8 TV Shows Like Goosebumps To Watch

Show Like Goosebumps to Watch

Here for shows like Goosebumps? You won’t regret it. When it comes to watching shows which are relatable to horror shows, and here all the kids can watch such kinds of shows. It is one of the series where one can watch how a horror series comes with lots of suspense and horror to watch.

The series comes with a group of teenagers who can be seen exploring their teenage days and exploring the world of horror and ghosts. Well, when it comes to watching a show which brings lots of terror to the audience watching.

In the show, one can watch that a supernatural power exists, and it can cause horror among all the people who can be seen watching. It is one of the shows which comes with a plot of ghosts. The show is especially for kids, where kids can be seen watching the shows and getting entertained well.

Shows Like Goosebumps To Watch

Goosebumps (Credit: amazon Prime)

One of the 90’s best horror thrillers, which comes with supernatural and paranormal powers for people to watch. Here, kids can choose to watch the series. Even the best part is that it comes with lots of supernatural powers and so on. We hereby would like to recommend shows like Goosebumps.

If you are one of those audiences, who like to watch such kinds of shows as Goosebumps. Here we come with a list of all horror movies and shows that one can choose to watch if they like goosebumps show from the 90s era. These shows will leave you with the best of entertainment for sure. Happy watching!

Just Beyond 

One of the American horror series which comes with a plot where one can watch how the series becomes one of the most watched in the 20’s era. Here the plot is about a teenager who can be seen struggling in life; he can be seen struggling to blend in a new environment and new school.

Here he can be seen dealing with all the news and bullying. His whole life changed when a monster chased him in his daily routine, and he found it difficult to cope with the new changes.

A monster who always wears a mask, the mask he wears is always the same, and he never changes his mask. The monster can be seen offering students the best of looks with a magic app, although it also comes with consequences also here. One can watch how students’ life changed by his help, but his help has consequences.

Just Beyond 
Just Beyond (Credit: netflix)

The series comes up with lots of creepy moments where one can find themselves becoming uncomfortable over these scenes. The creepy vibes of the monster and villain in the series Just Beyond are all one can watch here. Even the best part is how the monster here is one of the entertaining doses for people and audiences wanting to watch the Just Beyond series.

We would like to recommend one of the best series of 2021 years to all horror lovers out there; here, they can watch a creepy monster who is helping students but at the same time harming them.

  • Director: Seth Grahame-Smith
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Released Year: 2021


If you are one of those viewers who love to watch science experiments on humans and people, then it could be the best series for you to watch over your weekends and lazy days for sure. Here in the series, it comes with lots of humans and different characters.

These characters may be different from each other and living a different life, but they are all interconnected when it comes to sharing similar experiences here.

The series is well known for its 7 characters so far; here, these personalities can be observed as main leads. These characters are all icons, and their role in saving each other is worth watching for individuals out there. The time comes when they all become isolated and lonely in the series, but they all recognize that they are all connected somehow. An adventurous journey in which they can all be witnessed playing.

Solos (Credit: amazon Prime)

As per the record, the Solo series comes with adventure and thriller enjoyment which will be going to entertainment on their way. Here people and the audience can observe how it comes with lots of tension and mystery in human relationships. Well, the best feature here is how people can be attached when it comes to memories and passions.

We would like to suggest the best of the play to people out there who want to watch this kind of show. It might support them in many things. It’s a sequence that comes with scientific investigations, and here one can see how science can change the world of humans, how science can transform the human’s way of consideration and their whole genetic material.  

  • Director: David Weil
  • Genre: Anthology and Science fiction
  • Released Year: 2021
  • Where to Watch: amazon Prime

Amazing Stories 

Well, here we come with another best of the sequel titled Amazing Stories. The show has evolved into one of the most-watched series of 2020 years. It is one of the most American sequences of all time; one can observe how the television sequence becomes one of the best series for all the individuals out there who want to watch a variety of drama, romance, and science fiction.

The plot of the series is about how a man’s life transforms when his whole life becomes one of the most reasonable to watch here. 

Amazing Stories 
Amazing Stories (Credit: amazon Prime)

The story of a time traveler who realizes that he has a story of romance with a woman. He can be seen attaching himself to this woman and so on. It is quite interesting to watch how life changed when a man decided to time travel.

Amazing stories come with many ups and downs for people here. Even one can watch his life change when he decides to go back to where he has come from. Here time-traveling is all one can watch. In the series, we have romance, time travel, and lots of suspense and mystery to watch.

Here in the series, the fascinating part is how one can watch how they will die in the future. They can change their past mistakes too here.

They can change how they acted and behaved in the past. Going back to the past and future is all this series brings here. Even the best part is how one becomes obsessed over changing their fate with the help of time-traveling machines here.

  • Director: Edward Kitsis
  • Genre: Anthology
  • Released Year: 2020
  • Where to Watch: amazon Prime

The Twilight Zone 

It is one of the horror fiction series which comes with lots of horror thrillers and suspense for the audience out there who wants to watch such kinds of shows and series. The Twilight Zone is an iconic fantasy collection series about regular people caught in extraordinary circumstances.

The Twilight Zone is a location that can be found at any time, in any place, and in any state of mind, but it will always happen when you least expect it.

People must exercise caution when acting or speaking when they are in The Twilight Zone. Because making the proper choices might enable them to escape again. with occasionally more contentment and prosperity. Making incorrect choices can result in lunacy, death, or a lifetime spent in The Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone 
The Twilight Zone (Credit: amazon Prime)

The Twilight Zone is an environment where anything can happen at any moment, in any location, and in any state of mind, but it always does so unexpectedly. Watch what you say and do when you’re in this world of boundless opportunity. Making the right choices can enable you to escape with occasionally more contentment and prosperity. Making incorrect choices frequently results in lunacy, death, and being locked in this world.

