Who Is Spider-Man 2099? Origins, Powers, And Encounters With Spider-Man, Sinister Six, And Into The Spider-Verse

Spider Man 2099 In Across The Spider Verse

Across the sprawling Spider-Verse, there have been many heroes to take the name Spider-Man. But perhaps none have been more enduring or more popular than the sci-fi hero of the future the Spider-Man 2099. Miguel O’Hara has been a fan favorite since his debut in the early 90s, returning many times over the years in the comic book, team-ups, video games, cartoons, and even the upcoming movie Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse.

So what makes this future web warrior so beloved? Is it his cool costume, the unique dystopian future he comes from, or perhaps it is the endless misery that has been heaped upon this reluctant hero over and over again. What do we love more than a hero who keeps fighting, even after things look their darkest. And boy do things just stay dark for this wall-crawler.

Spider-Man 2099 Origins

Miguel O’Hara was a brilliant science whiz, not unlike Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man. He was a high-level researcher working on genetic engineering with animals for a massive mega-corporation named Alchemax. His journey towards becoming Spider-Man began during research he was conducting to create a corporate raider for Alchemax that would take secrets from its competition.

Migule was inspired by Spider-Man

Migule was inspired by Spider-Man

Inspired by Spider-Man, Miguel O’Hara was researching how to use spider DNA to create a corporate raider who could climb walls and easily sneak in and out of buildings. Miguel O’Hara was not exactly the nicest guy, he was arrogant and snarky, making fun of his co-workers and boasting about his superior intelligence and scientific skills.

He did not particularly care that Alchemax was responsible for much of the inequality pollution and general social damage in the country, particularly in Nueva York, the New York of 2099. This is despite the protest of his younger brother Gabriel, who was much more concerned with the issues in the plight of those who live far below the massive Skyscrapers of the corporations.

Even so, Miguel O’Hara was not completely heartless, and when he was pressured to rush his experiments and conduct human testing, he protested. He ultimately agreed when a volunteer begged to be part of an experiment rather than be aged 40 years to near death as punishment. But the test failed and created a hideous lumbering monster. It reached out to Miguel O’Hara as if begging to be put out of its misery before it melted into a pile of goo.

Miguel O’Hara quit Alchemax immediately, horrified by the result. He did not want to be involved in such horrible and inhumane research. In a plot to keep Miguel O’Hara at Alchemax, the head of the company Tyler Stone drugged him with a highly addictive hallucinogen called the rapture. Since Alchemax was the only legal producer of the drug and those addicted died without regular doses. Miguel O’Hara would be forced to remain with the company.

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The Day Miguel O’Hara Became Spider-Man 2099

Rapture wasn’t just a highly addictive drug, and it also bonded with the user’s genetics. In order to free himself from his addiction, Miguel O’Hara tried to use his own research to fix the problem. Having used himself as a source of human genetic data, Miguel O’Hara had an in-depth record of his genetic code prior to being drugged. He planned to essentially reboot his genes. However, a bitter partner named Aaron Delgado sabotaged the equipment, causing an explosion while Miguel O’Hara was undergoing his treatment.

Miguel O’Hara survive and undergo a horrifying mutation

Miguel O’Hara survive and undergo a horrifying mutation

After the explosion, Aaron saw Miguel O’Hara survive and undergo a horrifying mutation as a result of the spider genetics that Miguel O’Hara had on file. Horrified by the monstrous change, Aaron tried to kill Miguel O’Hara, but Miguel found he was suddenly fast enough to avoid the bullets. Delgado’s reckless gunshots caused another explosion that blew open the wall and left him dangling from the edge.

Miguel O’Hara tried to save Delgado, but as he tried to pull the man up Delgado screamed in pain as Miguel O’Hara’s hand stuck to his skin and was slowly ripping it away from his wrist. Miguel O’Hara was still disoriented so he did not understand the other man’s screams. He continued to pull trying to save Delgado’s life until the skin ripped completely off the man’s arm and Delgado plummeted to his death. That’s when O’Hara realized, he had been transformed. He saw that his hands had grown talons and he now had sharp fangs in his mouth.

When the police arrived, Miguel O’Hara leaped from the building ready to end it all. But the rush of the fall snapped him out of his days. Desperate to somehow survive now that he was facing his imminent demise, he desperately grabbed for the building. His talons on his hands dug into the side of the building and as he held on for dear life, he discovered that the claws were also on his feet allowing him to crawl to safety.

Spider-Man 2099’s First Fight

Miguel O’Hara returned home to recover and discovered his talons were retractable, although he still had to concentrate hard to keep them retracted. He soon discovered that he was being pursued by an elite Alchemax assassin named Venture. The cyborg killer was a merciless force of nature, who was unafraid to hurt innocent bystanders to get his query. With his cybernetic eye, Venture was able to track Miguel O’Hara’s heat signature in his apartment.

Spider-Man 2099 vs Venture

Spider-Man 2099 vs Venture

To mask his identity, Miguel O’Hara used a Day of the Dead costume made of unstable molecules that he had worn once as a disguise. Combined with the gliding material he had salvaged, Miguel O’Hara leaped from his apartment to catch the assassin by surprise and keep his identity safe. He led Venture on a chase back and forth across the city through his own apartment to trick the assassin and throw him off the trail.

