Who Is Mischa Barton’s Partner? ‘The O.C‘ Star’s Personal Life

Mischa Bartons Partner 2

Mischa Barton rose to huge fame and success after playing the role of Marissa Cooper in the popular television series The O.C. Barton also starred in the CW series, The Beautiful Life. Barton’s other acting credits include The Six Sense, Notting Hill, Recovery Road, and Invitation to Murder. She went on to star in the indie crime drama, Pups, in 1999.

Barton was also cast in an extended guest role for the rebooted Australian soap opera, Neighbours. The actress has earlier been candid about how fame affected her mental health as she ended up having PTSD. The actress has attracted  considerable media attention ruin for her tumultuous personal life as well. Let us know all about Mischa Barton’s Partner.

Who Is Mischa Barton’s Partner?

While it is not known who is Mischa Barton’s partner, the popular actress has been romantically linked with photographer Gian Marco Flamini. The alleged couple were first spotted together back in 2021.

These rumours were fuelled further after Flamini took to Instagram and shared a black-and-white image of the actress who was seen relaxing by a lake. The two were seemingly spending some quality time at Big Bear Lake In California.

Mischa Barton’s Partner
Mischa Barton With James Abercrombie (Credits: People)

However, Mischa Barton has earlier been romantically linked with oil heir Brandon Davis, musician Cisco Adler, along with the Australian model, James Abercrombie. The O.C actress earlier sparked engagement rumors with engagement with Sebastian Knapp when paparazzi posted a ring on her engagement finger.

These engagement rumours were put to rest at once. The actress’ once revealed that she was even advised to get with Leonardo DiCaprio when she was 19 years old during that time. 

In an early interview, Mischa Barton admitted that her dating life was weird when she was younger as she was dating men much older than her when she was just a young teenager. She stated that now that she looks back, and how she was 18 while dating much older men, it was just weird.

Mischa Barton also got embroiled in a lawsuit with her former partner, Jon Zacharias, regarding a s*x tape as the actress explained that she came forward to fight this not only for herself but for all women out there as she hopes the case sets a precedent for women everywhere”

Did Mischa Barton Star On The O.C?

Mischa Barton rose to huge fame and success after she bagged the role. However, the show’s creator Josh Schwartz made a shocking revelation saying that Mischa was actually not the first choice to play Marissa Cooper.

As the actress reunited with the cast ensemble almost after two decades after the show premiered. Barton explained how it was really fun reconnecting with them and to get to talk to them again. The actress admitted that it felt like a lot of stuff to do with that has come full circle as it should after twenty years of your life as these things are supposed to.

Mischa Barton Opens Up About About Her Career!

Mischa Barton has been candid about her career as the actress revealed that although she loved the show, there was sort of a general bullying from some of the men on set that kind of felt bad. Barton, however, did not disclose any name.

Mischa Barton’s Partner
Mischa Barton (Credits: People)

As Barton found fame when she was just 17 years old, the actress revealed that she went to therapy every day for the rest of her life, but pointed out that there is just a certain amount of trauma from all that she went through, particularly in her early 20s, and that is just something that does not just go away overnight.

Mischa Barton admitted that she was not fully prepared for that level of fame because it has never been something that she have sought out and she really would much rather be anonymous. Barton had to face intense public and media scrutiny as well. 


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