11 Best Shows Like Godless on Netflix

Shows Like Goless to Watch

One American miniseries comes with a mystery plot, one of netflix’s all-time favorite shows. The plot is all about a young criminal. The famous Frank is on an adventure to exact revenge on his enemy Roy who can be seen as a former mentee who betrayed the community along with his band of outlaws.

In the story, one can watch how Roy, who is the main lead, finds shelter in the remote mining community of New Mexico, where he lives together with Alice, a stranger, and a tough widow.

The gang of Roy and a widow can all be seen on a mission they all have to complete before it gets too late. They can all be seen working hard for their mission. A mission where it is important to let down an enemy who is the biggest betrayal here.

Shows Like Godless on netflix

The role of Alice is worth watching in the show as it comes with the role of the widow, who is bitter to strangers but loving and kind to the people she loves.

Godless (Credit: netflix)

We would like to recommend series and shows like Godless to audiences out there who love to watch adventure and mysterious drama.

Here we come up with the best of the series and shows for an audience who wants to watch such kind of shows with the same plot as Godless. Audiences can watch shows on their weekends and lazy days.


The series comes with the Dutton family, who here can be seen as owners of the Ranch. The family can be seen as wealthy, but there is something hidden out there that has to come out.

 Her family drama is something that is going to entertain you for sure. The family drama comes with new twists and plots each time. Even the best part is how it becomes clear that a family can handle so much drama.

Yellowstone centers on the Dutton family, headed by John Dutton, who owns the biggest contiguous Ranch in the country and is constantly under attack from those who live there as well as from other country reservations.

Yellowstone (Credit: netflix)

As he can also be seen as a landowner and the country’s first national park. It is a thorough examination of a violent world free from media examination, where land has the value of net billions. Here one can see that the land holds that much value, and now everyone is after the owner’s life. 

Yellowstone show is one of the most-watched shows on the netflix platform, a hit for its plot and the suspense it holds as one can see here how the owner and family can be struggling with life and people who want to harm them for their benefit.

  • Director: Taylor Sheridan
  • Genre: Drama
  • Released year: 2018
  • Where to Watch: netflix


From the title named, one can watch how a sheriff struggles with his all-chaotic cases here. The main lead here is a deputy named Bill, who is good at his work of crime, but the government never gives him a single chance to perform well. It is one of the police procedural dramas which comes with lots of cases and investigations.

Well, when it comes to solving critical cases, we have our main lead here named Bill, who is the best police officer.

The best part about him is that he is loyal and only wants justice and nothing. It is also the most dangerous part because he always gets into trouble because of it. His loyalty and justice-getting attitude always cause him trouble.

Deputy (Credit: netflix)

He becomes kind of sensitive and always, in every case, seek only justice. His whole life changed when an incident happened.

He learned that doing the right things comes with many consequences and happenings here.  How can one deny that it was almost impossible to have such a life where no crime would happen?

There are different kinds of people, and crime happens every second. Bill realized that fighting in the right way was the only way to handle such kind of situation here.

  • Director: Will Beall
  • Genre: Crime
  • Released year: 2020


The story starts with the location of Datoka, where the audience can watch how the movie revolves around the people of Deadwood. The whole movie is all about people and their experiences.

The main lead role here is a widow named Alma, who has recently returned to her city and is now on a mission. Here one can watch how the whole movie is all about one’s bravery and drama.

The task completed here by the lead role seems impossible to achieve and not easy to perform in the very first scene. The movie comes up with lots of violence and action thrillers also. In the movie, one can watch how it deals with lots of ups and downs. The lead character is dealing with lots of pressure and situations.

Deadwood (Credit: netflix)

The movie plot comes with a plot where shooting is normal, and for survival, it is important to get into place. Even the main plot here is how one can survive in such conditions of law and justice, which is not always true and required.

One has to keep fighting for their rights and all of it. We would like to recommend the show to all people out there who want to watch such kind of crime thriller and drama.

  • Director: Daniel Minahan
  • Genre: Western
  • Released year: 2019
  • Where to Watch: amazon

Big Kill

It is the story of two gamblers who choose a delayed road after they plan to get something amazing by the end of their journey. Here we have our main leads as two gamblers. They both get into a journey of adventure.