Spider-Man found unlikely help from a religious group called the Thorites. The Thorites were a cult that believed Thor had died and would someday return to save the world. Despite the help from his new fans, Venture managed to capture Miguel O’Hara.

As they fought in mid-air, the assassin grabbed Miguel O’Hara’s arm, which unexpectedly forced him to shoot webs from the top of his wrist. Spider-Man managed to come out that victor with the combination of his newly discovered web power, super-strength, and scientific wits. But he was left lost and confused.

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Miguel O’Hara’s fiancee Dana believed he was still strung out on the rapture drug, while his brother considered him a corporate stooge who sold his soul to Alchemax. With his physical transformation, including the talon, fangs, and web shooters that he had grown across his whole arm, he didn’t know how to hide or what to do next. Miguel O’Hara was offered his old job at Alchemax, provided that he helped Stone locate Aaron Delgado, whom he believed was the new Spider-Man.

Miguel O’Hara accepted the position and planned to use Alchemak’s resources to find a cure for his transformation and to discover what other powers he might develop in the meantime. It was a pretty good plan and also showed that even though he had managed to help a few people, he was not particularly interested in heroics. That began to change as Spider-Man 2099 went on to have various adventures fighting crime downtown.

Miguel accepts the position Alchemak

Miguel accepts the position Alchemak

Spider-Man Becames People’s Hero

This downtown was the literal bottom rung of society, far below the skyscrapers of the wealthy citizens of Nueva York. Downtown was the original island of Manhattan, living in the shadow of the skyscrapers and flying cars of the elite. In addition to fighting petty crime, he met a few supervillains, including fighting a new Vulture who was a cannibalistic cyborg. Like the original Spider-Man, this new Spidey was also pursued by police, but these were a private police force owned by Alchemax.

These adventures began to expose Miguel O’Hara to how desolate a future 2099 really was. American society and government had been completely overtaken by corporations. Much of their technology was more advanced, there were certain sciences and technology that had been lost at the end of the mysterious heroic age, which ended many years ago in an unknown catastrophe.

More than a desire to help people, Spider-Man 2099 was motivated to sabotage Alchemax. But in doing so, he found himself on the side of the poor and marginalized of downtown, who came to view him as a hero of the people. He even inspired copycats who considered him a mystical savior and herald of Thor.

Miguel O’Hara saw being Spider-Man as a chance to do something important and meaningful, a chance to make up for his work at Alchemax. Being Spider-Man opened his eyes to the realities of inequalities and justice. His heroics inspire the masses of downtown to hope for a better life. Even Miguel O’Hara’s own mother, who had so long viewed him as selfish, saw Spider-Man as the hero of the people.

Spider-Man Becomes People's Hero

Spider-Man Becomes People’s Hero

Although he never set out to be a hero, Spider-Man took on that role and warned the corporations that Spider-Man would be watching them. This journey of a reluctant hero who slowly learned of his own privilege and realized his responsibility to humanity gave Miguel O’Hara’s early adventures in particular a compelling and emotional element.

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A Sarcastic Spider-Man

With his expanded view of the world and its harsh reality, Spider-Man had started to feel guilty when he took the costume off and returned to being Miguel O’Hara living uptown. He felt he was abandoning the people he had grown to care about. His sense of duty slowly came to replace his arrogance. Though he often viewed himself as better than many of his opponents and allies.

This was often shown in Spider-Man’s quips and jokes in battle. Much like the original Spider-Man, Miguel O’Hara talks a lot, particularly when fighting. But where Peter’s banter is frantic and used as a defense mechanism, Miguel O’Hara’s humor is more sarcastic and arrogant.

Miguel O’Hara went on fighting Alchemax and their private enforcers, protecting people from police brutality and unjust punishment with plenty of snide comments. As a result, Spider-Man was a regular fixture downtown. He even learned to use the religious beliefs that had popped up around Spider-Man to his advantage, threatening criminals with heavenly punishment. Spider-Man had fully embraced his role as a hero of the people and protector of the downtrodden.

Sarcastic Spider-Man 2099

Sarcastic Spider-Man 2099

But as the religious worship continued to grow, it took a toll on Miguel O’Hara. Soon the crowds were asking for blessings and mothers were asking Spider-Man to heal their children. Miguel O’Hara was uncomfortable with the reverence and recognized that he was not able to give them what they needed.

Spider-Man 2099’s AI Assistant Lyla

Being a superhero is always a lonely job, and this new Spider-Man was feeling isolated from everyone he knew. Even putting on the costume did not give him an emotional escape once the worship began. These weren’t exactly the problems that faced the original Peter Parker, who grew up poor and was always broke. Instead of worship, he was just a wall-crawling menace feared by the public. Kinda makes Miguel O’Hara look a little selfish, feeling sorry that life was in a way a little too good.

Miguel O’Hara was not completely alone though, he was aided in his mission by Lyla, a holographic robot assistant. Think of Siri or Alexa if they were able to create a projection that looked like Marilyn Monroe. Lyla slowly began to reveal she was more than just a basic AI and often engaged in playful banter with Miguel O’Hara as she developed a personality. But she soon developed emotions that overwhelmed her and even caused her to briefly turn evil, but not to worry, she got better.