We would like to recommend one of the best series titled The Twilight Zone; it comes with similar suspense as the Twilight movie. We would like to recommend the best of the series to people who are interested in horror and ghosts.  

  • Director: Rod Serling
  • Genre: Anthology and Horror
  • Released Year: 2019
  • Where to Watch: amazon Prime

Weird City 

The plot of the series is about how in the world, a partition has been done, and two cities can be seen separated. These partitions are parted as per their category and economic class. In the series, one can watch these two classes live their own life, and they rarely disturb each other on this front.

These two economic classes, where one is rich and another one is poor, are what made them different from each other so far. The weird city series comes with two different people. 

Here the series comes with a different episode each time, and each episode comes with an individual. These individuals can be seen showing their best of the part and dealing with the problems boldly and with bravery. The series is part of the Oscar-winning director show, and he has shown his creativity here.

Weird City 
Weird City (Credit: netflix)

Here the plot is also about the theme of the near future; one can watch how everyone is worried about the future and upcoming dangers here. Here one can watch how the team of the series shows each individual from the city navigating in their life. 

We would like to recommend a weird city show to all individuals who want to watch this type of series which arrives with a mixture of future problems, economic categories, people, and mysteries in each episode. We are pretty confident that the weird city series would be able to amuse the audience. Here the humor amount is a plus pinpoint, as it comes with the finest of the punch lines from the cast and parts.

  • Director: Dylan O’Brien
  • Genre: Science fiction and Comedy
  • Released Year: 2019
  • Where to Watch: YouTube 

The Nightmare Room

The Nightmare Room sequence is based on kids’ fears of spirits and supernatural beings, and it usually ends with the narrator saying something about the horror space before a door carrying the logo of the book closes. The main personalities of the program, which are teenagers, frequently reminded observers of The Twilight Zone.

The series is centered around the plot of how teenagers share the issues of ghosts and their results if you have ever been in your teenage days when the spirit was one of the most frightening things to experience and get through.

The series is based on a novel with an exact title; the book has become one of the best books over there for mess lovers. Here, these supernatural powers are going to surprise you all.

The Nightmare Room
The Nightmare Room (Credit: amazon Prime)

In the series, we have spirits and monsters; they all come with a no-mercy thing. The ghost can be seen that how they are over the alarming peace of humans. In the show, one can watch how spirits and evil kill innocent people out there so they can spread their horribleness.

Here the audience can appreciate the horror suspense and appreciate its ending. Here the secret of ghosts is what people can observe and enjoy. The best part is that these teenagers can be seen sharing their best when it comes to battling these dangers with courage and all. We would like to recommend the show to all individuals out there.

  • Director: R. L. Stine
  • Genre: Horror and Comedy
  • Released Year: 2019
  • Where to Watch: amazon Prime

Into the Dark 

The series begins when a young woman crosses a wall without any permission; the encounter is prohibited. She can be seen on the mission, and one can watch how she is crossing the border.

The main scene here is that the girl understands that after crossing the border, she will be in a different world. Here one can see how with time, she became one of the main leads here. The risks of another place are waiting for her and her partners here.  

She can be seen in different types of dangers and horrors, which were the consequences here. Of all of the attacks of the Into the Dark series, the episode named Crawlers is one of the most watched and adored by the audiences.

Into the Dark 
Into the Dark (Credit: netflix)

The series is a combination of horror and adventure, which is why it became one of the most-watched sequences of 2018. When it comes to managing these kinds of shows, they all come with creepy characters here.

Here she can be seen in the risks of the new world, where people want to break them. Their task is to finish their plan as soon as achievable. Even one can watch how the show is all about mess and enjoyment.

We would like to suggest one of the best shows to all people who want to watch the horribleness and mystery of the play. The show is all about how one experiences new horror in new areas. Into the Dark comes with a horror story where the audience can be considered as they can watch numerous spooky personalities.

  • Director: Tevin Adelman
  • Genre: Horror
  • Released Year: 2018
  • Where to Watch: netflix


Here is a story of a German girl who can be seen exploring the world and its truth on her own in the series where her parents warn her against a person. She and her sister found out more about life when they got out of their comfort zone and realized that there was more to watch in the outer world.

Lore and the beliefs which are mostly given by her parents are not true; she realized that people are not that and as their people think.

She chooses a journey where she and her sister can be seen walking. In the movie, one can watch how people survived in the era of World War II when everything was not easy to get. There is the suspense of Nazis and a population that was dealing with the side effects of World War II here.

Lore (Credit: amazon Prime)

Even one can watch how the show became one of the most watched in the 2017 year or 20’s era. The horror and terror of the world war can be seen in the eyes of people suffering from it.

Here in the show audience can watch how a girl named Lore, with her siblings and friends, changed the whole perspective of the people. The notion of her family was the same for many years, and she realized that it was high time for her to change the way people are living in horror without getting into the outer world.  

  • Director: Cate Shortland
  • Genre: Comedy and Horror
  • Released Year: 2017
  • Where to Watch: amazon Prime

As we have discussed, many of the movies, shows and series are similar to the Goosebumps series. They all come with the same theme of horror and mystery; one can watch how horror comes with lots of entertainment.

The audience can choose a movie as the above recommended per their choice, and one can watch how these shows come with lots of fun.

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