They both can be seen on an adventure of gambling and finding out about destiny. Here, these two gamblers can be seen dealing with all the misfortune that comes their way.

At first, they met as strangers, and soon they realized that they could be good friends. They even decided to get into a journey of gambling.

Here one can also watch how gambling affects one’s life. The best part about the movie is its two gamblers who never leave a single role and chance to make people laugh with their acting skills.

Big Kill
Big Kill (Credit: netflix)

One of the most popular films of 2019 was Big Kill, which maintains the audience’s interest with suspense and mystery. Even a single person can observe how a game of gambling can be dangerous if one loses it and magical if one wins.

We would like to recommend the game to all people out there who want to watch a movie with two crazy and smart gamblers. Also, with the suspense of mystery and adventure. It could be the best match for all people who want to watch such kinds of shows and movies in their free time and on weekends.

  • Director: David Milch
  • Genre: Western
  • Released year: 2019
  • Where to Watch: amazon


In the movie, we have our main lead role, named Bill Hickok, who is a man with a mindset of law. Hickok is a man with strict rules and regulations, and he can be seen as very strict when it comes to handling such kinds of situations.

The Bill is one of the honest people who is into rules and regulations. He gets offended when he realizes that the rule is breaking, and he can fight for what is right and wrong from his perspective.

He follows what he thinks is justice and never waits for another person to rely on him. It is one of the best shows and movies when it comes to watching what is wrong and right. Even the best part about it is how obeying rules always brings lots of problems also.

When a person starts getting strict about rules and regulations, it comes with lots of consequences also. Even here, it happened in the same, and Hickok becomes the main man here who suffers those consequences.

Hickok (Credit: netflix)

There is a crime and mystery which is going to keep people and the audience entertained. The shooting skills of Hickok are what one can enjoy here, and it could be the best movie when it comes to watching the suspense of crime.

The mystery and adventure of his life are what the audience can enjoy here, the adventure which can take you somewhere between what could happen right and wrong.

We would like to recommend one of the best shows to all people out there who are fans of action thrillers and drama. Here they can enjoy the outcome of a crime scene and how it affects each person here.

  • Director: Timothy Woodward Jr.
  • Genre: Crime and Action Thriller
  • Released year: 2011
  • Where to Watch: amazon

Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels movie comes with a plot where a soldier leaves his army and joins another profession where he gets into another trouble. We have our main lead here named Cullen, an ex-soldier.

He can be seen on a mission to find out about his wife and son’s killer. He is already with a plan to get to know more about the murderer here. He even has the skills and talent to find possible clues.

He becomes one of the most dangerous men when he gets to know about his wife and son’s news, and he realizes that now the revenge time has come up. He can be seen as having a plan so he can kill his wife’s murderer. His journey is personal this time, as it involves the person he loves.

Hell on Wheels
Hell on Wheels (Credit: netflix)

The movie also comes up with the plot of a civil war also. Here, one can watch them fight over what is right and wrong from their perspective. The main task here is to get into a railroad occupation so that he can full fill his earning and he can plan for strategies.

We would like to recommend one of the best shows to all people out there who are fond of watching crime thrillers and mysteries. Here the mystery is how Thomas decided to kill his wife’s killer. One of the shows comes with lots of suspense and crime thrillers for all crime thriller lovers out there.

  • Director: Joe Gayton
  • Genre: Western
  • Released year: 2017
  • Where to Watch: amazon

Streets of Laredo

Street of Laredo is one of the best miniseries of all time, and it has released in 1995 year. Where it was one of the most-watched series of all time here. The series’ plot line comes with many people’s lives and experiences.

Each episode comes with a new individual story and how it ends. In part, one audience member can watch that comes with a serial killer who has killed many people for hir pleasure.

The serial killer can be seen robbing money from innocent people in the town. His way of earning money is to make more and more money by only fraud. He killed many people, and after that, he robbed them.

Streets of Laredo
Streets of Laredo (Credit: netflix)

After his robberies, he gets along with another criminal, and they both come out as the best of the duo, which can be seen affecting people out there by killing them.

They both together caused real chaos in the town. His whole life changed when he married a prostitute and realized that now he had to settle down.

He did not want to settle down, and now he has even five kids. In the series, one can watch how a criminal finds it difficult to leave his old life behind. The series comes with many stories like this for the audience. We would like to recommend one of the best shows to the audience out there; here, they can mostly watch stories of criminals and serial killers mostly.