Later while Miguel O’Hara was a time-hopping hero trapped in the past, Lyla became a portable assistant, not just confined to Miguel O’Hara’s apartment. She was first housed in Miguel O’Hara’s watch and eventually became an onboard computer for his upgraded Parker industries costume. Lyla always tried her best to be helpful, but her misunderstanding of basic human social cues usually ended up with badly timed jokes or generally embarrassing behavior.

Spider-Man 2099's AI Lyla

Spider-Man 2099’s AI Lyla

Spider-Man 2099’s Meets Thor, Dr. Doom, Publisher 2099, And X-Men 2099

Miguel O’Hara and his fiancee as guests of Alchemax were invited to the new technological marvel that was the floating skyscraper called Valhalla. When they arrived for the opening ceremony, a great roar came from the sky shaking all of Valhalla. From above descended a golden-haired figure claiming to be Thor wielding a hammer and joined by another who claimed to be the god Heimdall. This Thor announced himself as the original god of thunder reborn and spoke words of warning against false prophets and heralds.

Miguel O’Hara was a bit stressed out about that last part, given his recent reputation. Thor tried to take Dana as a prize and when Miguel O’Hara stood up to the supposed god, he was lobbed through the air like a ragdoll. Dana was horrified, thinking Miguel O’Hara was dead. Thor demanded the mortals leave Valhalla so the gods could inhabit it. In the meantime, Miguel O’Hara had put on his costume to stand up to Thor and protect Dana.

Learning that everyone had already left, Spider-Man decided it was no longer his problem and turned to go. But Thor and Heimdall attacked calling him a false prophet. Spidey managed to cut Thor’s cheek with Heimdall’s sword. Thor was furious and unleashed a fury worthy of the god he claimed to be, proving himself massively powerful and sending Miguel O’Hara flying through the air with the strength of his hammer.

Spider-Man awoke from his hammer-induced nap to the Punisher 2099, holding a gun up to his head. They managed to convince each other they were mutual enemies of Valhalla and flew up to stop the gods on Punisher’s hoverbike. But they were not the only heroes out to stop this new Thor.

Thor smacking Spider-Man 2099

Thor smacking Spider-Man 2099

The X-Men of 2099 and a new hero named Ravage had discovered that Valhalla’s technology was causing massive environmental damage and had converged on Valhalla. There also came Dr. Doom, who used his magic and technology to survive into the future and become a hero, to put a stop to the floating ecological disaster.

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Defeating The Fake God

All the while Thor was growing in reputation, as many Thorites celebrated the return of their savior. His strength and feats were enough to convince many that the gods had truly returned. In reality, however, it was a plot by the evil CEO of the Alchemax corporation, who sought to use these engineered gods to wipe out this new batch of superheroes, who were giving people too much hope and inspiring them to seek to better their lives.

By convincing the people that the real gods had returned, he would show them that the heroes like Spider-Man were tricksters and frauds. Thor and the returned Norse gods would be the new champions and be worshipped by the masses. Meaning Alchemax would then have control of an entire religion.

The heroes of 2099 now all gathered in Valhalla, teamed up to stop Alchemax and its dangerous plot. Together with the Punisher, Miguel O’Hara bought time for Dr. Doom and Ravage to hack into Valhalla’s systems and adjust the anti-gravity system, so they would no longer jeopardize the environment below. Just as they did so, Thor attacked and brought the floating city crashing down toward Nueva York.

Doctor Doom helps to take down Fake Thor

Doctor Doom helps to take down Fake Thor

Dr. Doom instructed Miguel O’Hara and Punisher that Thor’s hammer could re-energize the city and keep it from falling. With Spider-Man’s help, Punisher was able to get the hammer and hurl it into the heart of Thor’s storm, thus ending the electrical interference and stabilizing Valhalla. With Valhalla neutralized and the gods defeated, Spider-Man returned to downtown where he had to decide how to continue on his Spider-Man and make a difference without the religion that had popped up around him.

It was a new chapter in his life that seemed like it might be a little less complicated. Clearly, he was still new to the whole superhero thing because things would only get worse for him and become more confusing with all the time travel to come.

Two Shocking Revelations

Shortly after the Valhalla adventure, Miguel O’Hara discovered that Alchemax had attacked his brother Gabriel and nearly killed him. Furious, he tracked down Tyler Stone at his mansion and was ready to murder the man. But when he arrived, he stumbled upon his mother in conversation with Stone where he overheard two shocking revelations.

Number one, Stone had never really drugged Miguel O’Hara, meaning the experiment that transformed him was not necessary and he could have lived a normal life. Number two, Tyler Stone was his real father, not the abusive or negligent George O’Hara.

These two facts completely rocked Miguel O’Hara’s world, and to deal with them he left Nueva York. He pushed aside his fiancee Dana and went on a road trip with his ex-girlfriend Xena. This adventure took him to a town free of corporate influence, route 66, and Mexico City for the Day of the Dead where he met Strange 2099, a young Mexican woman who was the new sorcerer supreme.

Miguel O’Hara no longer knew who he was or if his life had any great purpose. Just as he had started to get a handle on being Spider-Man and how to balance it with his civilian life, these newfound revelations hit particularly hard. If the reason he had gained his powers was some kind of cosmic mix-up, then why did he have them at all.

