Zach Bryan Dating History: People The Country Singer Has Dated Over The Years

Country music singer Zach Bryan

With his debut album, American Heartbreak entering the Billboard 200 at number five, American singer-songwriter, Zach Bryan is the new hot topic in the country music scene. Having debuted in 2017, the country musician has already become a star with his self-titled album debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

The singer comes from a unique family background having been born in Okinawa, Japan though he soon moved to Oologah, Oklahoma. Following the footsteps of his family members, Zach also joined the US Navy and is known to have remained there for almost eight years, after having enlisted at the age of seventeen years. 

It was only when he was fourteen that the singer started penning his thoughts in the form of songs, and during his time in the navy, he continued the hobby, writing whenever he found himself with the time. The start to his career was movie-like for sure. 

He got the taste of fame first through a viral song, Heading South, which was just one of the many songs he had posted on his YouTube channel. He went viral in 2017 and only two years later, in late 2019, he held his first-ever concert for his fans. 

Despite recording music at odd places including a friend’s Airbnb and a repurposed barn near his home, Zach managed to climb his way into the industry even featuring on the Grand Ole Opry, a radio broadcast, and signing a contract with his current label, Warner Records. 

The musician has since put out four self-titled albums with the recent one being released in August 2023, and just before that, in May 2023, Zach even took home the Academy of Country Music Award for New Male Artist of the Year.

Zach Bryan for his concert in San Francisco (Credits: YouTube)
Zach Bryan for his concert in San Francisco (Credits: YouTube)

While the singer has pretty much been successful right from the start of his music career, finding his way into the industry smoothly, the same cannot be said for his personal life, especially his love life. Let us tell you all about the singer’s past romances and dating history.

Zach Bryan’s Dating History

Rose Madden

One of the singer’s first known and public relationships is with Rose Madden, who happened to be not just his girlfriend but his wife. The two announced their marriage to fans in the summer of 2020 and only after a short year together did they announce their separation. 

By July 2021, the couple had finalized their divorce and fans did not fail to notice the break both personalities took from social media, likely to deal with the breakup. Madden’s announced her return to social media with a picture of hers along with the caption ‘She’s back’. Fans also noticed that she had deleted all the pictures she had posted of Zach and herself.

Zach Bryan and Rose Madden's wedding photograph (Credits: NashvilleGab)
Zach Bryan and Rose Madden’s wedding photograph (Credits: NashvilleGab)

Deb Peifer

Neither Zach nor Rose revealed the exact reason that led to the unfortunate end of their relationship but as it turned out, Zach did not take long to heal from the breakup, having moved on pretty quickly. News of the singer being in a relationship with Deb spread quickly enough and once again, we saw photographs of the two sharing a warm life on their social media.

Unfortunately, this romance also died down almost as quickly as it had started and Zach announced their break up during May of 2023. He mentioned that the two had made the choice mutually and wanted fans to respect their space and give them time to recuperate. 

Zach Bryan with ex-girlfriend, Deb Peifer (Credits: People)
Zach Bryan with ex-girlfriend, Deb Peifer (Credits: People)

Brianna LaPaglia

The two were first spotted together at the Academy of Country Music Awards this year, only a few weeks before Bryan had announced his breakup with Deb. While that was the first time the two met each other, it was during one of Bryan’s New York City concerts a few weeks after, when fans noticed that Brianna had joined the singer on stage. 

This immediately sparked rumors of them being in a relationship among fans, and finally, in July, the Barstool host confirmed her relationship with the singer during one of her PlanBri Uncut podcast episodes. The star, who rose to fame through TikTok, revealed to her fans that the two were taking things lightly and were having fun.

They were keeping things casual and she was confirming her relationship to calm the anxious fans. The pair has since the news consistently posted each other on their social media, with Brianna even posting a story of her boyfriend’s arrest with the song ‘Criminal’ by Britney Spears playing in the background. 

Brianna is head over heels for the man and fans continue to wish the couple the best, hoping the two will be together for long. 


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