Yalı Çapkını Episode 54: Release Date & Recap

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Yalı Çapkını is all set to release its new episode very soon. Fans must be very excited to watch the latest episode after a wait of a week. In the last few episodes, we witnessed how Ferit and Seyran have been going through their deals, which ultimately led the two to the brink of their relationship. 

Turkish dramas are popular worldwide nowadays. With grasping storylines and versatile actors, fans just stop themselves from watching one more episode of their Turkish drama.  Yalı Çapkını is one of them, and this drama is going very viral, especially these days with the major climax in the drama. 

 Yalı Çapkını is an ongoing romance Turkish Drama that follows the story of a typical elite-class Turkish family. The drama’s first part was aired on 23rd September 2022 and ended on 6th June 2023. The second part was aired on 15 September 2023. 

The upcoming 54th episode of  Yalı Çapkını will be released on 19th January 2023, and further, this blog will guide you on where and how you can watch the latest episode without much hassle. A recap on the previous episode will be provided also, so don’t forget to scroll down. 

Yali Capkini
Yali Capkini (Credits: Star TV)


The last episode of  Yalı Çapkını opens up with Seyran coming out of her house only to find out that all Ferit told her was a lie. He just made up things to set a trap for her, and fortunately, Seyran fell into his trap.

She feels disgusted by Ferit and asks him to stay away from his sight and never show up again. Seyran ends her relationship with Ferit and his family forever. Even tho knowing that Ferit has made her penniless and hopeless, Seyran is determined to continue doing her job as a teacher at school.

She struggles alone a lot, but the unconditional support from unexpected people like her mother and school peers makes her feel joyful and motivated again. On the other hand, the reason Ferit upset Seyran was Halis Aga again. 

Yali Capkini
Yali Capkini (Credits: Star TV)

This time, Halis Aga warned him to disown the family if he didn’t take care of Seyran and her family. Ferit is glad after sweeping Seyran out of his life, and he earns Halis Aga’s praise. Ferit then starts taking steps forward to expand his brand. 

On the one hand, Ferit is struggling alone to establish his business, and on the other hand, Seyran struggles to explore herself and make herself a successful person. However, the environment in the mansion is heated as always. 

The fallen couple Sehmuz and Nuket again show up in front of Halis Aga holding hands. But this time, they both have taken things very far. They show up when the whole family is having dinner at the dining table, and suddenly, Sehmuz barges in, holding Nuket’s hand with news of their marriage. 

Kaya loses his mind and starts yelling at Sehmuz. He leaves the dining table with frustration, and Nuket follows him from behind. Kaya breaks down to Nuket and asks her if she still sees her friend.

Yali Capkini
Yali Capkini (Credits: Star TV)

Here, it was revealed that Nuket has a psychological disorder, and therefore, her son Kaya gets hyper with her marriage news every time. Kaya understood Sehmuz’s dirty plan and took a vow to take revenge on him for his mother falling into this situation. 

Release Date and Streaming Guide 

The upcoming episode 54 of Yalı Çapkını will, therefore, air on Friday, 19th January 2024, at 8:00 PM [Turkish Time]. The time of airing is different for other regions depending upon time zones. Therefore, global fans can check out the list provided below.

  • Central Daylight Time (CDT): 12:00 PM, Friday, 19th January 2024
  • Eastern Daylight Time (EST): 1:00 PM, Friday, 19th January 2024
  • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): 10:00 AM, Friday, 19th January 2024
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 5:00 PM, Friday, 19th January 2024
  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 2:00 AM, Friday, 19th January 2024
  • Thailand Standard Time (THA): 12:00 AM, Friday, 19th January 2024

Yalı Çapkını’s latest episodes are aired on Star TV, which is a Turkish Television Channel and is available in Turkey only. People residing in Turkey can watch the latest episode on the above time on Star TV Channel. 

International fans need not worry since the new episode of Yalı Çapkını will be uploaded on Yalı Çapkını’s official YouTube Channel. You can enjoy the latest episode free of cost at any time just by switching on the auto-translation


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