Miguel O’Hara no longer knew who he was

Miguel O’Hara no longer knew who he was

Miguel O’Hara’s road trip of self-discovery was cut short when he was abducted by government officials, who took him to the white house at the request of Tyler Stone. At the white house, Miguel O’Hara was introduced to the new president of the United States, none other than Dr. Doom. Under Doom, the corporations that ran society were consolidated with Stone in charge.

Stone recommended Miguel O’Hara to run Alchemax, the company he had waged war on as Spider-Man and was responsible for so much of his troubles. He couldn’t help himself but laugh at the absurdity and irony of this proposal. Miguel O’Hara eventually accepted the offer with the belief he could make a positive change with Alchemax’s resources.

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Spider-Man 2099 vs. Venom

But before he could get started, he had to deal with Venom, the original symbiote with a new host and mutated powers. After several fights with Spider-Man, Venom attacked Miguel O’Hara at Alchemax and threatened his ex-fiance and his girlfriend Xena. As the fight raged across the city, the police attempted to subdue Venom despite Spider-Man’s warnings. Venom’s ability allowed their bullets to pass right through his body.

With the police ignoring Spider-Man’s protest, Dana was caught by a stray gun fired and killed as Miguel O’Hara watched helplessly. After so much upheaval in his life, Miguel O’Hara went off the deep end, using Alchemex’s resources to discover a weakness in Venom. When they discovered he was sensitive to sound, Spider-Man went on a hunt and viciously beat Venom in a rage.

As the sound vibration caused the symbiote to break down, Miguel O’Hara was shocked to find that there was a human beneath the alien. It temporarily snapped him out of his rage, but when he tried to muster up the courage to kill Venom he discovered who the symbiote’s host was, Kron Stone. Kron was Miguel O’Hara’s half-brother and childhood bully. Venom was taken to Alchemax for study, but though he had managed to stop the villain, Dana’s death had permanently changed Miguel O’Hara.

Spider-Man 2099 vs Venom

Spider-Man 2099 vs Venom

The Original Spider-Man has been no stranger to tragedy throughout his long career. But Spider-Man 2099 would go on to be defined by a seemingly endless string of losses that pushed him to the edge time and time again and turned Miguel O’Hara into a much darker character than his predecessor.

Spider-Man 2099 vs. Goblin 2099

A new enemy soon took advantage of Spider-Man’s distress. Still reeling from his failure to save Dana, Spider-Man was targeted by Goblin 2099. This new version of the Green Goblin sought to expose Spider-Man as a fraud and used powers of illusion to trick Spider-Man into seeing civilians as copies of the Goblin.

Miguel O’Hara believed he was attacking Goblins, but images of the assault showed Spider-Man beating innocent bystanders. With these images made public, the people of downtown whom Spider-Man swore to protect, turned on him (hard to blame them, really).

Things seem to be just getting worse for Miguel O’Hara, who is now faced with an identity crisis, both in costume and out. If downtown no longer wanted him around, what was Spider-Man to do. Spidey began to think that maybe trying to do the right thing wasn’t worth all this pain and he should instead capitalize on his power. Things were only getting darker with Thorites beginning to murder the Spider-Man worshipers who dressed up in his costume.

Spider-Man 2099 vs Goblin

Spider-Man 2099 vs Goblin

The Thorites believed Spider-Man had betrayed them and was now just a corporate tool of Alchemax. When Spider-Man tried to rescue one of the men dressed in his costume, he discovered it was the first person who ever saw Spider-Man and had started the Spider-rite worshipers. It was yet another blow to Miguel O’Hara’s belief in himself and his mission.

Alien Investigation

While attending Dana’s funeral, Miguel O’Hara ran into the deceased man’s wife who said that her husband never stopped believing that Spider-Man would help make a better world, even after everyone else bought into Goblin’s tricks. This galvanized Miguel O’Hara who then went on to refuse Tyler Stone’s attempt to take Alchemax back. Instead, Miguel O’Hara renewed his mission to use the corporation for the public good.

But Spider-Man’s personal problems were soon brushed aside, as a major cataclysm struck the world of 2099. Spider-Man found himself dealing with an uprising from Atlantis and the melting of the polar ice caps which completely flooded downtown, drowning scores of people.

The Environmental catastrophe was the result of an invasion by the technologically advanced alien race known as the Phalanx. Their invasion effectively decimated the entire planet, leaving it flooded and the heroes of the era desperately trying to keep society moving forward.

Society was eventually able to rebuild once the Phalanx threat was dealt with. But it would later be revealed that Miguel O’Hara had quite a few more adventures in his past, thanks to some constant time traveler shenanigans that would ping-pong him back and forth between past and future.

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Spider-Man 2099 Powers And Abilities

With his genetic structure of a spider as a result of the accident at Alchemax, the Spider-Man of 2099 has enhanced strength and agility just like the original. However, unlike Peter Parker, Miguel O’Hara’s webbing is organic, not mechanical web shooters and he has spinnerets running along his forearm that release webbing from the tops of his wrist.