  • Director: Joseph Sargent
  • Genre: Western
  • Released year: 1995

The Master Gunfighter

Here we have our main lead named Tom, who is a real fighter and good when it comes to using guns and shooting. He is one of the real fighters here, and his shooting skills are really fun to watch. He has the task of preventing the massive killing of many people.

Here Tom is on a real mission to how he can prevent a killer act from the enemies here. His way of handling guns and gunshots is worth watching in the series. It is amazing when he tries his best to handle a situation where anyone could be killed by one person’s mistake.

The Master Gunfighter
The Master Gunfighter (Credit: netflix)

In the series, we have another role, a main lead role as the villain. Who is a Latino and one of the selfish ones, he can be seen distracting the US government.

He became selfish and planned the killing of many people all at once. His plan is so risky that it could affect many people’s lives. Tom decided not to get into it at first while saving his own family.

Here the task of Tom to save his family and fight for innocent people who are going to be killed by Latinos is worth watching. We would like to recommend one of the best shows to the audience out there who wants to watch such kinds of series and shows.

  • Director: Frank Laughlin
  • Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Released year: 1975
  • Where to Watch: amazon

True Grit

Here the movie comes with a plot where one can watch that the main lead, named Josh, can be seen murdering his father and is now in prison for his cruel crime.

He is on a journey after escaping from prison to find out about the criminal who murdered his father. Josh can be seen as a victim of a crime he never committed and is accused of murdering his father.

Here one can see how he hired a lawyer who helped him understand the laws and the way the court and its rules worked. He is here to get true justice for himself and his late father, who died in a strange circumstance.

TRUE GRIT (Credit: netflix)

In the show, we have another lead named Mattie, who is a 14-year-old girl and also gets involved in the game of law and justice. Getting justice is not an easy thing for Josh, but he gets loyal people around him who can be seen getting him real justice here.

We would like to recommend one of the best shows to all people out there who want to watch such kind of crime thriller on their big TV screen on their lazy weekends.

  • Director: Joel Coen
  • Genre: Drama
  • Released year: 2010
  • Where to Watch: netflix

Wynonna Earp

Here we have the main lead, which can be seen as the granddaughter of a lawyer. A lawyer is still recognized as one of the great lawyers. She gets the skills from her grandfather and has the same potential as him in the show. One can watch how Gene takes a journey in deciding to deal with a curse.

She decided that she would finish the curse of her family. She can be seen fighting from it. Here the show comes with dangerous demons who are there to cause harm to Wynonna, and it is pretty not an easy deal for her here. Even she decided to fight over these supernatural beings because they are the result of the curse on their family.

Wynonna Earp
Wynonna Earp (Credit: netflix)

Here the first season of the series is all about how she can be seen fighting the demons who have kidnapped her sister and can kill her for their benefit. In season one, a surprise is also waiting for her as she realizes that she is pregnant, and now at this stage, she has to save her own family from demons.

The Wynonna series played a great role as a fighter, and the ways she saves her family from a curse and demons are worth watching. We would like to recommend one of the all-time best shows to all audiences out there. It could be really fun to watch demons and humans fighting.

  • Director: Emily Andras
  • Genre: Dark fantasy
  • Released year: 2016
  • Where to Watch: netflix

The Son

Here we have our latest recommendation for the series, and the series comes up with a kidnapping. The story starts with a scene where one can watch how Eli was kidnapped when she was 13 years old. He was after that raised by the Comanches and is now their adopted son. His upbringing has been done by them.

Here one can watch how a human comes with unusual superpowers. It is a story of a young Eli who was raised by another family where he skilled his fighting skills. He becomes one of the main leads. The Son series is a novel-based story and the perfect portrait on the TV screen.

The Son
The Son (Credit: netflix)

One can watch that series as it comes with lots of suspense and action thrillers to watch. Here the best part is how a kid becomes a rebel and fighter when brought into a world of crime and justice.

We would like to recommend one of the best shows to all the people out there who want to watch this kind of crime thriller on their big screen, and it is their dose of entertainment here.

  • Director: Philipp Meyer
  • Genre: Western
  • Released year: 2017
  • Where to Watch: netflix

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