Why Did Allan Gore Lose Custody? The Shocking Ordeal Explained

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The Candy Montgomery case was an axe murder that shocked the Texas community back in its time and spawned two true crime miniseries —HBO’s “Love and Death” starring Elizabeth Olsen, and Hulu’s “Candy”, starring Jessica Biel.

The story was about a church-going lady that fed up with her marriage and engaged in an affair with a married man from her church. 

The two had an affair and decided to end it. Then, after being confronted by the cheating man’s wife, Candy Montgomery kills the woman with an axe, goes to trial, and is acquitted of all the charges.

One question remains out of this, what happened to Allan Gore? The man who cheated on his wife and had two kids. Why did Allan Gore lose custody of his children?

Or didn’t he and something else happen? Let’s put this side of the story under the microscope to find out what really took place because that part of the story isn’t featured in those miniseries. 

Why Did Allan Gore Lose Custody Of His Kids?
Melanie Lynskey plays Betty Gore in Hulu’s Candy (Credit: Hulu)

The Candy Montgomery Murder Case

Candy Montgomery engaged in an affair with Allan Gore, a father of two girls, for a period of time. The two broke things off and carried on, but when Candy was confronted by Betty Gore on her affair, Betty charged her with an axe, and a fight ensued in which Candy killed Betty with an axe, cleaned up the place, and flew the scene. 

Allan was out of town when this happened on a business trip and had to rush back home to his daughters.

A police investigation ensued, and the cops found that Candy Montgomery was the culprit. Evidence of struggle on her body, as well as a conflicting alibi, led to her arrest and murder trial in a widely publicized judicial dispute that eventually had Candy Montgomery acquitted of murder.

Candy moved out of town, changed her name, and has lived in relative anonymity ever since. But what of Allan Gore and his two daughters? What happened to the man who cheated on Betty Gore, and out of that, his wife died, and his two daughters were left without a mother?

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The Candy Montgomery Trial

As stated earlier, Candy Montgomery was found innocent after alleging self-defense. During the trial, Allan Gore said to the jury that Candy Montgomery called him to tell him that she couldn’t get a hold of Betty and that Candy didn’t know where Betty was. But Montgomery was eventually covering her tracks in fear and despair. 

Since the case was very well-played by Candy Montgomery’s legal defense, she was acquitted. 

Why Did Allan Gore Lose Custody Of His Kids?
Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery in Hulu’s Candy (Credit: Hulu)

Why Did Allan Gore Lose Custody?

During the trial, Allan Gore, now a widower and a former cheat, decided to remarry and move from Wylie to another place. That marriage failed later on. But what happened to his daughters? Well, for Allan, moving on meant moving on without any link to his Betty Gore marriage, and he decided to leave his two daughters with Betty, Alisa, and Bethany under the custody of Betty’s parents.

Sounds pretty cold and tells a lot about the character of a man who had no qualms, but that’s simply human nature. Both men and women are flawed in many ways, and that’s just one example of just how imperfect everyone really is in cases like this.  

Despite the estrangement, it is rumored that after the years went by, Allan and his daughters eventually kept in touch, but there are not many details about this, and there shouldn’t be because this is a private matter; these people went through a lot, and it’s frankly bad taste and sensationalist to dig through those sorts of things. 

Where Are Allan Gore’s Daughters Now? 

Alisa and Bethany eventually left Wylie, Texas, with their grandparents and relocated to Kansas. They live a quiet life, they do not wish to be contacted about these matters, and they move on. Lisa studied at Norwich High School and then pursued a college career at Kansas State University. Lisa eventually married a man named John and had two children with him. 

Bethany grew up, graduated from high school, studied at Wichita State University, and became a teacher. She’s the assistant principal at a Las Vegas educational institute. She’s married to a man named Chad and has three children. 

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