Miguel O’Hara's webbing is organic

Miguel O’Hara’s webbing is organic

Much like his predecessor, Spider-Man 2099 can cling to walls but does so using sharp talons on his hands and feet, not general adhesive stickiness like the original Spider-Man. These claws are extremely sharp and durable, able to cut through metal and skin with ease. Another difference in Spider-Man 2099’s power set was his lack of Parker’s Spider-Sense, instead, Miguel O’Hara had enhanced vision and hearing that gave him similar advantages.

This supervision was similar to Superman’s microscopic vision allowing him to see great distances. He could also see in complete darkness. His enhanced vision causes him to be extremely light sensitive, however, which requires him to wear tinted glasses to avoid being blinded in normal lighting conditions, which he at first thought was a side effect of the raptured drug. His eyes are also an inhuman red tint.

Miguel O’Hara possessed fangs with venom glands that could release a toxin to paralyze his enemies. Unlike the talons on his hands and feet, Miguel O’Hara could not retract his fangs and rarely opened his mouth fully or smiled clearly. As a result, he was often accused of mumbling.

Spider-Man 2099 Suit And Equipment

The original blackish Spider-Man 2099 suit was made of unstable molecules, a technology created by Mr. Fantastic. The fabric is nearly indestructible and can change shape along with its wearer. Meaning when Spider-Man releases his claws, the suit moves with him and does not rip. He also has a web-like cape that allows him to glide short distances.

Miguel O’Hara is a brilliant genetic scientist and is generally extremely intelligent allowing him to outsmart many of his opponents. However, even though he was brilliant and came from a technologically advanced future, Miguel O’Hara was no tech genius like Peter Parker. And never outfitted himself with any gadgets or upgrades, relying instead on his reflexes and straightforward brawler style of fighting.

Spider-Man 2099 vs Suits

Spider-Man 2099 vs Suits

When his suit was updated by Parker Industries, he had Lyla integrated into the helmet as an onboard computer that let him scan enemies and track them on the internet. This let him know if someone was trying to lie to him by monitoring their vital signs. He also had other tools like tracking heat signatures.

The new suit also included thrusters in his boot that allowed him not just glide but fly for short periods of time. The white suit was more heavily armored and concealed various gadgets within. The new outfit came just in time as Miguel O’Hara found himself bouncing back and forth through time more than ever.

Spider-Man 2099’s Encounter With Superior Spider-Man In The Present Day

At some point between when he discovered Tyler Stone was his father and before Doom’s presidency, Miguel O’Hara was displaced in time and ended up in the main Marvel Universe where he encountered the Superior Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus had taken over Peter Parker’s body in order to prove that his superior intellect would make him a more effective superhero.

Miguel O’Hara noticed something strange was up with Spider-Man. The two had met briefly once before and he crossed the timekeeper that caused the two to swap places. In that first adventure, Miguel O’Hara woke up in a bed next to Mary Jane Watson, while Peter was lost in New York City 2099. The two had been caught up in a battle between Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin of 22-11. Their time together was short, but it was enough time for Miguel O’Hara to realize Spidey’s new rougher attitude was out of character.

Miguel O’Hara ended up in the present day after investigating time distortions at Alchemax. Trying to determine the cause, Spider-Man fought through World War I-era airplanes and dinosaurs to get into the Alchemax HQ. Miguel O’Hara believed that they were responsible for the problems with the space-time continuum, but in fact, they were trying to put things right.

Tyler Stone slowly being ripped out of the time stream

Tyler Stone slowly being ripped out of the time stream

When Miguel O’Hara discovered that his father Tyler Stone was slowly being ripped out of the time stream, Miguel O’Hara stepped into the distortions to ensure his own existence and solve things at the source, the age of heroes.

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Spider-Man 2099 Trying To Save The Future

Octavius was at the time working at a cutting-edge technology company called Horizon labs. In a bid for corporate takeover, Tyler Stone’s father Tiberius Stone had seized horizon’s assets which threatened Octavius’s goals of scientific dominance. As Spider-Man, he chased down stone and violently threatened him, only to be stopped by the arrival of Spider-Man 2099.

So to recap, two Spider-Men, neither one is Peter Parker, but one is secretly the supervillain Dr. Octopus. When Superior Spidey didn’t recognize Miguel O’Hara from their first team-up, Miguel O’Hara stopped trying to reason with Octavius, grabs Stone, and left. Getting distance from the other Spider-Man began to set things right back in the future. But Miguel O’Hara started to think that maybe just putting the future back to the way it was before might not be for the best.

Especially considering with its evil mega-corporations and the problems they still cause. Miguel O’Hara called up his personal assistant Lyla on his watch and began researching Horizon labs and its connection to Alchemax. Lyla discovered that it was Tiberius Stone’s destruction of Horizon labs that eventually led to the rise of Alchemax, a destruction scheduled for that very day (talk about convenience).

Spider-Man 2099 Stuck In The Present World

Miguel O’Hara quickly traveled to Horizon labs to rescue its people but was promptly decked in the face by the Superior Spider-Man, making things a little more complicated. With Miguel O’Hara unconscious, Otto and the scientists at Horizon were unable to stop the coming explosion and 2099 began to unravel.

Miguel O’Hara grabbed Tiberia Stone

Miguel O’Hara grabbed Tiberia Stone

After regaining consciousness and with no time to put his original plan into motion, Miguel O’Hara risked a last desperate act. He grabbed Tiberia Stone so that he would perish with the rest of them. It would mean sacrificing his own existence, but Miguel O’Hara was willing to do it to make the future a better place without Stone or Alchemax. But Miguel O’Hara was not able to go through with it and in the final moment save Stone’s life setting the future back to the way it was.

