Why Did Erika Leave Barstool? Reason Revealed


Erika Ayers Badan has been making headlines for stepping down as the CEO of the American blog website and digital media company, Barstool Sports, following which she stated, “I Gave You My All,” thus sparking controversy surrounding her sudden decision, gaining the attention from the surrounding people.

Born on November 6, 1975, Erika Nardini, originally Erika Ayers Badan, is a professional businesswoman and former CEO of Barstool Sports, the American blog website and digital media company, who spent most of her childhood days frolicking around in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Erika gained her high school degree from Colby College, where she majored in Sociology, following which she started her career by working at Fidelity Investments’ legal department before changing to the marketing department of the same company.

Erika Ayers Badan During An Interview [Credits – Getty Images]

Erika became the CEO of the blog website, Barstool, where she oversaw the site’s expansion into merchandising, multimedia, pay-per-view, and streaming, thus increasing the value of the company from $15M to $30 M during the first year of her handling the position of CEO of the company.

Erika got ranked in the 19th position in the list of “The 75 Most Powerful People in The Sports Media Business” done by The Big Leads.

Well, Erika increased the valuation of Barstool Sports from $15 M in 2016 to $450 M in 2020 during her tenure as the company’s CEO, along with helping the company to progress in the live sports and streaming department by broadcasting and hosting its first College Basketball Invitation.

Erika started to host daily 1:1 sessions on her social media in the form of a series where she answers questions submitted by her fans related to her career and work field while giving them career advice to those interested in receiving one.

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Erika has perfectly managed to balance her personal and professional life as she has tied the knot with Brett Aquino Nardini, and the couple share two beautiful children between them, including a son named Cannon Gleason Nardin and a daughter named Turin Jean Nardini.

Erika has been a well-established author with a series of fictional works, including Nobody Cares About Your Career: Why Failure Is Good, Other Hard Truths and The Great Ones Play Hurt, along with being a well-established CEO working for companies like Barstool Sports.

Founded in 2003, headquartered in New York City, and owned by David Portnoy, the American blog site and digital media company, Barstool Sports is a company responsible for publishing content related to sports journalism and pop culture.

The company started as a weekly print publication that was distributed for free at transit stops in the metropolitan area of Boston that offers gambling and fantasy sports projection, but the company later expanded to surrounding topics.

Why did Erika walk out on the bar stool? Reason Revealed

On Tuesday morning, the former CEO of Barstool Sports, Erika Ayers Badan, announced her departure from the company in a video she posted on her X account [formerly known as Twitter], stating that she was stepping down from her position as the CEO of the Barstool company, and even though she was disappointed by this, she was happy about what she had done with the company.

Well, as for the question as to why she decided to step down as the company’s CEO, it isn’t much but to pursue other opportunities after she has spent eight years with the media company, as Erika wanted some time to figure out what she wanted to do next and the things she wanted to build.

Erika stated that she did everything she could have done to increase the company’s valuation, and her time with the company was priceless. She has done more than she expected, and now it is David’s job to further the company.

Erika From Her Podcast [Credits – Getty Images]

She further stated that it was a wild run, but she is grateful for the time she spent with the company and the work she has done, including raising the company’s valuation to $500 million with the company’s founder, Dave Portnoy, by making a sale to PENN Entertainment for $500 million that Portnoy bought back for $1 in August after a deal was struck between PENN and ESPN.

Erika further stated that she feels good about Dave giving her the opportunity by saying that she trusts him and that he is the perfect person to sail the ship, following which she received appreciation from the company’s founder, Dave.

Portnoy posted a video on his X account correcting Erika on her claim that maybe the company chose her due to nobody wanting her job, Portnoy stated that several candidates wanted the job, but no one else impressed them the way Erika did, so they chose her while also praising her for the work she did with the company.


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