyone for a loop by sharing a picture with her rumored “Valentine.” Just a playful twist to keep her audience on their toes!

Rumors started swirling about Andrew being Lexi’s current flame. It all sparked when Lexi dropped a YouTube video titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend,” featuring Andrew as the supposed new squeeze.

She later spilled the beans that it was all a prank, just friends having some fun. But here’s the twist – fans are still side-eyeing the situation because their social media posts scream “more than friends.”

Lexi and Andrew pop up in each other’s videos and posts so often that the speculation train keeps on chugging. Love in the air or just great friendship? The mystery continues!

Past Relationship with Ben Azelart

Lexi and Ben kicked off their romance in 2018. Quick trivia: Lexi was 17 at the time. They didn’t hold back, sharing their relationship adventures with their followers. But here’s where it gets interesting – their love story had its fair portion of ups and downs, with breakups and makeups making it a rollercoaster.

Past Relationship with Ben Azelart
Lexi Rivera and her Lover (Credits: @lexibrookerivera/Instagram)

Come 2020, they decided to officially call it quits, and they spilled the tea on YouTube. Both of them agreed it was a mutual decision, feeling that the friend zone was where they belonged. Ben spilled the beans, saying:

“We were 15 and 16 as the time this all started. We went through some of the most changing years of our existence, and I think just throughout those years, we changed as people. Right now, we are just better off as friends.”

But hold on, the story doesn’t end there. Despite the romantic chapter closing, Lexi and Ben kept the professional vibes strong, teaming up for videos. They even dropped a prank video where they jokingly pretended to reconcile, and you bet it went viral, racking up millions of views.

Is Lexi Rivera Married?

Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila decided to hit the Bahamas with their Amp Squad crew, and guess what? They were spotted rocking matching white outfits! Lexi rocked a stunning white dress, while Andrew went for a crisp white shirt and trousers.

Now, this got fans buzzing with speculation that the dynamic duo might have secretly tied the knot in the Bahamas. To add to the mystery, the whole scene had vibes reminiscent of a wedding backdrop, but hold your horses – turns out it was just a setup for a photoshoot.

Fans, being the detectives they are, went all out with theories. But here’s the scoop: Lexi Rivera is still flying solo in the marriage department. The Bahamas escapade? Well, it seems like it was just a fab vacation, not a hush-hush wedding affair.


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