Back in 2099 and fully recovered Tyler Stone destroyed the time travel device and stranded Miguel O’Hara in the present (he should have seen it coming). Stranded though, Miguel O’Hara was not about to stop fighting for 2099. He would end up going undercover in present-world Alchemax, under the guise of Michael O’Mara.

When Norman Osborne took over the criminal underworld as the Goblin King, Octavius sacrificed himself to return Peter Parker’s mind to its rightful body. Together with the original Spider-Man again, Miguel O’Hara helped defeat Osborne and his Goblin Army.

After using Lyla to choose the right lottery numbers for some quick cash, Miguel O’Hara moved into a crummy New York City apartment where he met a woman named Tempest. He continued working at Alchemax as his grandfather’s assistant and even seemed to be making some positive changes. Managing to convince Stone not to sell his Spider-Slayer tech to a dictator.

Spider-Man 2099 Into The Spider-Verse

Things started falling apart in Miguel O’Hara’s life when the vampiric inheritors led by Peter Parker’s dangerous enemy Moreland were killing and feeding off of the energy of Spider-Men and Women throughout the entire multiverse.

Miguel O’Hara witnessed Moreland murder his double

Miguel O’Hara witnessed Moreland murder his double

When an alternate version of Miguel O’Hara, who had traveled the multiverse with the ragtag group of heroes known as The Exiles tried to reach out to his counterpart in the main Marvel universe, our Miguel O’Hara witnessed Moreland murder his double through an interdimensional portal. The war for the Spider-Verse had begun and now the Spider-Man of 2099 was part of it.

To hide from Moreland and the inheritor, Spiders from across reality gathered on Earth 13, including Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman of the main Marvel universe, and the original Peter Parker and Spider-Ham. Miguel O’Hara was pretty close with Spider-Ham, the talking pig with spider powers. Miguel O’Hara went with Peter and several other spiders to recruit another team of Spider heroes that had been gathering separately.

They were shocked to discover that this group was led by Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man who had briefly vanished following the destruction of horizon labs. When Miguel O’Hara looked around, he discovered that they were in his world in the year 2099.

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Spider-Man 2099 Saves The Spider-People

After Octavius killed one of the Inheritors who attacked, they were surprised by the rest of the family and a clone of the murdered vampire. In the assault, Miguel O’Hara along with Steampunk Lady Spider, and the six-armed Spider-Man took the dead body and ran, hoping to study it for potential weaknesses. The trio regrouped at Miguel O’Hara’s apartment when they ran into his brother Gabriel.

While they strategized the monstrous inheritor Deimos attacked and murdered the six-armed Spider-Man. The remaining two led Deimos to Alchemax where they trapped him in a stasis field to stop his rampage. With Deimos stalled, Miguel O’Hara was able to discover that the Inheritors were vulnerable to radiation.

Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider

Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider

When he and Lady Spider returned to the safe zone, they discovered it had been invaded and countless Spider-Men were dead. But they also discovered the wreckage of Leopardon, the giant mech that belonged to the Spider-Man of the live-action Japanese television series. Together the two rebuilt the robot and added radiation-based weapons to it, hoping to help turn the tide for the Spiders.

The giant robot arrived to help in the final battle and the Inheritors were ultimately defeated, with the various Spider-People free to return to their own universes and proper timelines.

Miguel O’Hara With Tempest

But by now you should know that things are never so easy for the Spider-Man 2099. When he returned to his world, it was wrong, a desolate wasteland rolled over by the Maestro, a future evil version of the Hulk. Miguel O’Hara ended up captured in place in a cell with Strange 2099 whom he had previously met in Mexico. With Strange’s help, Spider-Man traveled back to the present day to try to solve whatever caused the future to go awry.

All he had to work with was only the mention of Alchemax developing something with nuclear weapons. Once back in the present day, Spider-Man secretly cured his friend Tempest of her cancer with medicine he had brought back from 2099 while researching the Inheritors. However, he hadn’t expected that the medicine’s side effects would turn his friend into a horrifying monster.

Trying to reach Tempest, Spider-Man revealed his identity which helped temporarily shock her long enough for Miguel O’Hara to escape and for her mutation to wear off.

Miguel O’Hara Living A Happy Life

Months later, Miguel O’Hara had hung up the costume and was trying to live a normal life in order to be there for his new girlfriend Tempest, in a way he was never able to do for Dana or Xena. He accepted a job as the head of research and development for Peter Parker’s company Parker Industries and was enjoying using his powers for lower-stakes affairs like winning American ninja warrior.

Miguel in American Ninga Warrior

Miguel in American Ninga Warrior

He had not given up trying to correct the timeline, however, and continued to keep tabs on Alchemax and tried to undermine them through corporate sabotage. He also kept a door to the future in his personal lab where he would check in every day to see if things had changed, but unfortunately, they never did. Though he continued to protest, Peter Parker tried to encourage Miguel O’Hara to use his powers, great power, and great responsibility, and all that.

