Why Did Shannon Sharpe Leave Undisputed? Explained

Shannon Sharpe In Undisputed 2

Let’s find out Why Did Shannon Sharpe Leave Undisputed? So in case some of you missed it, Shannon Sharpe will be leaving Undisputed right after the NBA Finals, which will be in about a week or so after he reaches the buyout agreement with FS1, meaning he still has some time left on his contract.

Has worked out an agreement to leave before the expiry of the initial agreement. This is a show that it’s been running for seven successful years and has competed with ESPN First Take weekend and week out.

Glasspiegel claims that Sharpe has a buyout agreement with FS1’s parent business, Fox Sports, that will enable him to depart the network. Additionally, he’ll bring his well-known “Club Shay Shay” podcast. The day after the NBA Finals concluded, Sharpe made it official. He thanked Bayless and shed some tears as he signed out for the last time.

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Why Did Shannon Sharpe Leave Undisputed?

Anyways, it’s being reported that part of the reason for this split from the pair was because of Skip Bayless himself. It’s no secret that the two have had a frosty relationship in recent times since the episode when the pair went at it after Skip questioned the former Hall of Famer greatest in a debate about Tom Brady.

This was then followed up by another incident shortly after Skip meeting incentive tweet following the Demar Hamlin injury in week 17 of the NFL season. So one of the debates my opinion is somewhat fabricated.

Shannon Sharpe In Undisputed
Shannon Sharpe In Undisputed (Credits: Fox)

You can tell there is a lot of animosity between the two during these heat exchangers. In the first example, you had Shannon Skip go at it to the point where Shannon had to take off his glasses.

So Skip Shouted at Shannon on national TV, telling him to put his glasses back on, and anyone who’s watched the show for a few years meals that Shannon ain’t the type of guy to take that kind of disrespect. This had a lot of people talking within the black community about the way Skip was treating Shannon on the show. Questioning his credentials when talking about Tom Brady.

Then hit the fan a month later following the Demar Hamlin tweet, resulting in Shannon skipping the undisputed the next day, leaving Skip to host the show by itself. This was obviously in protest of the tweet Skip sent out and even his refusal to take it down at all the backlash.

And the pair got into it again with Sharp came back on the show and addressed the audience for his reasons for not coming the day before. So there is a whole lot of other nuance to this whole situation. When this show first aired in 2016, skip hand-picked Shannon to be his co-host.

He worked at ESPN briefly after he was let go by CBS and integrated himself well into the show. He was well received by the audience, and if I’m going to be honest, his stock shot up through the roof and maybe even past Skips. Shannon has a huge presence on social media. A lot of his clips were being shared through Twitter.

Shannon Sharpe In Undisputed
Shannon Sharpe In Undisputed (Credits: Fox)

He is popular with a young audience, and it’s no secret why swell-liked by many. The dude is a hilarious individual, and it’s meant to be in front of the camera. But with all that said, think about how all this is received by Skip Billings. He is the one who controls undisputed. He has all the final settle on what happens on that show. Because, in all honesty, it is still his show.

However, he is no idiot and probably sees the shift in numbers moving toward his co-host. Just look at their podcast numbers. Episodes from Skip podcasts are lucky to even see 10,000 views.

While Clubs Shayshay videos for commanding hundreds of thousands of views. Anyways it’s now being reported that all this may have led to skipping going on a power trip on the program, which may have led to Shannon’s departure. There are rumors of Skips’ alleged dictatorship rule on the show. 

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