Will There Be Love Island Season 10 Episode 59?

Whitney and Lochan

Will There Be Love Island Season 10 Episode 59? We just got the reunion episode and it was full of drama for me. Some people did not like it, but yeah, it is what it is. And this article we will be talking about the future of Love Island Season 10.

Now, moving on to things that have happened outside of the reunion. We have Sammy and Jess, they spoke with OK Magazine. And when I was watching this video and then I read the article a little bit, I was thinking why this just kind of looks like a shell of herself.

I don’t know if it was the nerves of being on OK Magazine or something. She looked really good, but she just kind of looked empty. It looked like you had to be like, “Jess is everything OK? Look, are you good? I don’t know.”

As the interview went on, it got a little bit better, she got more comfortable, she was laughing she was touching Sammy, and stuff like that. In the article with OK Magazine, they both shared that marriage is in the cards for them and that they would want to have twins.

Love Island Season 10 Finale Recap & Review

Before diving into Love Island Season 10 Episode 59, let’s quickly recap and review the previous episode. Remember that for every contestant that goes into the show, there is a storyline given to them before they go on the show. There’s a storyline applied to them and they control it and how it goes and works in its ways. And I genuinely think that this was probably the most disappointing finale for me in Love Island history because I wanted and expected Whitney to win.

Love Island Season 10 Episode 59
Jess and Sammy (Credits: ITV)

But they’re not gonna allow a black woman to win Love Island in the UK, it’s not really gonna give. And the fact that Lochan is colored, the fact that his mum is Indian, one UK people were not going to see them win. That’s just how they think in the UK up north and you don’t think that, but they don’t think like that. Because I felt like they deserved to win in my eyes.

I felt like Lochan was a nice supportive boyfriend to somebody who has been iconic to us throughout the entire show and I just wanted to take that position. It doesn’t take away from the success that she could achieve post the villa, absolutely not because we know whatever position you want the finale, you can still be very successful.

But at the same time, if we talk about who wins out of these two, Whitney deserves to win with Lochan over Sammy and Jess, who have not been compatible throughout the show. A lot more happened in the finale, but let’s discuss when and what will happen in the release of Episode 59 of Love Island Season 10.

Love Island Season 10 Episode 59 Release Date & Preview

Sadly, there won’t be any Love Island Season 10 Episode 59 because Season 10 ended with Reunion Episode. But we still have Love Island USA which is currently airing and soon we will be getting Love Island All-Star.

Love Island Season 10 Episode 59
Ella and Tyrique (Credits: ITV)

At the reunion, Maya had asked Ty if he was going to put out the official track for “It’s giving bad B” and he says that people should stay tuned for the song, but as we know now, he actually has been in the studio with Whitney and they’re going to make the song.

Now, the fans aren’t really feeling it. Is it the beat that they’re not feeling? I don’t know, but they’re not really feeling the song.

Love Island Season 10 Release Time & Where To Watch

As I said, there won’t be Episode 59 of Love Island Season 10. But the release timings for the next season will be the same as follows:

  • Eastern Time (Canada) 4:00 pm 
  • Greenwich Mean Time (London) 9:00 pm
  • Central European Time (Germany) 10:00 pm 
  • Indian Standard Time (India) 1:30 am on 
  • Western Indonesia Time (Indonesia) 3:00 am 
  • China Standard Time (China) 4:00 am
  • Philippine Standard Time (Philippines) 4:00 am
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan) 6:00 am
  • Korean Standard Time (Korea) 6:00 am
  • Australian Standard Time (Australia) 6:00 am 

You can stream Love Island S10 on ITVX in the UK and on Hulu in the US. Season 10 Episodes will also be available online on amazon Prime with a free trial.

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