Peter even created a new suit for Miguel that had various tech enhancements from his original costume. But Miguel O’Hara had made a promise to Tempest that he would not continue putting his life on the line. Even from the start, Miguel O’Hara wanted to live a normal life and found himself becoming a hero through happenstance.

With a chance at something approaching happiness and with so many other heroes active in this version of New York, it was much easier to let go of the responsibility than it had been in the future. Things seemed to be going pretty well for Miguel O’Hara, and though he was frustrated that he was not able to fix the future, he was feeling fulfilled in his relationship with Tempest.

Miguel And Tempest Caught In An Accident

On a romantic evening out, Tempest revealed to Miguel O’Hara that she was pregnant. At the same time, however, a car sped through the window of the restaurant they were dining in and exploded. Both Miguel O’Hara and Tempest were buried in the rubble and though Miguel O’Hara was able to survive only with minor injuries due to his powers, Tempest was in critical condition.

While recovering in the hospital, Miguel O’Hara was confronted by Tempest’s mother who told him her death was his fault. Miguel O’Hara broke down in tears as his friends looked on helplessly. Using his resources at Parker Industries, Miguel O’Hara discovered the car was driven by a robot and tracked the technology to a terrorist organization called The Fist. Miguel O’Hara suited up and went looking for revenge.

Miguel discovers the car

Miguel discovers the car

Miguel O’Hara found out Tempest was in fact alive but was being hidden by her mother Lorraine, who Miguel O’Hara discovered had killed her husband who was associated with the mob years ago. Upon hearing of this, Miguel O’Hara flew into a violent rage nearly killing a thug in order to track down Lorraine.

Miguel O’Hara has always had an angry streak that sometimes threatened his heroic career. When things got personal, he would become obsessive and fly into a rage, but this was the closest he had ever come directly to taking a life. Miguel O’Hara was horrified by his actions and questioned whether he was the good man he believed himself to be. It was a constant struggle for this Spider-Man in a way that it never was for Peter Parker.

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Miguel Finds Tempest And Lorraine

Miguel O’Hara’s background and arrogant attitude often meant Miguel O’Hara was fighting his own violent instincts and frustrations. This inner conflict is one of the things that makes this Spider-Man so distinct from the original. His origin was not rooted in tragedy but rather in his own ego and intelligence. Miguel O’Hara ended up a hero more by accident than by plan and every setback meant he would re-evaluate his purpose.

Miguel O’Hara eventually pulled himself together and found Lorraine. When he confronted her, she surprised him by revealing she had superpowers. She blasted Miguel O’Hara with pink energy beams from her hands. It was not going to be as easy as he had thought to get info from this old lady. Miguel O’Hara managed to settle Lorraine down and discover that she had tried to hide Tempest away out of fear that Tempest would develop the same uncontrollable power she had.


Spider-Man 2099 meets Lorraine

Spider-Man warned Lorraine to stay away and left. But though she was alive, Tempest was still in a coma and recovery was uncertain. As usual Miguel O’Hara had no time to celebrate the discovery his girlfriend was alive nor relaxed before everything went sideways, as he found himself transported back to 2099. But it had been changed, again.

Spider-Man Meets Sinister Six 2099

The Fist had recruited several of Miguel O’Hara’s enemies and were experimenting with time travel. When he tracked them down, he was caught in a trap that sent him back to the future. But this world was not like any of the other versions. It had become a combination of medieval and future tech. Distracted by the changes, Miguel O’Hara was subsequently captured by Venom and a new Doctor Octopus 2099.

Miguel O’Hara awoke in the clutches of the Goblin 2099 who explained that he was now at the mercy of the Sinister Six who controlled all of Nueva York including Alchemax. This Sinister Six 2099 included versions of Goblin, the Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Electro m, Venom, and Sand Women.

Miguel O’Hara tried to explain that this was not the way the future was supposed to be. Needless to say, the villains did not like hearing their victory and control was the wrong future. Just as they were about to kill Spider-Man they were stopped by the arrival of Dormammu, the evil fire demon. In truth, it was an illusion by the girlfriend of Gabriel, Miguel O’Hara’s brother who arrived in a high-tech suit to save Spider-Man.

With the aid of the Goblin, she had been tipped off on Spidey’s arrival. The rest of the Six discovered that the Goblin was a traitor and used her as bait to get Spider-Man back. Miguel O’Hara teamed up with his brother Gabriel whose mind had been plugged into virtual reality while his body withered away, to mount a rescue and get rid of the six once and for all.


Spider-Man 2099 vs Sinister Six

With Lyla’s help reaching out to the past they launched a plan that spanned nearly a century. With the knowledge that The Fist terrorist organization was responsible for this new future, Miguel O’Hara’s revenge and quest to set his world right were aligned. With the aid of Gabriel’s hollow projector tech, Spider-Man confused the villains by projecting hundreds of images of himself to overwhelm them.

Spider-Man managed to rescue the Goblin and escape with her. He planned to take her back to the present, but when they stepped through the time portal she was grabbed by Dr. Octopus and murdered. The portal closed and Miguel O’Hara fell to his knees and vowed revenge once again for the murder of yet another friend. And you thought Peter Barker’s Spider-Man had it rough.

