Why Did Nacho Kill Himself In Better Call Saul? A Shocking End To This Fan-Favorite Character

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Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s crime series called “Better Call Saul” is a spin-off from the super hit original series called “Breaking Bad.” Over the six seasons that the show released, the makers had intense characters set up throughout the story, so let us take a look into one such character, Nacho Vargo, and why he ended up killing himself in the show.

Set within sixty-three episodes, the story acts like a prequel to the original show and is based in the early 2000s. It more or less sets the premise for the characters of Breaking Bad and how they came to be, and their past journeys, all leading up to their character arcs in the original series. 

Many of the original cast members reprised their roles in this series as well, accidentally making it even better than the original one. Fans loved the show’s cinematography, plotline, acting, and scriptwriting, and many even believe that this might be one of the greatest pieces of cinema to ever exist.

For its main cast, the show has actors Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Bank, Rhea Seehorn, Michale McKean, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, Tony Dalton, and so many more who acted brilliantly in the series, making it the masterpiece that it is today.

Nacho Varga in his final scene in the show, Better Call Saul (Credits: AMC)
Nacho Vargo in his final scene in the show Better Call Saul (Credits: AMC)

One of the characters in the show, Nacho Vargo, who had managed to become a fan favorite over the seasons, ended up meeting his tragic end that left many in the audience shocked and speechless. Let us tell you what led up to actor Michael Mando’s character’s end in the show and why.

Why Did Nacho Kill Himself In The Show?

If you have seen the show, then you would know that season six, episode three of Better Call Saul, had one of its most iconic moments, with Nacho giving his final speech and then going out in full glory. The short answer as to why he ended up killing himself would be in order to protect his father.

In the show, Nacho managed to get himself in big trouble by getting involved with the Salamanca gang Gus Fring. Gus had slyly been using Nacho to help him take out the gang member, Lalo Salamanca, without getting his own hands dirty. But with Lalo finding out about this plan, Nacho finds himself being chased by both Gus and Lalo.

Knowing that both of them have good reasons to kill him, Nacho runs and does his best to protect himself, even taking shelter in a stranger’s garage. He calls his father one last time, who only wants his son to lead a good man’s life, and then he calls his only friend, Mike. By the time his second call gets done, Nacho has a plan ready.

Michael Mando as Nacho Varga in the show, Better Call Saul (Credits: AMC)
Michael Mando as Nacho Vargo in the show Better Call Saul (Credits: AMC)

While we thought that he must have found some way or the other to save himself from being killed, the actual plan was quite the opposite. He decides to take the blame for the attack on Lalo’s life and promises himself that he will protect his father, the man who had absolutely no business with the cartel and who had always led an honest life.

Also, knowing that if he does not surrender to them or if he tries to run away, it would be likely that they would try to hurt his innocent father. So he puts his plan in motion, and when he comes face to face with Lalo and Gus, he also makes sure to complete his end of the deal with Gus, which is making sure that Lalo does not find out about Gus’ attempts of killing the former.

Nacho blames the attack on Lalo on some other gang leader, thus taking the eyes off Gus and saving him. And while this plan of putting the blame on someone else in an attempt to not be killed by Gus was followed to some extent, Nacho seems to lose the will to obey him and switches gears quickly.

With Bolsa, Hector, and Gus cornering him, Nacho decides to just say what he wants to without any regrets. Though he does not have to, he takes the blame for putting Hector in a wheelchair and reveals an on-the-spot plan of how he managed to ruin him. He continues on and gives an iconic monologue to the three, managing to piss off all three of them.

Nacho Varga's death scene in the show, Better Call Saul (Credits: AMC)
Nacho Vargo’s death scene in the show Better Call Saul (Credits: AMC)

Knowing that Gus will not be questioned about the attack on Lalo from the previous season and that he protested his father, all the while saying all that he wanted to, he swiftly grabs the gun from Bolsa and, shockingly, points it at himself. 

Though he had always wanted to escape this cruel life and had wanted to start a fresh life with his father, he shoots himself and falls to the ground with a smile stuck to his face, knowing that his father would be safe and that he is finally escaping his harsh life, though this might not have been how he wanted things to be.

His monologue, acting, sacrifice, and his last fall to the ground all remain one of the show’s most memorable scenes for many fans, who were left stunned by the entire episode. 

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