Spider-Man 2099’s Final Adventure For Tempest

After encountering the ninja assassin Elektra, Miguel O’Hara discovered The Fist was an extremist offshoot of the Ninja clan known as The Hand and they were set on the destruction of the United States. Spider-Man and his allies assaulted The Fist base and ended their plan to overthrow the US with an army of genetically modified lizard people.

Meanwhile, Miguel O’Hara’s father Tyler Stone mysteriously arrived in the past and approached Tempest, who had awakened from her coma but was paralyzed from the waist down. Tyler promised he could heal her injuries if she came with him. Tempest didn’t trust Stone but she wanted to be there fully for her future baby who had been unharmed in the initial attack. Tempest accepted Stone’s offer and went with him while Miguel O’Hara tried to fight his way to her.

However, Miguel O’Hara was unsuccessful in rescuing Tempest. After another trip to the future to avert the death of an ally, Miguel O’Hara learned that the most recent change to the future, the one ruled by the Sinister Six was the direct result of a biological attack by The Fist, who were secretly led by Miguel O’Hara’s father.

Tyler Stone meets Temptest

Tyler Stone meets Temptest

Miguel O’Hara captured the time-displaced Electoral 2099 and tricked the villain into revealing the exact time and date of the virus. Miguel O’Hara jumped forward in time and with the help of Tempest, now a superhero named Honeybee, and their adult time-traveling son Gabry, they stopped Tyler Stone from releasing the virus.

During the fight, Miguel O’Hara discovered that it was his fate to die in the past when rescuing Tempest from his father. Desperate to set 2099 back to its rightful status, Miguel O’Hara traveled through time for what he believed would be his final adventure.

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Tempest Stabs Spider-Man 2099

When Spider-Man got to Tempest, he saw that she had already been transformed again into the same mutant creature she had changed into after receiving her cancer cure that she would learn to control in the future. The two long-separated lovers were finally reunited after so much hardship, happily ever after. Yeah, right, you surely see the pattern by now.

Miguel O’Hara did not even have the time to consider the possibilities of a potential future together. Immediately after the two embraced, Tempest stabbed Miguel O’Hara through the chest mortally wounding him. Tempest had been programmed by stone to kill Spider-Man and Miguel O’Hara had lost her as soon as they kissed. Tempest snapped out of her haze without any idea of what happened just seeing the love of her life bleeding on the floor in front of her.

As Miguel O’Hara lay dying in her arms, it was clear to him that she had no memory of the attack. Miguel O’Hara assured her that he loved her and always would. It seemed like the end but Miguel O’Hara awoke back in the year 2099. Now back to the way it should be, thanks to Gabri and Doctor Strange’s magic. There was one catch though, he could never go back and see Tempest. The future required her to believe him dead.

Temptest stabs Spider-Man 2099

Temptest stabs Spider-Man 2099

Having arrived back in 2099 on New Year’s eve, Miguel O’Hara looked ahead at the 22nd century with a new lease on life. Of course, the future is always changing and Miguel O’Hara had to travel back one more time to keep his time from being erased.

Forcibly ejected into the past, Miguel O’Hara tried to warn Peter Parker the future was dying. But was only briefly able to warn his old friend before he disappeared. Peter managed to avert the timeline disaster and Miguel O’Hara awoke somewhere on a beach as he wandered around lost, he stumbled upon a familiar face, Tempest holding their son. Perhaps after all the grief and strife, he experienced in his life there was in fact a happy ending waiting for Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099.

Spider-Man 2099 In Across The Spider-Verse

The recently released trailer for Across The Spider-Verse sends us to one of the post-credits from the first Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse movie. In the trailer, a different Spider-Man can be seen flying through this multiverse with Miles Morales. Previously, he appeared in the pose credits of the first film, where Miguel used a device to travel between universes with the help of his AI assistant Lyla.

He tries out the new device in the post-credits scene and runs across Spider-Man from the 1960s. Oscar Isaac gave the voice of Spider-Man 2099, who is thought to be a significant addition to the follow-up movie. It begs the question, then: How does Spider-Man 2099 fit into Across the Spider-Verse story?

Why Is Spider-Man 2099 Fighting Miles Morales

Why Is Spider-Man 2099 Fighting Miles Morales

The important factor, in this case, is the company Miguel O’Hara works for, Alkamax. This was the place where Olivia Octavius works right now, and Gwen Stacy also peeks around here. There is a link between Miguel’s timeline and the spider that gave Miles his abilities. The color scheme of this spider was identical to that of Spider-Man 2099. Additionally, it continues to glitch as if it were not a part of Miles Morales’ universe.

Other theories suggest that the first Spider-Man shoved his head into the supercollider, drawing the spider within to grab Miguel. There is a common argument in the film that the supercollider tampers with time. So there may be a reason for linking Miles Morales with Miguel.

Why Is Spider-Man 2099 Attacking Miles Morales?

One of the main plot points of Across the Spider-Verse teaser is the fight between Spider-Man 2099 and Miles Morales as Miles crosses over to another universe. Nevertheless, why does Spider-Man 2099 attack Miles? There shouldn’t be any reason for their rivalry; instead, they should be totally unaware of one another.

It’s possible that this scene will take place later after the two Spider-Men have already met and developed a rivalry. Alternatively, Miguel might be aware of something and working to stop it because he is from the future. However, this is the least likely case of all, and Alchemax might also be involved.

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